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Roadmap To True Love Personal Birth Chart Reading

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This is a very special and extremely thorough astrology reading, solely focused on your love life.

The goal is to help you finally thrive in your relationships after digging into the deep subconscious patterns that have been luring you into the same destructive behaviors when it comes to love. I deeply examine all the internal and past life obstacles that are undermining your happiness in love.

Most importantly, I provide actionable steps and solutions that will help you make the much needed internal shift that will help you to finally attract the love you desire and deserve!

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*I am now delivering the readings in the form of a 15-30min long audio recording (depending on the type of analysis you purchase). This is the best way to provide as much information as possible in a time-efficient manner. It’s also a good way to ensure you get inspirational/intuitive insights that come to me as I speak. I currently have a long list of orders, and the waiting time to deliver your recording is usually 3-4 weeks. This is due to the fact I don’t use AI or software to puff up my readings. I literally spend hours on your chart in order to provide true guidance that will light up your path and help you manifest the life you desire.

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In-Depth Love Compatibility Birth Chart Reading – Synastry Analysis

I closely examine your birth chart and the birth chart of your partner in order to give you an honest, objective view into your personalities and compatibility.

Is your partner ‘relationship material’? Are there any ‘hidden stones’ in their personality you might not be noticing? 

What is his ‘loyalty’ potential?

Does the relationship have true long-term potential? How can you improve it? What are the main challenges you will need to overcome?

I look at both birth charts separately, and use 4 different methods to give you a thorough, objective view of how compatible you two really are.

This is why this birth chart reading may take a bit longer to complete than I have noted.

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In-Depth Personal Birth Chart Reading

This is an in-depth general analysis of your birth chart, highlighting main strengths and challenges. Close examination of subconscious patterns that might be leading to self-sabotage as well as  karmic load.

My birth chart astrology reading is solution-oriented and provides personalized remedies to overcome your biggest challenges and greatest personality weaknesses plus actionable steps to manifest your dreams!

Children’s readings accepted.

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Navigating the Year Ahead – Personal Birth Chart Reading plus Predictive Guidance on How to Navigate the Year

Based on your own natal chart, I highlight for you the areas you need to focus on in the year ahead. What are the energies at play and how to make the most of the challenges and opportunities.

Practical advice on how to overcome possible difficulties and how to make sure you don’t miss out on one-of-a-lifetime opportunities for happiness and growth.

I always use four different predictive techniques to make sure results overlap and are as accurate as possible – zodiacal directions, secondary progressions, transits and solar return. The price of the reading also reflects the initial time I spend to get to know your ‘raw’ birth chart. Without it, no prediction can be truthful or accurate 

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