How accurate is the Dawn Rose Astrology Love Compatibility Test?

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The Love Synastry App is extremely accurate in giving you important insight into the long-term potential of your relationship, which may not be so obvious in the early stages of dating someone.

It can also reveal hidden patterns you may have not noticed even if you have been together with your partner for years.

This exact numerology compatibility test method is unique, as it combines a number of ancient techniques, and has been tested on thousands of couples over the course of 25 years.

The Love Synastry compatibility test gives very accurate information about the long term potential of any relationship as well as the base compatibility between two people. You should, however, never rule out your own feelings and experiences with the relationship. Even though the Love Synastry app shows extremely accurate love compatibility test results, you and only you know your partner in person.

If your partner is showing abusive behavior, is lying, cheating on you, or in any other way hurting your feelings or emotions, you should by no means use the app to excuse their behavior.

On the other hand, if you already feel confident that you have found the one, and the love compatibility test results confirm this – you can trust it to re-affirm your own intuition and reasoning about the relationship.

Why is this love compatibility calculator better than other similar applications?

love compatibility test

Nowadays we come across a great number of applications, made for fun, or numerology and astrology calculators that only use one technique to show results, which are either very subjective, or very inaccurate. Our love compatibility calculator is neither of that!

The Love Synastry app consists of a number of techniques that have been combined into a method that has been manually tested on a huge number of real-life couples, before being developed into an app. 

We have created this Love Synastry app with the pure intention to help you truly thrive in your love life! We KNOW the struggle of finding that special partner, who makes us feel truly loved, valued, appreciated, and taken care of, so having discovered this amazing tool, we felt it is our mission to share it with the world!

The Love Synastry app is the BEST relationship compatibility test for making sure you don’t pass by your soulmate and not notice them!

It is also the BEST shortcut to true love, as it can help you better choose your dates, so that you don’t waste time on the wrong ones!

Is numerology better than astrology?

Since I have a background in both astrology and numerology, I can say that in a way – yes!

Numerology can be better in giving you a more accurate result about your compatibility with someone, because it is less subjective. Numbers are numbers, and they give you very straight-forward results.

Astrology can surely provide much more in-depth information about the psychological profile of a person as well as predict certain events in their life, however, we have found that astrologers can go very wrong in their compatibility readings. This is because each astrologer interprets the planets’ positions through their own prism and through their own experience. The Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test is indeed very straight-forward in giving you the short, clear answers to make the right decision about your love life.

How should I use the Love Synastry compatibility test?

  1. Click here to go to the app.

Enter your birth date and the birth date of your partner.

You can also use the Love Synastry app to check compatibility with potential dates from dating sites. Why waste time on dates that are no good for you in the long-run, especially if you are looking to find true love that lasts a lifetime! Skipping the wrong ones altogether gives you a much better chance at finding your soulmate sooner!

  1. Follow through the steps.

First, the app gives you a very basic love compatibility test result by analyzing your mutual life path number. This first indicator of compatibility is not to be ignored, as 98% of couples, who are not compatible by life path number separate even after years of being together. Pay attention to this very first compatibility indicator, and keep it in mind.

Second, the love compatibility app uses special calculations to analyze your long-term marriage compatibility results. This is a very important indicator, which provides an extremely accurate analysis of how well you will be able to synchronize your different value systems as a couple.

Again, thousands of results from real couples as well as analysis on celebrity couples has shown that if this one indicator is missing, the clash of personalities is likely to ruin the relationship sooner or later. In this part of the analysis, we give you very specific advice on what to do in order to overcome potential drawbacks in this area of your relationship.

Third, the Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test uses another special, time-tested formula to calculate how prone each of you is to take on responsibility and commit in the long term, then synchronizes the result to show you how well you will work as a couple. This is another crucial indicator of love compatibility, especially if you are looking to build a family life together and have kids. It is extremely hard to form such a relationship with someone, who is inherently irresponsible and has a deep-rooted fear of commitment.

This indicator has again been tested on a great number of individuals to prove its trustworthiness, and is absolutely vital knowledge you need in order to make a decision on whether you need to take it to the next step with someone, or rather move on (especially if you have doubts already, and they have been flaky).

Last but not least, the Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test makes a comparison on your and your partner’s karmic combinations, which is another important indicator of lifelong happiness.

Each of us comes to this Earth with a certain amount of karmic burden and lessons they have to learn. If you and your partner have the very same karmic lessons to learn, then you will start weighing each other down at some point in the relationship, rather than lifting each other up. In this case, you are most likely to have the same weaknesses, same fears, and same demons to fight, which means you do not complement each other harmoniously.

On the other hand, if you have relatively different karmic lessons to learn, you will be harmoniously complementing each other, and helping one another, as you will be able to learn from each other, and help each other grow.

This last indicator of compatibility should also be paid good attention to, especially if you are looking for a truly exceptional union of Love! Remember, we are not giving you a compatibility in lust – that’s easy to get – we are helping you find true love!

If you are yearning for that special someone, for that soulmate, the love of your life that will keep your heart warm, joyful, excited, but at the same time calm, and truly happy – then it is time to stop guessing and start using the Dawn Rose Astrology Compatibility Test App!

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