The Only Way to NEVER Attract Toxic Love Again And Manifest The Life Partner Of Your Dreams

never attract toxic love again

Want to break the toxic cycle?

Ready to get the love, adoration and respect you truly deserve?

Then you better bookmark this piece and come back to it until it all sinks in.

THIS was the most crucial mindset shift I made that changed my life and the FIRST mindset shift I initiate with my clients to help them heal and manifest the love of their dreams OVERNIGHT.

Yes, it’s possible to manifest love overnight if you set a strong intention to make this ONE inner transformation and stick with it.

never attract toxic love again

How do I know?

Having worked with thousands of clients who were able to overcome themselves and…

Because I used to be a magnet for toxic love for 13 years myself.

I would effortlessly manifest money, career success, dream destinations, and more but always ended up in abusive, toxic relationships.

My relationship journey started at 19, with a guy who once put a knife to my throat.

At 22 I got into spirituality and started my faith journey, believing that through prayer and positive thinking I would be able to attract a good man for marriage.

never attract toxic love again

Instead, I spent 7 years in a relationship with a covert narcissist, who would constantly criticize my looks and drop hints of how ‘incapable’ or ‘inadequate’ I was in certain areas of my life.

He had a ‘wondering eye’ and never claimed me as his ‘forever’ person although I was giving my all in the relationship. I was even taking most of the financial burden. (Yeah, this often happens with abusive, narcissistic partners).

Then I had a ‘rebound’ relationship with a full-blown narcissist, who had a ‘secret lover ex’ while I was his ‘official girlfriend’. I didn’t know about this arrangement in the beginning (I ignored the red flags of course), but when I did, he lied obsessively, gaslighted and manipulated me.

When I finally guttered the courage to leave, I was devastated on the inside.

I knew that I had to heal and to undergo a complete, utter inner transformation in order to end this toxic cycle and manifest my dream partner – a man who truly loves, adores and respects me.

never attract toxic love again

I finally realized that positivity, random affirmations and wishful thinking alone wouldn’t do it. I realized that although I did my best to be a good, loving person in order to attract love and goodness into my life, something was missing.

There was a missing link in my manifestation efforts that kept blocking the love I desired in my life

never attract toxic love again

I finally realized that I had to really change on a very deep level – both consciously and subconsciously.

I started learning psychology, astrology, and got even more involved with my spiritual and esoteric literature, exploring ancient texts about the laws of the Universe and feminine energy.

I learned that our subconscious mind rules 99% of our life and if we are stuck with subconscious patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that don’t serve our conscious desires, then we will never be able to end a toxic cycle and realize our dream life.

One such self-destructive subconscious pattern is the victim mentality mindset

never attract toxic love again

It is a very sneaky, almost invisible pattern that most of my clients don’t even believe they have.

Before you say ‘No, that’s not me’, please tell me:

How often do you feel resentment towards a toxic ex?

How often do you tell yourself that he wasted the best years of your life?

How often do you catch yourself blaming a parent for the trauma bond you attracted in your life?

How often do you catch yourself saying ‘if only my mum hugged me more’ or ‘if only I wasn’t raised by a narcissistic parent’!

How often do you tell yourself ‘he treated me so unfairly’.

If even ONE of these thoughts (or similar ones) cross your mind, you are still in the victim mentality mindset.

The victim mentality mindset is even worse than the scarcity mindset.

The victim mentality mindset subconsciously keeps you with the presumption that you have power over NOTHING.

The victim mentality mindset keeps you believing that someone else determines your destiny and life with their behavior towards you. This is why…

The only 100% surefire way to NEVER attract toxic love in your life again

never attract toxic love again

Is to fully, wholeheartedly disconnect from the victim mentality mindset.

Both I and thousands of my clients have been able to have the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH in our lives with  this simple decision to STOP being a victim.

Once you deeply, wholeheartedly realize that you are the architect of your own destiny, you will be able to change your life and attract a deeply loving, masculine, mature and healed man.

By letting go of the victim mentality, I was able to take full accountability for the men I used to attract and recognize the deeply engrained, subconscious personality traits, beliefs, patterns and behaviors that were A VIBRATIONAL MATCH to these toxic partners.

Once I transformed these shadow traits into virtues I was able to madly, authentically fall in love with my new self and the belief that I am worthy of a love beyond my wildest imagination.

Once you go through this kind of inner transformation, you gain unshakable self-confidence.

never attract toxic love again

It’s such a highly vibrational state that toxic men can’t even show up in your reality. You don’t need to even try avoiding such men or try to figure out if someone is right for you.

Being in this state of complete centeredness and self-worth means always choosing partners by first choosing yourself.

You never chase, because you effortlessly attract high value men who want to provide and treat you like the queen you are.

Ready to enter this high vibrational state and become a magnet for the deeply loving man, who will claim you as his forever person?

How do you enter this highly vibrational state of effortless manifestation and love attraction?

I have put together a FREE resource for you that explains the ‘drama triangle’ – it’s the main subconscious pattern that keeps you attached to the victim mentality mindset. Once I learned about the drama triangle and what it meant, I was able to disconnect from the victim mentality mindset for good.

This was indeed the biggest game-changer in my life.

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I’ve used my miraculous manifestation process that is a unique blend of psychology, spirituality, faith, and ancient energy work to help thousands of clients manifest their ‘Happily Ever After’, but most importantly I’ve also used it to manifest my endometriosis healing and natural pregnancy and birth at 36.

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