5 Signs You Are Ready To Manifest Lifelong Love And Marriage

Best Synastry Aspects for Marriage

For years I stayed in toxic relationships and I didn’t understand why it was so easy for me to use the law of attraction for money, career and other goals, but I always suffered in love.

After years of inner introspection and over $70K investment in my spiritual development, I cracked the ‘code’ to healing my relationship blueprint and attracting the loving, devoted partner my heart craved for.

It took me 13 years to learn this, but I’ll teach you in 5 seconds: it all starts with healing your relationship with love.

moon conjunct south node synastry

It all starts with shifting your victim mindset into creator mindset.

Here are the 5 signs you are healing your relationship with love and ready to manifest your divinely ideal partner:

1. You don’t let experiences in past relationships stop you anymore from believing in love and seeing that it’s safe to love and be loved in return.

afflicted sun meaning

2. You know another person isn’t your source of happiness and fulfillment and that you attract love through self-love and inner peace.

afflicted sun meaning

3. You’re not looking for excitement or chasing highs in a relationship anymore; instead, you want something that feels safe and peaceful.

afflicted sun meaning

4. You don’t feel a victim to the circumstances, instead you understand that every person you meet is a mirror and you can use them as a radar to transform the shadow parts of yourself that keep attracting hurtful experiences.

afflicted sun meaning

5. You’re willing to work through the challenges that arise on your journey to love and in a relationship openly and with determination and persistence.

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Love is a choice. And it starts with the choice to love yourself deeply and unconditionally.

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