Venus In Aries! Here’s EXACTLY What You Should Do To Manifest Love, Money And Happiness In The Next Month!

Venus in Aries

On March 21st 2021, Venus, following the example of the Sun, passes into Aries.

New opportunities arise for the practical implementation of our ideas, and the circumstances will favor determination, ambition, motivation and entrepreneurship.

Venus in Aries adds passion to feelings and is not afraid to show them, making herself popular among the opposite sex.

Venus in Aries wants a partner who is honest, direct and passionate. Venus in Aries is impulsive, brave, determined and daring in love. When Venus in Aries is unhappy, she is irritable and competes with her partner.

During the ingress it is necessary to beware of tempting impulsive purchases and hasty actions in love.

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In business relationships, it is desirable to show more restraint.

Venus is associated with love, fertility, beauty, elegance, pleasure, harmony, aesthetics, art, fashion, justice, moral and material values, partnership, self-esteem. Venus tells us what is important to us.

The Sun-Venus conjunction unites these energies and puts the emphasis on our heart chakra. The Sun and Venus meet every nine months, currently making an upper conjunction.

Venus is as far away from Earth as possible and is invisible, which means that she is less impulsive, more purposeful and striving for an ideal, which makes it an ideal time to move forward.

With Pluto sextiling the conjunction, we will have the opportunity to get rid of everything that hinders our progress in order to find out what truly matters to us.

Strength of character, charm and personal will are helping us do the right thing and overcome obstacles.

The ruler of Aries, Mars, coincides with the royal star Aldebaran, which means that we can make the most of this powerful energy to attract new opportunities and achieve our goals in all fields of life.

At the same time, it is trining Saturn, supporting us with more patience, self-control, endurance and determination.

Don’t forget to perform this Venus greeting ritual in order to make the most of the wonderful energies and attract more love and abundance into your life!

It is important that you perform this ritual within 48 hours of Venus, passing into a new sign!

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