Who or what are you breaking up with on this Libra lunar eclipse?

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Your rising sign’s most important message for this Libra lunar eclipse on March 25th 2024.

For a start, let’s break up with all fear-based astrology and explain what eclipses are all about.

A lunar eclipse is simply a Full Moon where the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other, but the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon. In astrological terms, this celestial event is significant because it involves the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, which represent our conscious and unconscious selves, respectively. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow blocks the light from reaching the Moon, symbolically obscuring our emotions and intuitive insights.

Lunar eclipses are times of heightened emotions, revelations, and endings. They often bring about a sense of closure or culmination in the area of your life indicated by the zodiac house where the eclipse occurs. 

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Lunar eclipses are potent times for releasing old patterns, habits, or emotional baggage that no longer serve you. They encourage introspection and inner work, inviting you to confront and let go of anything standing in the way of your emotional growth and fulfillment.

In essence, a lunar eclipse is a celestial mirror reflecting the shadowy aspects of our psyche, urging us to acknowledge and integrate them into our conscious awareness for spiritual growth and transformation.

What the Libra Lunar Eclipse on 25th March 2024 Means For You

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The Aries-Libra axis deals with relationships.

And this includes both actual human relationships and the relationship with yourself.  The relationship you have with your inner demons, internal voices and different facets of your personality.

This Libra lunar eclipse brings intense energy to break up with that situationship that keeps you stuck. To break up with the toxic inner voice that keeps telling you you’re not enough. With the subconscious drive that always pushes you to make choices that lead to pain.

This Libra lunar eclipse is all about breaking up with all internal and external demons that steal your joy! All internal and external demons that take away from the feeling of harmony and balance in your life.

This Lunar eclipse energy is supercharged by Pluto (again) to make you as powerful and as decisive you can be about breaking up with whatever is NOT serving your higher path.

Are you ready to let go?

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Aries Sun/Moon and Rising

You are letting go of toxic patterns, related to relationships. Think co-dependency, narcissistic partners, and all trauma-based relationships. Finally you realize they’re not your ‘type’ but your pattern and you’re ready to let go and heal.

Taurus Sun/Moon and Rising

You are breaking up with perfectionism and overworking tendencies. You may also decide to let go of a work environment that doesn’t resonate with your vibe. It’s time to break up with anything that hinders your emotional and physical health.

Gemini Sun/Moon and Rising

You are breaking up with self-doubt and creative blocks. It’s your time to shine like the star you are! You may also release subconscious patterns, related to children and manifest a healthy pregnancy or a better relationship with your children.

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Cancer Sun/Moon and Rising

You’re swimming in your own waters, dealing with family dynamics and ancestral patterns that need to be transformed. Release old wounds and create space for emotional healing and stability.

Leo Sun/Moon and Rising

You are releasing limiting beliefs, fear-based thought patterns and a communication style that may drive people away from you. Embrace a mindset of confidence and empowerment as you communicate your truth with clarity.

Virgo Sun/Moon and Rising

You are breaking up with everything and everyone, contributing to a scarcity mentality and self-worth issues. Let go of all inner insecurities and embrace abundance in all its forms. It’s time to feel rich from the inside out in order to attract more security in your life.

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Libra Sun/Moon and Rising

You are breaking up with old ways of showing up and hiding your authentic self. You are changing your approach towards everything in life and are finally brave enough to show the world your true colors.

Scorpio Sun/Moon and Rising

You are breaking up with the hidden enemies that poison your life. They are finally exposed, whether these are people or your own fears and self-sabotaging behaviors. Letting them go will open the door to more inner light and intuitive guidance.

Sagittarius Sun/Moon and Rising

You are breaking up with a dream or ideal that no longer serves you. This may include a group of people or an egregor that’s draining your energy and is stopping you from manifesting the future your higher self leads you to.

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Capricorn Sun/Moon and Rising

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You’re breaking up with outdated career goals and ambitions that no longer resonate with your true calling. Release the need for external recognition and focus on aligning your professional path with your soul’s purpose.

Aquarius Sun/Moon and Rising

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You are breaking up with rigid belief systems and spiritual dogmas that block your true inner growth. You may end the relationship with a false guru or someone, who’s been leading you on the wrong path.

Pisces Sun/Moon and Rising

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You are breaking up with emotional attachments and unhealthy dependencies in your intimate relationships. Let go of fear of vulnerability and embrace deep emotional connection and intimacy with trust and authenticity.

Does this resonate? What old patterns are you breaking up with this eclipse season in order to initiate a brand new beginning?

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