Daily Love Forecast 13th December – The Misunderstood Number 13 And How To Make It Work In YOUR Advantage

Daily Love Forecast 13th December

Did you know that the Number 13 actually represents Divine Love?

The reason it may cause trouble in our world is that we, as human beings find it hard to channel the highest vibration of Divine Love, which causes trouble in our material life.

This is good news, since with a few little twists to our perception, we can make the number 13 work in our favor.

If you took full advantage of yesterday’s energies that were all about completion, and receiving a higher vibration of Universal Love, you have set yourself up for some good things coming your way!

It was a full Moon yesterday, which is in alignment with the energy of the number nine – Completion of things; so, today is the START of a new cycle, preparing us for the next New Moon when we can start new relationships, and expect new Love to enter our lives.

Now is still a good time to release old trauma and make way for this pure Divine Love to run through you.

You, You You!

We have another day when the vibration of the number ONE is very strong, and this is re-enforced, as the whole day is under the influence of this number. It represents the strongest creative power of the Universe, but it can also mean your ego. It is all up to you which one of these two you will choose! If you are aiming to turn the influence of the number 13 in your own favor, it would be best to put this creative energy into a process that serves the higher good!

Make yourself an instrument of love and divine creation today and you will be able to manifest anything in your life, including True Love!

Finding your Center

The best way to accomplish this is through a practice that helps you find your own center – your inner place of balance, power, and complete peace. When you find your center, you will be able to tap into an immense source of energy and self-power that will make you a master creator of love and abundance into your life!

How to do it?

No need for complicated rituals here. Sit and spend some time scanning your body, your aura, and anything that your perception perceives as your own ‘being’. Do this for a few minutes, taking deep and calm breaths. Ask your inner teacher where your inner center is and try to find it with your inner perception.

Don’t rush, and be calm that even if you don’t get the answer straight away, you will in a few minutes.

Once you are able to position you inner center with your inner vision, just concentrate on it and stay there. The more you ‘sit there’ and spend time in your center, the more you will start feeling its power. Feeling your own center will give you the kind of inner balance and confidence that you can manifest anything you desire, including True Love.

Once you have found your inner center, you can always come back to it in times when you feel nervous, anxious or agitated. Your inner center is an amazing source of creativity, and it can really help in balancing and improving you current relationships, as well as giving you the faith and confidence you will be able to attract your soulmate.

Have faith and try this practice today!

Love and Light!


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