Daily Astrology Love Horoscope August 10th

We have a strangely harmonious yet electrifying day today with the Moon in Taurus and Mercury in a very exact sextile with Uranus.

Although we may have some change in plans and sudden, unexpected situations happening, the exhalted moon in Taurus is making us feel joyous, friendly, and super lovable. It is an amazing day to get together with friends or have an unusual, quirky date with someone free-loving and rather out-of-the-ordinary.

Time to impress with your wits and/or have exciting conversations about astrology, astronomy, science fiction, the Universe, and anything that reaches beyond the daily wanderings of your mind.

At the same time we have Mars conjunct the Black moon, so it is NOT a good idea to go on risky dates with individuals you don’t know too well. The aspect may also make you feel naughtier than usual and inspire you to show off your wilder side in bed.

How to manifest love today:

Concentrate your mind and use your thought as a sharp, super fast arrow that pierces the atmosphere as you quickly form into your mind the EXACT picture of how you want your love life to be. Use the sharpness of your mind and your super concentrated thought to paint a very precise picture of you and your loved one and exactly HOW you want them to make you feel. Thoughts are super powerful today and they will manifest in no time!


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