Why It’s Crucial To Do This Little-Known New Moon Ritual In The Next 24 Hours To Manifest Love & More!

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We have an absolutely key moment today with a number of influences, supporting us to create something truly amazing in our lives as long as we align, synchronize, and never postpone!

Yesterday was the New Moon in Pisces, and as you probably know, New Moons are all about new beginnings and setting the tone for the next month to come. At the same time we have The Moon in conjunction with Neptune AND Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

What does this all mean?

Well, let’s first start with the more negative manifestation of this astrological combo, because I don’t want you to fall asleep, only thinking of unicorns and roses and then getting unpleasantly surprised. This much of the influence of Pisces, Neptune, and the blurred thinking of Mercury retrograde in Pisces can get you confused, submerged into illusions, or it may even make you more prone to escaping reality though unhealthy means like alcohol and drugs. Don’t do that! Be alert and aware and brace yourself from people, who might want to mislead you consciously or subconsciously, and don’t let yourself go into a delirium!

On the other hand, this is a wonderful moment to make a New Moon Ritual! Why?

The positive manifestation of these aspects, coming together is that your prayers and visualizations can be deep, powerful and extremely potent. It is always a good idea to write down your wishes within 48 hours of the exact hour of the New Moon, but THIS New Moon specifically, I have something extremely powerful for you!

Having in mind that Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, and we have so much of a water influence, I am going to show you a New Moon ritual with water that will take your manifestation efforts to a whole new level!

This is a very ancient, powerful way to manifest ANYTHING you desire, and now it will be even more charged!

What you have to do?

Fill in a medium-sized bowl with water you can drink (it can be a salad bowl, but preferably don’t use a plastic one). Sit silently with the water and think of it as a live being (which it is – remember, we are 70% water and it is present in every living thing on Earth!). Then introduce yourself to the water with your name and where you are from – you have to do this out loud, this is crucial.

Sit a little bit more with the water in silence, until your thoughts become clear. You can also use this time to make a connection with your spirit guides, your angels, or someone from your family like a grandma, who has always supported you and wishes you the best (it can be a deceased relative you love).

Then, start saying to the water OUT LOUD all of your wishes, like you would normally write them down. Say them in the present tense like they are already a reality. For example:

  • I share a life of  love, togetherness and happiness with my True Soulmate.
  • I am being truly valued, loved, and appreciated.

Etc. etc. etc., putting your most sacred wishes and desires first. Don’t forget, it is very important that you say all this OUT LOUD!

When you finish talking, look in the water, and SEE yourself as if your wishes have come true. Not only see, bet also FEEL it! Vividly see and feel where you are, what you are doing, with whom you are, how you are feeling. Maybe you are laughing? Maybe you are doing something else?

Just SEE this picture in the water and FEEL it very vividly.

Thank the water and put it beside your bed during the night.

On the next day, put the water in a bottle and drink it all up throughout the day.

Watch the first signs of your dreams manifesting within days!

By doing all this, you are powerfully aligning yourself with the energies of the day, which, if done regularly, will quickly become an utterly life-changing experience, with things manifesting much sooner than you expected them to! By following these simple, but crucial tips, you are becoming a co-creator rather than an observer of your destiny!

I would love to keep assisting you in this journey towards True Love, Happiness, and Abundance, and in order to receive FREE daily support, you can click the button below. You will be joining hundreds of like-minded women, whose energy will support and further inspire and empower you!????

Love and Light!


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