Here’s Why You Should Not Underestimate Today’s Chance To Gain True Clarity! (Daily Love Astrology 25 Feb)

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Are you tired of positive Universal influences? Are you craving some drama? Well, you can always create yourself some, but I say – go with the tide and use this period to massively improve your life, because it may not last long!

This period of positive influences is also a manifestation of the fact that there is complete, ultimate balance in the Universe – January was a much tougher month, and with the exact conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, many of us had to go through some very tough times!

Now, the Universe is still pushing us to make the necessary transformations and changes in our lives, but instead is doing so in a lot gentler, loving, and caring way. If we follow these vibes, we will be equipped with much strength and inner power to face the more challenging periods when they come!

So, what has the Universe cooked up for us today?

One of the most important influences, which is double-manifesting today is getting clarity on our true desires and true direction in life!

We both have the Sun conjunct Mercury and the Sun, trining the North Node, which represents our direction in life and what we are striving to achieve. You will be able to achieve this clarity today especially if you have followed my advice from the first days of the Mercury retrograde period (which you can check here, here, and here).

Why is this so important?

Often we have wishes and desires that we THINK are our true wishes, but in fact they ARE NOT our true soul purpose. If you are confused, have some patience until I explain. Sometimes we have a wish, which truly entirely FEELS like our wish and like the RIGHT thing for us in this very moment. When the Universe grants this wish to us, however, we realize that it is not exactly what we wanted, or if it grants it to us in a DIFFERENT form, we realize that our old wish was not THE BEST FOR US and it was NOT FOR OUR HIGHER GOOD.

This is why it is crucial for us to gain TRUE CLARITY of what our soul TRULY desires in this very moment. In this way we will be able to pursue it much more effectively and manifest it a lot sooner than our other ‘fake’ wishes and desires, which have masked themselves as something that will do us good, but in fact will not.

I will give you a personal example, so you understand this better

After a very destructive relationship of mine ended, I was 100% sure that I will not start a new relationship or have another partner until I am 100% sure that this is THE ONE. I was completely convinced that what my soul desires is to finally meet my true soulmate and I will NOT waste my time with anyone else until I meet them. I was confident that this is my true path, and I worked rigorously to attract my True Soulmate. I was getting more and more frustrated when I wasn’t meeting them and when I was brought into situations with other men, who were obviously NOT my soulmate.

To make a long story short, I had to go through two other short love experiences, which held important lessons for me, helping me get truly prepared for meeting that special someone, who I met only a few months after that. ALL THE TIME I was convinced that I had clarity about what I wanted and needed, but in fact I didn’t – and I would have learned these lessons in a much more effective way if it wasn’t for my stubbornness.

Even if the only thing you get clarity on today is confessing to yourself that maybe you don’t know what is BEST for you in this very moment

this will be enough of a breakthrough for you!

Try to align with these energies today and think about gaining clarity. Try to relax and truly feel your soul purpose rather than trying to FORCE it with your thoughts, basing it on past experiences.

By doing all this, you are powerfully aligning yourself with the energies of the day, which, if done regularly, will quickly become an utterly life-changing experience, with things manifesting much sooner than you expected them to! By following these simple, but crucial tips, you are becoming a co-creator rather than an observer of your destiny!

I would love to keep assisting you in this journey towards True Love, Happiness, and Abundance, and in order to receive FREE daily support, you can click the button below. You will be joining hundreds of like-minded women, whose energy will support and further inspire and empower you!????

Love and Light!


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