Daily Love Forecast 6th December – Where To Find Love Today Plus Powerful Synchronicity Practice!

daily love forecast 6th December

What a harmonious day it is today! Ruled by the number THREE, which also signifies Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck!

Except for the fact that Three is the predominant energy of the day, it is also present two more times in the numerology chart of the date.

This is an amazing influence for love and relationships, as it means you may get lucky, finding a love interest as you go about doing your daily activities. Jupiter is also the planet of adventure, knowledge, and spirituality, so there are certain activities that might make you more prone to bumping into your soulmate! It is a great time to book an overseas trip, visit a bookstore or a library, or simply do something more adventurous today. Be curious, active, and thirsty for new knowledge and experiences!

This is the type of energy that will attract love today!

Uniting The Heart And Mind!

Another powerful and important urge of today’s vibes is the idea of putting the heart and mind at peace with each other.

We may often feel like we are torn between logic and intuition, and we may many times confuse one with the other. It may even be very hard to get to our heart’s true desires!

Today we have the perfect balance of energies between mind and heart, intuition and logic, which you may tune in with in order to teach yourself to unite both energies, which will lead us to finding your true soulmate faster!

I am sure you have experienced amazing moment of synchronicity when everything just seems to come into place perfectly!

You get somewhere just in the right time. You bump into someone, who gives you the perfect piece of advice, or there is a chain of events that finally produces the best result for you in your work or personal time. What wouldn’t you for this chain of positive reactions to be a constant in your life!

Well, these are the moments when heart and mind work together. When this happens, we enter the flow of life and we take advantage of it! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  we experience this type of synchronicity ALL THE TIME? Well, now is a day when you can do a little practice to teach yourself to enter this flow more easily!

Synchronicity Practice To Do Today!

In order to effortlessly enter into the flow where we can manifest anything with as little effort as possible, it is crucial that we instill a fundamental belief that we are one with the whole universe. And the first step towards this belief is feeling wholesome in ourselves, uniting our heart and mind.

To do this, a powerful little practice is to imagine your heart chakra and your third eye chakra working  harmoniously together.

Here is how to do this in three steps:

  1. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your heart chakra. Imagine a mild light with a color of your choice (it can be any color that comes to your visualization) and feel your heart breathing with this color. Just sit and breathe through your heart for a few minutes.
  2. Then do the same thing with your third eye chakra. Breathe through it, visualizing a color of your choice.
  3. Finally, imagine the two working together. Start breathing BOTH through your heart chakra and your third eye chakra, feeling that they work together.

This is an amazing technique that will be very potent today, as it perfectly aligns with the vibe, which will in turn help you manifest love much faster!

Love and Light!

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