How to Fight Stress And Anxiety With The Power Of The Moon

fight stress with the moon

We often wonder how to deal with stress in our lives.

When we experience stress, it means that we have moved away from our needs. We have pushed ourselves too far in the name of a goal, an achievement; in the name of our family, or even defending ourselves in a situation that hurts us.

The more we are connected with our Moon sign, the more we can achieve balance and build an inner space, where stress cannot ‘survive’.

The Moon is associated with our unconscious instincts, our emotions and our sense of security. When we experience stress instinctively, it is as if our sense of security is threatened.

When we work to meet the needs of our Moon sign, it gives us a refuge where we can recharge, rest, and nourish ourselves. The conscious pursuit of our instincts always leads to an improved well-being.

Our instinctive nature is valuable and it has its purpose – to regulate the balance between reason and intuition, work and rest, male active energy and female passive nourishing force.

A well-placed Moon in our natal chart predisposes us to more easily connect with the space within, which wants comfort and security. We develop lunar themes based on what we received in our childhood. Conversely, an afflicted Moon, which fights for human attention because of other planets that “call” it, will find it harder to connect with this mystical side of emotional peace and comfort.

Nourishing activities to release stress and anxiety for each Moon sign:

Moon in Aries

moon in aries meaning

Nourishing activities: Sports, competitions, goal setting and missions that ignite motivation, adrenaline. Basic need: To prove yourself and be first in everything.

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Moon in Taurus

moon in taurus meaning

Nourishing activities: Massages, cooking, restaurants, music, spa, aromatherapy, gardening. Basic need: To be physically and materially secure.

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Moon in Gemini

moon in gemini meaning

Nourishing activities: Books, writing, intellectual games, jokes, driving, traveling, TV shows, active communication with the environment (according to the house of the Moon). Basic need: To be informed, to be heard.

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Moon in Cancer

moon in cancer meaning

Nourishing activities: Time spent at home, family activities, art, cooking and food, hobbies related to home and comfort. Basic need: To be protected.

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Moon in Leo

moon in leo

Nourishing activities: luxurious experiences, art, concerts, bars and clubs, public appearances, hobbies, personal creativity, personal projects, flirting and love. Basic need: To be appreciated and loved.

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Moon in Virgo

moon in virgo meaning

Nourishing activities: health care, nature, pets, sports, medicine, nutrition, cleaning, work. Basic need: To serve and be useful.

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Moon in Libra

moon in libra meaning

Nourishing activities: Culture, art, beauty and beautiful objects, walks with a close friend, all activities with a partner, fashion. Basic need: To partner with someone, to be surrounded by harmony and beauty.

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Moon in Scorpio

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moon in scorpio meaning

Nourishing activities: Nature, psychology, erotica, esoterics, intimate space, valuable possessions and goods, energy practices. Basic need: To transform and merge with the mystery of life.

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Moon in Sagittarius

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moon in sagittarius meaning

Nourishing activities: Travel, communication with foreigners, trainings and seminars, horseback riding, philosophy, religion, activities outside where there is space. Basic need: To develop and expand.

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Moon in Capricorn

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moon in capricorn meaning

Nourishing activities: Society, social status, career goals, management, mountaineering, teaching, mentoring, construction of material objects. Basic need: To control and upgrade.

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Moon in Aquarius

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moon in aquarius meaning

Nourishing activities: Group activities, active communication with friends, technology, society, politics, new age societies, astrology, numerology, staying connected and accepted by others.

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Moon in Pisces

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moon in pisces meaning

Nourishing activities: Time alone with yourself, meditation, imagination and visualizations, photography, painting, poetry, music, dancing, romance, lack of deadlines and employment. Basic need: To be alone, to communicate with your soul.

The house of the Moon is also important. This is the environment in which we feel most comfortable to express the inherent talents and needs of our Moon sign. The combination of our Moon sign and the house it is in will give us a more individual description of our personal needs.

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