All About Moon in Scorpio! Karmic Predispositions, Love & Emotions, Strengths & Challenges

moon in scorpio meaning

Those, who are born with a Scorpio Sun or Ascendant are characterized by an exceptional intensity of feelings.

However, since The Moon controls our emotional life and moods, these characteristics are even more pronounced for those with a Moon in Scorpio.

The Moon sign placement in our horoscope predetermines our initial instinctive reactions in various life situations. Therefore, those born with a Moon in Scorpio react with great intensity and saturation in every life situation.

Their reactions can be both positive and negative. Therefore, for better or worse, we should expect sudden outbursts of emotion from them.

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Please also note that this Moon in Scorpio analysis is based on the Moon placement by sign only, and it does not take into consideration aspects and stelliums in your unique birth chart, which may be overriding the effects of your Moon Placement. Nevertheless, this is the most detailed and in-depth Moon in Scorpio analysis you will find online.

moon in scorpio meaning

Moon in Scorpio Karmic Predispositions

If you were born with your Moon in Scorpio, you come with the karmic experience of deep soul wounds, caused to you in past lifetimes. You come with an inherent depth of feelings and emotions.

You also come with a deep mystical and occult experience, which you have accumulated in your past life. You were either devoted to serving others, living in isolation, having gone through deep spiritual experiences, or you have been deeply hurt in your soul.

A Moon in Scorpio placement is a sign that you have been in touch with the dark side of life. It is possible that in your past life, your astral body was under the influence of dark magic, curse, or there were other interferences with your energy.

The subconscious memories of past horrors and misfortunes have left a mark, which is evident in your present life and emotional experiences as well.

As a child, you possibly lived in your own world, which was filled with magic, but also with sinister images. You were a smart, insightful, deeply intuitive child with a multi-layered personality, the deeper realms of which most adults could not recognize.

Moon in Scorpio emotional profile

moon in scorpio meaning

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Moon in Scorpio people don’t initially seem very emotional. On the contrary, they may first demonstrate cruelty and coldness.

In this case, their emotional reactions are due to their deeply rooted trauma, which needs to be examined and healed.

In fact, Moon in Scorpio people have ravishing emotions, which complexity can cause great tension in their interactions with others. They seek deep, hidden meaning behind every reaction, even the tiniest one, and they are often suspicious of manipulation and possible ways people can hurt them.

This can bring great drama into the lives of Moon in Scoprio people, and even if they believe they hate drama, they subconsciously attract it into their lives.

This makes them live in an almost constant state of emotional chaos.

The biggest enemy of Moon in Scorpio people is the habit of creating order and discipline in their daily life, because these things also go through their subjective emotional reaction and current mood. This is why the intense emotionality of Moon in Scorpio people hinders their ability to put order into their daily life.

Another thing that causes great emotional turbulences for a Moon in Scorpio person is criticism. They react to it with outburst and negativity, but if they accept it, they can succumb to fanatic solutions and can even mention suicide.

A sense of drama and tragedy is often present in the life of Moon in Scorpio people.

On the other hand, this emotional richness of the Moon in Scorpio people can help them achieve a lot, if they channel it properly.

moon in scorpio meaning

Even though they find it hard to concentrate, once they finally do – they can literally create miracles! It is important that Moon in Scorpio people devote themselves to others with love, dedication, and compassion, which can really help them deal with their emotions.

Otherwise, this extreme emotionality makes them too illogical and they find it hard to put order into their life, as a result of finding it hard to put order into their emotional world.

Like we talked earlier, Moon in Scorpio people can be very secretive, which makes them put on an iron mask, hiding their emotions, demonstrating coldness and indifference, but in fact, underneath there is an emotional thunderstorm.

Moon in Scorpio people easily delve deep into their emotions and they find it hard to get out of them. They can put order into both their emotional and everyday life if they take an authoritative figure as an example, and slowly, step by step, start making positive changes into their life. It is good for Moon in Scorpio people to take after someone, who is inherently disciplined and orderly.

It should be remembered that the Moon controls only our instinctive reactions. They occur when we do not have time to think or control our behavior – ie. all situations containing a moment of surprise and an unexpected turn of events. It is then that we react according to our Moon sign.

That is why the sudden reaction of Moon in Scorpio people is in the manner of the intense sign of Scorpio. After the initial outburst, their emotions pass, and they have time to consider the situation, their behavior often changes radically.

Then it no longer reflects their Moon sign, but their Sun sign (zodiac sign).

Moon in Scorpio Jealousy

moon in scorpio meaning

Probably the biggest problem for Moon in Scorpio people is their proverbial jealousy.

It is difficult to say how many times in their lives their instinctive jealousy will be brought to the fore. This type of situation can occur countless times in their lives.

Take for example the opposite sign of Scorpio – Taurus. The initial reaction of those born with a Moon in Taurus is to treat their partner as personal property. Later, they usually regret that and make appropriate corrections in their behavior to alleviate the consequences of their instinctive reactions.

Thus, the initial reaction of people, born with the Moon in Scorpio is to show extreme jealousy. Later, they regret and try to correct their behavior in the manner of their Sun sign.

But mental damage is not always repairable. Scorpio is characterized by a huge intensity and saturation of feelings and without thinking, can very quickly resort to vicious sarcasm, hurting criticism and sharp cynicism.

People with this Moon placement should remember the saying that a bad wound can be healed, but a bad word cannot be forgotten.

Therefore, it is imperative for them to be careful when they are initially tempted to bite with their tongue. They should learn to count up to a hundred to curb their strong jealousy.

The biggest challenges Moon in Scorpio need to overcome

moon in scorpio meaning

The emotional nature of those born with the Moon in Scorpio can concentrate on the typical Scorpio areas – such as death, life after death, rebirth, mysticism, etc.

They are suspicious by nature and find it difficult to trust anyone completely. They have an extremely narrow circle of highly trusted people, but even then, they rarely open up their souls completely.

They either love passionately or hate very much. They can often jump from one extreme feeling to another, regarding the very same person. They have an excellent memory. Moon in Scorpio people remember important details as well as specifics from past events.

Unfortunately, the information is usually in negative nature. These memories could be, for example, compromising information that could be used in the future or the memory of real or imagined events when they have been harmed.

They  can hardly forget the past evils and insults. One may begin to wonder if they actually want to forget this information at all. In other words, they like to hide in themselves a poison, ready to be poured at the right moment into their enemies, be they real or imaginary.

But the poison will sooner or later poison the very same person, who carries it.

That is why it is very important for Moon in Scorpio people to release hurtful memories from the past and to practice forgiveness.

moon in scorpio meaning

Otherwise, keeping the memories inside can result in serious health issues

It is mainly about the gnawing guilt, the belief (justified or not) that others want to cause them harm, the accumulation of anger and hatred, and the desire at all costs to avenge the evil that they believe was caused to them.

Moon in Scorpio people must learn to gradually clear their thoughts and subconscious mind of these feelings, because they will otherwise have detrimental effects on their psyche and health.

Once they overcome this challenge, they will be able to make more use of the positive aspects of their birth chart – emotional power, willpower, insightfulness, and strong intuition. When that happens, they will live in harmony and understanding with themselves and with others.

The Moon in Scorpio placement is also a very challenging one when it comes to the role of the mother in one’s life.

The mother was either absent, or the relationship with the child is extremely complicated. This often leads to a love-hare relationship with the mother, and in turn leaves a mark on the Moon in Scorpio person’s approach towards motherhood.

Another big challenge Moon in Scorpio people have to face is their fears

They have a lot of them, but it is important that they face them, and deal with them. This is not an easy task, but if they become more tolerant with themselves and approach it with patience, they can deal with their fears one by one. In time, they can even realize that most of these fears were only imaginary ones.

In order to make a positive change in their life, Moon in Scorpio people really need to part with something old.

This can be either old emotions, or people, who are emotionally dragging them in the past – this could be a past lover, unresolved issues with their parents, or any other past hurt they have not yet forgotten.

Moon in Scorpio most positive personality traits

moon in scorpio meaning

When the Moon has harmonious aspects from other planets, Moon in Scorpio people have a very strong sense of discovering what is hiding in the deepest corners of other people’s souls, and they become wonderful psychiatrists, healers, and psychologists. A Moon in Scorpio placement gives one an opportunity for great mystical experience and spiritual development, which has resulted from the tireless exploration of one’s own emotional depths.

Deep psychoanalysis is the best that Moon in Scorpio people can do in order to shed light on the trauma hidden in their soul. The light of a spiritual teaching, philosophy, or religion can serve as a healing potion to their emotional wounds.

Moon in Scorpio people can also be very devoted and compassionate individuals. They can be wonderful doctors – a profession, which suggests making a sacrifice for others. Negative Scorpio qualities like cruelty and brutality can be transformed and manifested in a positive way and the person can become a great surgeon, for example.

Moon in Scorpio people can be extremely perseverant as long as there is something that they feel truly passionate about. However, if they don’t strongly feel about their goal or purpose, they easily lose concentration and interest.

Moon in Scorpio people can indeed achieve a lot in life if they channel their energy and use it.

One way of channeling this energy is setting goals, because once they have a goal, Moon in Scorpio people are extremely concentrated. When there is a goal, emotions can be channeled and directed, which transforms them into a constructive force.

If Moon in Scorpio people set themselves small, achievable daily goals, they can really put their huge emotional energy and creative potential into good use.

Moon in Scorpio people also have an inherent sense of caring for others, which they need to consciously develop.

Moon in Scorpio Love Life

moon in scorpio meaning

If a Moon in Scorpio person falls in love with you, it can be either very passionate or very dangerous – depending on your approach to the relationship.

As mentioned earlier, they can be very suspicious, and find a hidden agenda even in the most innocent of words and actions, so it is not an easy task to win their trust.

Once you do, though, a Moon in Scorpio person can be extremely devoted, loyal and fully dedicated to the relationship.

It would be even better if you manage to make your relationship a goal that they pursue and put all their energy into. If you manage to win their trust and convince them in your good intentions towards them, they will stretch themselves to the very limit to provide you the time, care and attention that you desire.

As mentioned earlier, they can be jealous and possessive, but these are all qualities that can be transformed into warmth, care, and devotion if they consciously strive to live by the higher manifestation of their Moon sign meaning.

Moon in Scorpio people have heightened sexuality – they are intense, passionate lovers, and can even be into more kinky stuff, so be prepared for that, too.

Moon in Scorpio compatibility

The Moon in Scorpio can match well with others with a strong water influence in their chart (not necessarily their Moon sign).

There are a number of factors to be considered for compatibility, and compatibility by Moon signs only is not enough.

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