All About Moon in Capricorn! Karmic Predispositions, Love & Emotions, Strengths & Challenges

moon in capricorn meaning

The Moon controls our spontaneous emotional reactions and the sign in which it is located shows what they are.

It is not too hard to guess that when the Moon is in such an emotionally restrained sign as Capricorn, these reactions are very hard to identify.

Imagine, for example, that you are in a meeting and suddenly the fire alarm is activated. Everyone there will react spontaneously to this sudden situation, according to their lunar (not solar) signs. Someone with their Moon in Aries will rush forward bravely to save everyone. Another one with their Moon in Taurus will start methodically looking for a way out. A third with their Moon in Libra will give way to everyone else, and another with a Moon in Pisces will be so captivated and confused by their emotions that they may get burned in the fire before they could make a decision.

How will a person with their Moon in Capricorn react in this situation?

At first glance, it will seem as if they didn’t hear the alarm at all. They will have their poker face on, and it will seem like they are not afraid, although they may be. Most importantly, they will keep the outward expression of their feelings under strict control. No one else will guess about any presence of feelings at all. At the same time, they will quickly consider what practical steps should be taken in such a crisis situation.

moon in capricorn meaning

Moon in Capricorn Karmic Predispositions

If you were born with your Moon in Capricorn, you come to this life with the past life experience of someone, who was very high on the social ladder. You either had a prestigious job in a respected institution, or you were involved with science and research – anything that had to do with hard, persistent work or analysis. You could have also lived in great scarcity and seclusion by your own will, such as being a monk or a priest.

Maybe your work engagements didn’t allow you much space for personal life, joy, and entertainment. This is why in this life, you are predisposed to either have a more modest emotional life, or you do experience emotions, but you find it hard to express them.

You may have grown up as a lonely kid, who was externally or internally separated from the usual joys of a child’s life. Maybe you were even experiencing coldness and strict discipline from your parents. Your grandparents could have also played an important role in your life.

You are not predisposed to making a lot of friends, but the ones that you do have turn into long-term friendships for life.

Moon in Capricorn emotional profile

moon in capricorn meaning

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The presence of the Moon in this earthly and practical sign significantly weakens the manifestation of its emotional nature. The emotional nature of the Moon is minimized in outward expression. This does not mean that those born with the Moon in Capricorn do not experience feelings or emotions. Rather, the opposite is true.

They just prefer to keep them to themselves.

Moon in Capricorn people believe that the external outburst of emotions is a manifestation of emotional weakness, and they want to look strong, independent and emotionally self-sufficient.

For this reason, Moon in Capricorn people do everything possible to suppress the outward manifestation of their emotions. If they stumble too much in this direction (and often they do just that), then the others begin to distance themselves from them. Others may think that there is something wrong, inhuman, too cold and business-like in their nature. They come to Moon in Capricorn people with their own human problems, feelings and emotions, and the only thing they get in return is a cold, pragmatic and business-like attitude. Ultimately, this severely hurts those, born with the Moon in Capricorn.

Deep down, Moon in Capricorn people feel an extremely great need to receive warmth, love and recognition.

moon in capricorn meaning

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But they don’t know exactly what they have to do to achieve it, because they can’t freely express their emotions. They also suffer from extremely strong doubts about their own value and usefulness. To overcome their low self-confidence, they devote themselves to hard work.

They work hard from morning till evening to show others that they are useful and necessary. To work effectively, however, they need to suppress their emotions, feelings and experiences. If they indulge in emotional outbursts, they would never be able to do the enormous amount of work they have undertaken. And work, as we have noted, is extremely important to them, because they believe work is the only way to earn the love and recognition of others.

So, Moon in Capricorn people eliminate unnecessary and interfering emotional states in order to concentrate on their work.

This has exactly the opposite effect, though. The others begin to consider them insensitive, heartless and arrogant. Others cannot understand how Moon in Capricorn people show no interest in their personal experiences at all.

It must be noted that they are actually interested, but not showing it. Either way, the others back off from them. In this way, those born with the Moon in Capricorn remain isolated and distant, although they would like to achieve the exact opposite – love, warmth and respect. So, they start working even harder to prove their worth and the vicious circle closes.

The biggest challenges Moon in Capricorn need to overcome

moon in capricorn meaning

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In practice, very little is required of Moon in Capricorn people to overcome their instinctive emotional distancing reaction. Namely, they should strive to develop a little more emotionality, warmth and sympathy for the problems of others.

Then they would be loved, sought after and respected, regardless of the amount of work they do.

Here we come to the second way in which this Moon placement manifests itself.

Perhaps this is the reason why they often refuse the help and support offered from others.

They are extremely ambitious and try to achieve everything in life on their own. On the outside they look strong and self-confident individuals. As paradoxical as it may sound, they are mainly driven by their inferiority complex. It is their hidden feeling that they are unloved, unwanted, unfit or inappropriate that is the most powerful engine for their success and realization in life. They work long and hard, almost to the point of exhaustion in order to prove to others their worth.

At some point, however, they must recognize that a lack of emotional self-confidence is their main driving force.

This all also leads to a distorted perception of the reactions of others. For example, just one wrong word or an inadequate gesture can remain imprinted in their minds for years and affect them negatively.

They often feel as if they are carrying the whole world on their shoulders. They have the hardest time dealing with emotional dependence on other people. They can often be heard saying, “Come on, don’t be a child!” But imperceptibly they can say the same phrase even to children.

Moon in Capricorn people need to accept the fact that no one can be emotionally self-sufficient all the time. We all need emotional and moral support.

moon in capricorn meaning

Some have this need constantly, others – only in certain moments, but no one can support themselves emotionally all the time!

Moon in Capricorn people are very ambitious and want to achieve a lot in their careers. Some of them may stumble to extremes and even be unscrupulous in achieving their ambitions. They may be selfish and manipulative. Most often this occurs in the presence of negative aspects from the Moon to Pluto or Saturn.

Often their initial reaction in a number of situations is negative. This is again related to the lack of self-confidence. However, their pessimism rarely lasts long and is soon replaced with the attitude, typical of their zodiac sign (their Sun sign). Sometimes it is necessary to look at the natal chart in greater depth. If there are other placements that suggest negativity or weakness of character, then the Moon in Capricorn placement can become a major obstacle to their development.

This is even further emphasized in the presence of negative aspects between Saturn and the Moon. In this case, a close person or a relative must be constantly by their side and encourage them to accomplish their goals and tasks. If even then their pessimism cannot be overcome, they will have a tendency to live their lives without taking any risks and trials, but also without becoming participants in any interesting adventures.

Those born with the Moon in Capricorn are distinguished by the tendency to leave a bright impression on others.

This quality stems again from their inner need to feel loved and wanted. The Moon works extremely well in the sign of Capricorn if it receives positive aspects from Mars, from Saturn or the sign motivating us from within – the ascendant. In this case, all the positive qualities inherent to the Moon in Capricorn person clearly stand out.

Moon in Capricorn most positive personality traits

moon in capricorn meaning

The instinctive reaction of Moon in Capricorn people is to find practical solution to the problems that have arisen. While on the one hand, this is a strong trait worthy of respect, on the other hand, it can lead to certain problems. Not every life situation requires a concrete, real and practical approach.

Sometimes empathy and moral support will do.

Let’s take the following typical example. Tired after a long and difficult day, a woman returns home to her Moon in Capricorn husband. She starts complaining about her problems, regarding a report that was not submitted on time, an important meeting, and a colleague, who is giving her trouble.

Her husband  immediately interrupts her, because he has an idea how to practically solve these problems. In this case, this is not the right approach, though. The woman does not complain in the hope that she will find a practical solution to her own problems. She just wants to talk. She needs moral support. All she wants is not to be interrupted, so that she can pour out the accumulated emotional energy. Eventually, after being interrupted several times with different ideas on how to solve her problems, she angrily secludes herself in her room, as she slams the door furiously.

Her husband is puzzled. He just wanted to help her find a solution. He does not understand her emotional outbursts. In the end, he feels unwanted, and she is convinced in his emotional coldness and insensitivity.

People with their Moon in Capricorn are extremely serious and responsible.

They put the work and their obligations above all else. At all costs they want to look emotionally mature and self-sufficient in the eyes of the others. They do not want to admit to themselves or to others that they also need emotional and moral support. By no means do they want to look emotionally weak or dependent.

Above all, Moon in Capricorn strengths are their ambition, determination, practicality, common sense and the ability to enjoy the good sides of life.

They have a strong instinctive sense of self-preservation and take risks only if they are very well thought out and calculated in advance.

In the typical Capricorn style, they can sometimes moan and complain about the burden they carry in life, but in general their emotional reactions are always under strict control. Because of some reason, known only to them, they often distance themselves from close and intimate communication with others, who are not so perfect (in their eyes)

Fortunately, their incredible sense of humor sometimes manifests itself quite spontaneously and somewhat erases this negative impression. If the horoscope as a whole shows an ambitious person owning practical and intellectual talents, this arrangement works extremely well. In this case, their success and public recognition after long and hard work is practically guaranteed.

Moon in Capricorn in Love

Moon in Capricorn in Love

Those born with the Moon in Capricorn are attached and loyal in their feelings towards others. However, they very rarely express these feelings externally.

Moon in Capricorn people are conservative, trustworthy and can be relied on. They have the ability to work long and to complete difficult and laborious projects, but family may not come first on their priorities unless there are other placements in the chart that contradict that.

Usually, the need to build a family comes later in the life for Moon in Capricorn people, if at all. What they crave most is to climb in the social ladder and achieve career success, and if this requires having a family, they will do that!

In the same way, they can put very high expectations towards their partner. Because they are used to taking leadership position in their career, they tend to transfer this behavior towards their partner, too. They can be extremely critical and demanding, and they can often make their partner feel as if they will not be loved if they cannot meet the Moon in Capricorn criteria.

Moon in Capricorn people have very strong principles they wish to follow, and this transfers to their love life, too. If their partner isn’t willing to follow the very same principles, the Moon in Capricorn person will deem the partnership as dysfunctional.

The Moon in Capricorn person will share these very same principles in the very beginning of the relationship, and you will be supposed to follow them, as it is unlikely that the Moon in Capricorn person will step away from them.

On the other hand, if you mostly care about your partner’s career development and their position in society, this Moon placement might just be the perfect one!

Either way, you will need a lot of tolerance and patience with a Moon in Capricorn partner. Don’t expect a great amount of emotional sensitivity from them.

Moon in Capricorn compatibility

The Moon in Capricorn can match well with others with a strong earth influence in their chart (not necessarily their Moon sign).

There are a number of factors to be considered for compatibility, and compatibility by Moon signs only is not enough.

To find out who you will be compatible with if your Moon is in Capricorn, click here for an easy beginner-friendly step-by-step guide on What zodiac sign am I MOST compatible with and What Horoscope am I most compatible with?

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