How To Deal With Mercury In Pisces Until April 4! Watch Out For These THREE Major Influences

mercury in pisces

Mercury in Pisces!

Today, March 16th, Mercury enters Pisces, where it will remain until April 4th.

When Mercury is in Pisces, our thought processes are visual, intuitive, and imaginary.

The world of emotions colors both our thoughts and our style of communication. Figurative expression and intuitive decision-making will be very typical. We will be even more drawn towards topics of spirituality and raising our awareness.

Mercury in Pisces prefers to evaluate situations on an intuitive and imaginary level

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To feel his way through life, instead of thinking and evaluating events. The Mercury in Pisces transit is suitable for creative endeavors and development of skills, related to acting, writing, art, cinema, photography, poetry, singing, music and humanitarian work.

Thought processes can be overcome by strong emotions and in order to maintain balance it is necessary to seek peace, silence and solitude.

In Pisces, Mercury sees life as an impressionist painting rather than a realistic style. Sounds, images, shapes, memories, mental impressions, emotional tones – all this is absorbed as part of the overall perception.

Mercury in Pisces captures the subtle vibrations that others do not perceive.

mercury in pisces

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In the water sign, Mercury is associated more with emotions and imaginary impressions than with logic. An innate sense of trust and a willingness to accept what others say can be misled by manipulators and fraudsters. Developing the ability to distinguish truth from illusion and to add logic to decision-making is sometimes a very complex task for Mercury in Pisces-born people. Confidence is gained when creative self-expression is discovered.

During this Mercury in Pisces transit, it may be more difficult to focus on certain tasks. This makes the period suitable for rest, relaxation and focus on creative hobbies.

On March 22nd, Mercury is in exact sextile with Uranus at 8 ° 30 ′ in the signs of Pisces and Taurus.

mercury in pisces

Until March 25th, the time is suitable for solving intellectual issues, inspiration for interesting ideas, non-standard ways of solving problems.

A period of insights and creativity.

An amazing opportunity for original expression and communication beyond the usual and conservative views and attitudes opens up. Innovative proposals and solutions are welcome. Opportunities to improve education. Unexpected turn of events, bringing good luck and new information. A new unusual acquaintance or an unplanned meeting can bring an unexpected idea or suggestion.

On March 24th, Mercury is in an exact square with Mars at 11 ° 45 ′ in the signs of Pisces and Gemini.

mercury in pisces

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By March 27, the discussions are likely to turn into disputes and conflicts due to lack of patience and excessive emotionality.

Collective ideas and plans can find concrete forms for practical implementation, and negotiations can be constructive and productive. Problems with equipment, communications and transport are possible. Caution is required while driving and when using sharp objects.

You should also be very careful not to be misled into actions that you may later regret.

On March 30, Mercury makes an exact conjunction with Neptune at 21 ° 21 ′ in Pisces

mercury in pisces

From March 27th to 31st, due to increased imagination, the risk of misunderstandings or misconceptions increases.

Do not make decisions or make promises if you haven’t taken into account all the information, regarding the circumstances!

Again this is a suitable aspect for creative work, but when working with documents, information and communication care is needed due to the possibility of errors, caused by distraction.

Facts are distorted.

Gossip, deception, illusions, and delusions increase.

Intuition is stronger than logic.

The challenge for this whole period is to separate emotion from intuition.

We also need to take care of our health, as the risk of food, alcohol and drug poisoning increases. So does the probability of allergies and infectious diseases.

Follow the precautions, prescriptions for dosage, storage, consumption and expiration dates of everything you put into your body! If possible, avoid drugs and rely on natural healing methods. Stick to a clean, healthy diet.

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