Saturn in Pisces 2023 Astrology Remedies: From Hopeless To Happy

saturn in pisces astro remedies

Today I am going to reveal a few astrology remedies that are going to help you deal with the energies that are about to unfold in the year we just started – 2023.

These 2023 astrology remedies insights, focusing on Saturn in Pisces may make all the difference for you in this upcoming year, so make sure you read this material in full!

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As you may already know, it is a pivotal year for all of us, because so many of the outer planets are changing signs. This means that there will be significant changes happening to all of us, and we are ALL going to feel this influence.

This will indeed be an exciting period for humanity, but also extremely challenging for a lot of us, especially for those of us with a heavy fixed element in our charts. We are naturally more inclined to resist change and to stick to old habits, emotions, jobs, relationships, and the way we do things.

Well, in 2023 we will not have this privilege. Quite the contrary! 

Here’s what I mean, starting with Saturn.  Saturn is traditionally known as the ‘malefic’ everyone fears, but once you become friends with him, he is even a better gift-giver than Jupiter. Saturn’s gifts are long-lasting and a hard-earned gift always gives more satisfaction than a luck-gift, don’t you agree?

So, Saturn is moving into Pisces, and this is not a very natural environment for Saturn, as you may know. He is all about structure, discipline and predictability, while Pisces likes to dissolve everything. 

So, what does this Saturn in Pisces influence mean for you and me?

saturn in pisces astro remedies

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Well, We are all going to feel like we are losing our purpose, and for some of us it may also feel like we are losing our minds. Initially, we may be struck with a strong feeling of loss, hopelessness, melancholy, indecisiveness, and the need to withdraw from all worldly matters. 

It may feel like we don’t know what we want out of life any more and this may give is a sense of losing our desire to live. For some this energy may bring strong apathy, because they feel like they are losing solid ground, but also the goals that were driving them and giving them a sense of life.

Another danger this Saturn in Pisces energy holds is that of fanatism.

saturn in pisces astro remedies

Becoming fanatical about following a religion, a cult, or an idea about purity and spirituality, which you may take to unhealthy extremes. If you aren’t aware of this energy and you are not ready to consciously deal with it, you may also become very dependent on substances and drugs, because this is the only way ‘out’.

Saturn and Neptune have one thing in common, too, since Pisces also represents our past lives and karma. And that is the concept that brings them together and means that we are all about to face accumulated past karma in one way or another. 

However, the fact that you are reading this material right now means that you are striving to live a conscious life and you have all the emotional, spiritual, and mental assets to deal with this energy and make the most of it. 

So, in what ways can you take advantage of this Saturn in Pisces energy and turn hopelessness into happiness?

saturn in pisces astro remedies

First of all, taking up a regular practice of meditation and integrating it into your daily life. This is the first and most important step that you should take to integrate the energy of both planets.

Being disciplined with your meditation technique satisfies Saturn and the meditation itself is all about Pisces energy. This is a healthy way to communicate with your spirit and access spiritual realms that will give you new inspiration and new sense of purpose. In this way, you may actually develop and discover new talents within you that are going to help you accomplish a new, important mission in your life and in society (both Neptune and Saturn have to do with society).

Another remedy for this Saturn in Pisces energy

saturn in pisces astro remedies

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is to strive to listen to the silent voice within, which is the call of your intuition. Rather than trying to force things in your life and stick to your old structures, simply relax and go with the flow. Remember the word ‘relax’ – it is a key word for this period. Cultivate trust in the Universe, and in God’s plan.

Cultivating your trust and your inner faith will help you go through this period with ease and help you find new, better ways to navigate through life. Repeat to yourself constantly – let it be God’s will, let it be God’s will – and remember that God, the Universe, your higher mind – whatever you wish to call it – know better than you, and they will show you the way although you might feel like everything is falling apart in this very moment.

Another remedy for Saturn in Pisces energy is to find purpose in a spiritual calling of yours,

saturn in pisces astro remedies

without becoming fanatical about it. Be aware that there might be an internal predisposition to take a spiritual practice into extremes and try to control that as much as you can. Depending on which houses of your natal chart are affected by Saturn and Pisces, this internal predisposition may take different forms – addiction to food, addiction to healthy eating, addiction to expensive things, addiction to cleanliness, etc. etc. Being aware of this energy and this predisposition will help you prevent falling into the trap of addiction and basically losing your mind into it.

 And finally, rather than falling victim into the Saturn in Pisces energy,

use it by consciously, consistently trying to develop your spiritual awareness, your acceptance and compassion towards others, your sympathy, your imagination, your inspiration.

Some of you may even develop psychic and healing abilities if you fully take advantage of this energy. Being in regular touch with your spirit, through your meditation practice will give you new inspiration for a new, much bigger, much more meaningful purpose in life.

Regular prayer, cultivation of your faith and trust in God is your best arsenal to fully turn this Saturn in Pisces energy into your best advantage.

This energy is your chance for phenomenal, outstanding self-development and evolution.

Take it!

If you wish us to further examine how this energy will unfold for YOU, depending where Saturn and Pisces fall in YOUR natal chart, DO check out my astrology services here. I would LOVE to help you live your best life and become the BEST version of yourself!

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