Sun in Taurus – What Others Won’t Tell You About Your Taurus Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality)

sun in taurus

Welcome my dear Sun in Taurus person and be prepared to be blown away by the new perspective you are about to gain about your Taurus Sun sign!

I am here to talk to you about the true significance of your Sun in Taurus placement, because it represents the pure essence of your being, your life force, and the hidden potential that you are meant to fully unfold and take advantage of in this lifetime.

Let me start with this:

Yes, I am fully aware that you might not be resonating with your Taurus zodiac sign and you might be looking for answers why that may be.

Yes, I am here to help you gain new depth into your Sun in Taurus placement, which is going to give you a much more profound and well-rounded understanding of your personality and your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, I am going to provide the resources and explanation needed for you to understand what is the true role of your Taurus zodiac sign and how it fits with your Moon and Rising sign placement.

Sun in Taurus – Why This Is The Most Important Placement In Your Horoscope

sun in taurus

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Each of the planets in our horoscope represents a certain type of energy that flows within us. A very specific type of energy that shapes different aspects of our personality.

The science of astrology is built on the assumption that we, as human beings are a mini-representation of the universe itself, and that we experience the influences of all 10 planets within us – through our life and consciousness.

Now think about the role of the Sun in our solar system – it is the only celestial body that shines with its own light. It is the ultimate force that gives light, warmth, and life to ALL other planets and forms of life.

It is a never-ending creative source that nourishes and lights up the whole solar system!

This is why, although it is correct when modern astrologers say we need the whole natal chart drawn up in order to fully understand and comprehend one’s personality, we cannot belittle the significance of the Sun, and put it on the same plane as our Moon and Rising signs.

The correct approach would be to understand the more profound meaning of your Sun in Taurus placement and to consciously strive to live by its higher manifestations.

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Sun in Taurus – Let’s Start With THE SUN

sun sign

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The Sun is the central figure in the solar system, the source of light and heat.

Light – figuratively and literally – gives us an opportunity to see and comprehend the world.

This is why your Sun in Taurus placement is the equivalent of your consciousness. It is the pure source of your vitality and life-force.

If you better connect with the true meaning of your Sun in Taurus placement, you will be able to literally improve the quality of your life and your well-being.

You will be able to accumulate more life force, which you can put into each of your endeavors in life!

Your Sun in Taurus placement supports your life and your psyche, your, perception, your will, and actions.

The Sun ‘charges’ all other planets in your natal chart with energy. As a main driver of your conscious creative energies, its placement by sign, by house, and the aspects it makes with other planets are all truly significant.

Your Sun Placement represents:

sun in taurus

– Your will, ambitions and desires. Aspiration to impose yourself in life, to succeed, to realize yourself.

– The principle of power over yourself and over the forces that govern your life.

– Symbolizes the image of the father in a horoscope. It also embodies the image of powerful male figures in your life.

– Indicates the general vital forces of the body and temperament in general.

– Responsible for the heart and spine.

– Your own right to choose your own path, and not being thrown into different directions by outer circumstances.

– Shows how harmoniously or problematically your spirit will manifest itself

Little-Known Facts About Your Sun in Taurus Placement

sun in taurus

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Your Sun in Taurus placement is the solar center in your horoscope, which is active; it is like a spring that flows and does not depend on other forces.

There are personality traits, connected with your Sun in Taurus placement that cannot be changed through upbringing, education or experiences.


Your Moon placement is something that you can ‘work on’ and adapt as your mature and you grow up.

Every action that you initiate independently comes out of your Sun in Taurus placement – this is the most independent power in you! Only the Spirit can have free will.

Each planet has four levels of human personal development.

The 4 Keys To Happiness Your Sun In Taurus Placement Gives You:

sun in taurus

  1. Your Sun in Taurus shows the path you must take to develop a healthy ego and feeling of individuality. 2. By developing the positive and constructive qualities of your Sun sign, you will feel happier and fuller.
  2. Finding different activities and fields of life, where you can express and radiate the qualities of your Sun in Taurus placement.
  3. Your Sun in Taurus placement is a symbol of what you have to consciously strive for and achieve, not qualities that are instinctively emerging.

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The Aspects towards your Sun in Taurus provide the following information

sun in taurus

1. Each planet in aspect with the Sun represents energy or archetype, associated (in a positive or negative way) with the development of our individuality, personality and self-expression.

We need to find constructive ways to incorporate this energy into our lives (perhaps through vocation, inherent to the same planet). For example, a person with the Sun in aspect with Neptune must in some form meet Neptune in the process of individualization. They should express the planet in the form of Neptunian career, such as healing, music or art.

2. It is possible to feel the aspects of the Sun through other people in our lives (especially in oppositions). For example, a man with the Sun in opposition to Saturn will see others as limiting and blocking.

Ultimately, we will have to embrace and integrate these qualities, which we usually project on others.

3. The nature of the planet, aspecting the Sun, colors the problems with the father and the animus.

Now, that you better understand the role and significance of your Sun placement, we can move on to specifically talk about

Sun in Taurus Characteristics

sun in taurus

Your Most Likeable Trait: DEPENDABILITY

Motto: I own. I have.

Color: cobalt blue

Day: Friday

Stone: emerald

Metal: copper

Sun in Taurus people are practical and earthly, known for their patience and perseverance. They like to work hard and see the concrete result of their efforts.

Sun in Taurus are the ones, who would not give up a job or a task that other signs of the zodiac find annoying, repetitive and routine. Of course, the condition under which a Taurus would do that is that he or she sees the final, tangible result and financial benefit of their efforts.

It is very important for Sun in Taurus people to be well-off financially.

This gives them a sense of security. Taurus is an earth sign and as such its representatives find it difficult to receive emotional satisfaction if they can’t see and touch the things they own.

Like any other personality trait, the Sun in Taurus earthiness and practicality have both positive and negative sides. In the best case, this quality can make Tauruses ambitious, help them achieve their goals and achieve great material success in life.

On the other hand, they can become extreme materialists. Some not-so-evolved Sun in Taurus people can even perceive their loved ones as ‘possessions’, which could lead to serious problems in their relationships.

Taurus usually works at a slower pace than other signs of the Zodiac, but that’s why their work is extremely methodical, and they almost always finish what they started, no matter how much effort and patience it takes.

Tauruses can be guided and directed, but by no means should they be required to be in too much of a hurry or be forced to multi-task too many things at the same time. Such a move is at odds with their basic life energy.

Tauruses need to walk slowly and safely through life. Like an ox that plows the fields slowly and methodically, furrow by furrow, but in the end it always finishes its work, so do Tauruses need time in order to crown their efforts with success.

If someone tries to make them hurry or constantly subject them to stress, making them make hasty decisions, then the results will be less than desirable.

sun in taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, for which the keywords are beauty, harmony and love. Therefore, those born under this sign like to surround themselves with beautiful and harmonious objects, people and situations. Their biggest fear, however, is that they will lose what they own. Such fears are usually accompanied by a strong sense of ownership, jealousy and, to a large extent, stubbornness.

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Sun In Taurus Best Traits

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

The Sun in Taurus people greatest strength usually lies in the skill to complete projects that were started with enthusiasm and left unfinished by other signs of the Zodiac (i.e. Aries).

Therefore, Tauruses have a reputation of people, who can be trusted and who can be given projects that require a lot of patience, perseverance and attention.

Sun in Taurus attachment to their family is proverbial. Loyalty to friends is boundless.

Very rarely, you will find a cruel or vindictive Sun in Taurus person. If you come across one, there may be many planets in Aries in his birth chart. A typical example of such a combination is Hitler. Apparently, the two Sun signs do not combine well in one person.

It is usually not easy to get a Sun in Taurus person to lose patience and get angry. This can only happen when one really tries to push their limits or test their patience. When this finally happens, though, just imagine an angry bull, and it will become clear to you what these people are capable of in such moments!

Sun in Taurus people need time to make a decision, but once they do, they rarely change it.

Others usually feel very protected around Tauruses in crisis situations, because this sign does not swing in emotional extremes and can offer concrete, real and practical help.

Perhaps the most positive thing that can be taken advantage of from the Sun in Taurus placement in one’s horoscope is the possibility of slow and gradual, but sure success in life. Hasty jumping through the ladder of success is not recommended.

One of the most attractive characteristics of Sun in Taurus people is their natural charm, which can be expressed in many different ways.

For example, they can have an extremely charming voice or smile. The Sun in Taurus kindness is also emblematic, as they always find time to listen patiently to the person next to them, helping with the advice or practical help a friend may need.

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Sun in Taurus Bad Traits and Personality Challenges

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

The main spiritual lesson for Sun in Taurus is the gradual renunciation of their desire for the possession of material goods, as they have no durability and cannot provide real security.

Rather, striving to replace them with spiritual virtues and inner stability that isn’t dependent on external resources. This can only be achieved when the Taurus grows to such an extent that he or she can properly realize their priorities in life.

Another difficult trait of Tauruses is their stubbornness. They can hardly be convinced to change their view on something or do anything that they don’t like or doesn’t fall in the realm of the familiar. This can be extremely difficult for family members, who may be a bit more forward-looking.

Tauruses also tend to become slaves to certain unhealthy habits, including gluttony and overindulgence in all types of pleasures.

Sun in Taurus Children

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

Sun in Taurus children usually develop faster than other children.

They start walking earlier; they grow up healthy, strong, with sports inclinations. They are emotionally stable, and depression is not familiar to hem.

Sun in Taurus children have no tendency to seek extra attention. Whether they are stubborn or shy and timid, they are calm by nature, not easily irritated and their parents will not have much trouble with them during puberty.

Sun in Taurus children usually behave very well in public. They don’t like to be the center of attention, so let them play quietly in the corner and guests will wonder how polite they are.

The only reason they may become rebellious is if you scold them or insist that they do something they don’t want to do. Then you will not fix things with force, but with love.

Never forget that Sun in Taurus cannot resist love. A heartfelt kiss or a warm hug will make your child forget their stubbornness. Talk to them kindly and logically. Your orders and screams will not help.

If a Sun in Taurus child is often forced against their will, they can become silent, gloomy and cruel.

Sun in Taurus children should start taking music lessons from an early age. This art is definitely given to them. Their musical talent must be discovered in time to developed into the right direction.

Even if a Sun in Taurus child doesn’t turn music into profession, it will greatly benefit his or her development.

Sun in Taurus Parents

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

When children appear, the natural instinct of a Sun in Taurus parent is to give them a good material start in life, so that they feel secure and protected. The irony, however, is that in order to achieve this goal, many Tauruses start working overtime, so that in the end they do not have much time left for the family and children they wanted so badly.

The problem could get worse over time, especially when children become teenagers, and if there is not enough time to communicate with them, a huge gap can form between generations.

This is because Sun in Taurus parents tend to remain connected to tradition, habits and routine work, while the younger generation seeks new ways and means to solve old problems.

Obviously, it is important here to find the balance between time spent at work and time spent at home.

Sun in Taurus Career

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

In the professional sphere, Sun in Taurus people do not lack ambition and many of them follow a methodical plan, as a result of which they consistently move up the professional ladder.

Not every Taurus is a millionaire, but you will not find one in the queue for social benefits.

 Money finds Sun in Taurus people sooner or later.

They value them as they values their belongings and family. But a Sun in Taurus person is by no means stingy. If you have won their friendship, their generous heart and their wallet are open to you

It should be borne in mind, however, that it is very important for Tauruses to have a steady income. Therefore, this factor must be taken into account when choosing a profession and they must be very careful if they are offered a job for more money, but the income varies over time.

It is desirable for Sun in Taurus people to avoid professional activities in which the income depends on the percentage of sales or is related to the movement of securities on stock exchanges.

Sometimes Tauruses also fall into another trap – for example, accepting a position they do not like, just because it offers higher income. The connection between emotional dissatisfaction and the number of sick days is well known. Therefore, Sun in Taurus people should learn to find the fine balance between prioritizing health over money. Ideally, they should be able to find a job that provides good emotional satisfaction with a fair amount of financial stability.

Tauruses usually have a strong interest or a strong ability to work in the financial field.

Often they can start and develop a small or medium business successfully, and in other cases they manage to develop a fruitful family business. Many of them are able to work with land – in agriculture, for example.

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Sun in Taurus Health

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

As they belong to the earth element, Sun in Taurus people have a special connection with the earth, so it is advisable for them to work outdoors, to walk barefoot or find other ways to be connected to nature and earth.

For those living in cities, especially in apartments higher than the third floor, the connection to the ground is largely interrupted, which can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and a sense of lacking harmony with the world around them.

Sun in Taurus people love delicious and spicy food, but they must learn moderation. They are usually beautiful and look good, but many of them work long hours in the office in front of the computer, then participate in business breakfasts or business lunches, and finally treat themselves to a hearty dinner with a bottle of wine, which does not do good to their physique.

Exercise and fitness should become part of Sun in Taurus daily lives. Otherwise, it is very easy to gain extra pounds, which are not only difficult to lose, but also lead to damage to internal organs, heart, blood circulation, etc.

Many young people with the Sun in Taurus love games, sports and fitness, especially weight training. For elderly Tauruses long walks in the open air are not only useful, but also restore their connection with the Earth. All kinds of aerobics, dancing or riding a bike would also be useful to Sun in Taurus.

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Sun in Taurus Relationships

astrology cheatsheets

sun in taurus

Venus, which rules both Libra and Taurus, is related to personal relationships, so for both signs personal relationship and the relationship with the partner are of particular importance.

Sun in Taurus people put a lot of importance on their emotional security, in a similar way they care about their material safety.

Therefore, representatives of this sign can react sharply to any threat to any existing connection or relationship they have. Jealousy is very typical for them and so is the desire to ‘own’ the partner.

Under ‘normal’ conditions, Tauruses are extremely gentle and attentive to their loved ones, showing a lot of warmth and affection. If there is a certain tension in the relationship for a longer period of time, then we can expect periodic outbursts of anger, which, however, should not last long.

Because they are ruled by the planet of harmony and beauty, Sun in Taurus people are known as beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex. They are also generous to the people they love, both emotionally and materially.

As an earth sign, Sun in Taurus people are attached to the emotions and pleasures that the physical body can offer. Therefore, they are also known as good lovers.

sun in taurus

Sun in Taurus people love to be at home, in their familiar comfortable chair. It is difficult  for them to accept movement and change unless they have their Moon in Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius or such an ascendant. If a Taurus lives in a rented house, they will dream of their own house and will certainly achieve this dream.

Before starting a family, Tauruses will probably want to have their own home and their own savings. Most likely they plan to have children, too, as for most Sun in Taurus people building a home and family is very important.

Since this is such a vast topic to cover, I have dedicated separate articles to it.

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Please don’t forget that the exploration of one’s personality by Sun sign is one aspect of a bigger picture only! 

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