Daily Love Forecast 19th December – Be a Lover, Be a Mother, Be a Sinner, Be a Saint To Attract Love Today!

daily love forecast 19th december

OK, today’s title may sound totally weird for you, but for sure you have heard the notion of how a man wants the woman to be a freak in bed, a saint in society, and a culinary master in the kitchen?

Believe it or not, each and every man is looking for exactly this type of combination of traits in the woman of his dreams, whether he does it consciously or not. It doesn’t mean that he will never help in the kitchen, or that he wants someone to look after him like his mother (although there are these type of men, too, and they need therapy). It just means that a man is intrinsically drawn to women, who manage to beautifully master all these qualities at the same time.

Today’s play of energies and planets invites you to to nurture all these diverse energies within  in order to manifest love faster and attract your true soulmate!

First of all, it is very important that you know what these energies are:

The ‘Lover’ Energy

The ‘Lover’ energy is the typical playful, sexy side of the Venus energy. It is the one that playfully seduces a man and knows how to please him in bed. It is brave and passionate, but at the same time feminine enough not to be too aggressive and pushy.

The ‘Mother’ Energy

This is the other side of the coin – the other type of feminine energy each woman has within her. It is your caring side; it is your compassion and your ability to build a cozy home. To cook a warm meal, to create a safe and warm atmosphere at home. This is very attractive and luring for a man, but it is not enough to keep him loyal to you in the long term.

The ‘Sinner’ Energy

Again, this has to do with our sexuality. It is your wild side and your ability to express your sexuality openly. It is being brave enough to state your sexual desires and to share your fantasies. It is your ability to do something ‘kinkier’ in bed now and then.

The ‘Saint’ Energy

This is about how you present yourself in society. Every man desires a woman, who is dirty in bed, but presents him in a good light in society. Every man wants to feel like he is wearing a trophy with himself when he takes you to a business party, to meet his parents or friends. He wants you to be the polite, well-spoken, stylishly dressed woman, who will make him look good in front of his colleagues, bosses, friends, and relative.

Now you may ask – and what about HIM, what will HE give to me?

Well, if you manage to master all these energies within you, and work on your self growth YOU WILL ATTRACT a man, who will deserve all this. You WILL attract THE ONE, who will shower you with love, give you the attention, care, and stability, so that he truly deserves all that YOU have to provide.

Today is a wonderful day to nurture ALL these energies within you, and be able to balance them in a wonderful way.

Just read their meaning again, and think of any behaviors or character traits within yourself that support these energies.

Make a list (remember, this year with Jupiter in Capricorn, we need to be structured and consistent in order to manifest our desires).

For example, write down

‘I wonderfully master the Lover energy’

Then list a few qualities and/or behaviors that make you a wonderful lover.

Do the same with all other three, and identify areas that need improvement.

Start improving these areas even if you are single. For example, if your ‘mother’ energy is lacking, try to cook more often for yourself, arrange the table, and just try to make your home cozier and more welcoming (it doesn’t matter if you are living alone – this will attract more love into your life!)

If the ‘Lover’ or ‘Sinner’ energy is lacking, try to educate yourself – read some articles on the topic, and generally do things to explore your sexuality and come to better terms with it.

Follow these simple guidelines today, and you are powerfully aligning yourself with what the universe is inviting us to do, which will make you a magnet for true love in no time!

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Love and Light!

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