How Conflict Can Help You Experience The Relationship Of Your Dreams (Daily Love And Spirit Guidance 26th January)

Today we are still under the influence of the Venus square Mars energy, which can not only bring conflict in your partnerships, but an internal clash between the feminine and masculine energies within. As you know, we all carry both energies, and we need to be able to balance them out in a constructive way, depending on how we were born in our physical body – a female or a male.

The answer to this internal and external conflict can be found in the numerological chart of the day, which urges us to dive deep into our soul, spread universal love, and pursue our spiritual goals!

We have a very strong combination of the number FOUR ruling the day, along with a karmic combination that invites us to reconnect with our roots, families, loved ones, and with our own deep nature. Many spiritual seekers often go into the extreme of becoming isolated with the idea of getting to know themselves better, but we should not forget that we get to know ourselves better through our relationships and communication with others!

We also get to know our own emotions better through our relationships and clashes with others.

This is why, even if you manage to get into a confrontational situation with a partner or a loved one today, turn it into your own advantage by exploring your emotions and examining what drove you to this situation. Try to focus on the deep-rooted reasons you reacted in this way and what this has to do with your intimate relationships. Don’t forget that our own demons are the main reasons, stopping us from experiencing true love the way we desire.

Another important prerequisite for having your desires come true is resolving conflict with your parents

Whether you like it or not, you were born with a lot of the same qualities and internal struggles as your parents. This doesn’t mean that you cannot follow your own path, it rather means that you have to come to peace with this fact, recognize it, examine what you wish to keep from your parents as qualities and behaviors (rather than denying it all), what you wish to transform, and MOST IMPORTANTLY  – what you willingly wish to forgive your parents. We all carry some emotional trauma from our childhood, and resolving these issues is one of the golden keys, unlocking the door to a happy, fulfilling relationship of our own.

More on how exactly you can do that, I talk in my 12 Hidden Remedies To Fight The 12 WORST Planetary Love Influences And Finally Bring the Love And Relationship of Your Dreams, which you can learn more about by Sending A Message To My Page Here.

The Silver Lining

The silver lining of the Mars square Venus aspect is the fact that it can also bring a lot of passion in healthy relationships! It can manifest someone strong, passionate, and very self-driven into your life, which can turn out to be a positive and exciting experience!

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Love and Light!

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