Make THIS To Align With Today’s Energies And See Your Love Life Transform Within Days! – (Daily Love Forecast 29th December)

daily love forecast 29th december

Today we have Mercury entering the practical, earthly sign of Capricorn, while numerologically the day is ruled by the energies of the number EIGHT.

Mercury in Capricorn makes our speech short, concise and to-the-point. It makes us think more practically, but let’s also not forget that the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is one of the karmic planets, and so is the number eight.

What does all this mean for today?

It means that today we have the opportunity to pay off past karma through our speech, through changing our thought patterns, and through writing, for example.

As I mentioned in the previous daily forecasts, the end of the year is a very special and key moment, when we have the chance to get rid of everything that is not serving us well any more. We have the chance to clear the way for new energy to come in!

How to make the most of today’s energies

Today is a wonderful day for letter writing! Are there some things you would like to say to someone, but you don’t want to tell them to their face? Maybe you would like to apologize? Or you would like to take out everything, regarding a situation with someone, which you have been holding within you?

Sit down and write a letter!

Instead of getting into fights or hurting someone else’s feelings, writing down a letter to the person who has done you wrong, or to the one you wish to apologize will have an extremely healing effect on you today.

Be short and practical about it, laying out all the points that are important for you. Putting it all down on paper will help you clarify your thoughts and give you a new perspective on the situation, too. And this will perfectly align with Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn!

And, as I have mentioned before, aligning with the universal energies makes you a true magnet for love and abundance!

Take the opportunity to make this little effort to find new perspectives within you today and see your life transform within days!

Love and Light!

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