Daily Love Forecast 30th December – What A Weirdly Wonderful Day!

Yes! No better way to describe today’s energies, but to call them ‘weirdly wonderful’!

In a way, the true end of 2019 is today, as we have the number NINE ruling the day!

It is the number of completion and ending of things! Make sure to use this vibe to sit quietly for 15 mins or so and to make a short retrospection of the past year. If you need to, write down whatever you have managed to drive to its completion, and aim to experience the feeling of closure.

At the same time, we have Mercury trine Uranus in the sky, which is a prerequisite for good news, sudden inspiration, enlightenment and insights! As if the Universe would like to give us a gift right before the year ends!

The day may feel almost magical, as the moon is in Aquarius, too!

On the one hand, it is a wonderful day to socialize, to gather with friends and groups of people with common interests to wrap up the year.

On the other hand, however, be alert for unexpected intuitive messages, coming ‘from above’!

The day will be stimulating, energizing, and you may have some luck, finding a love interest online, or engaging an an intriguing conversation with a date or partner you already have!

Don’t be shy to express your spontaneous, extravagant, or idealistic nature today! It is not the best of days to attract someone with your sexuality, but rather with your wits. Nurture the intellectual ‘you’ within! The one interested in astrology, ‘new agey’ stuff, the ‘you’ who has their values and ideals!

Aligning with these energies will most definitely make you a magnet of love and abundance today!

Love and Light!

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