Daily Love Forecast 31st December – Time To Get Dreamy!

daily love forecast

You’ve made it! You’ve made it till the end of this year, and I am sure it has been a year full of new experiences, inner growth, and exciting moments!

I hope the New one brings you even more of these and that it will be your BEST year so far, when you enjoy days full of shared Love, happiness, and warmth!

I will do my BEST to help you on this journey with my daily love forecasts and tips on how to align with the universal stream of Love in order to manifest and attract more of it into your own life!

As I wrote in yesterday’s forecast, the true end of the year was yesterday, with the number NINE, ruling the day.

This means that with the number ONE, ruling today’s date, we have to consider it as the start of the New Year, and really get ready for it!

We have the Moon in a wide conjunction with Neptune, which makes it wonderful for big dreams today!

It is a wonderful moment to… literally dream! Use your imagination vividly to show the universe exactly what you would like to manifest in the New Year.

Both the Moon and Neptune are extremely artistic, emotional, and intuitive planets, so make sure you put a lot of emotions and really experience the things you are dreaming of.

The best time to do this is just when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Here is a short and easy practice to help you tune in and manifest your dreams into reality in 2020

When you wake up, don’t rush out of bed. Rather, stay with your eyes closed and first and foremost experience gratitude for everything you already have. Thank God or the Universe (however you prefer) for all that you are, all that you have experienced so far, and all that you already have. Let the feeling of gratitude and feel-good vibe overwhelm your body, emotions and soul.

After sincerely expressing your gratitude, while still lying down, relaxed, with your eyes closed, and smiling, start imagining vividly, in great detail whatever you wish to manifest in 2020.

Is it a new relationship? Then imagine very vividly how this person makes you feel; imagine how you hold hands, and how you share experiences together. Make sure you feel the emotion of whatever you are doing with them, but don’t imagine a specific face or a specific person – this is interfering with another person’s free will, and will have the exact opposite effect you wish.

In order to make the most of the Moon and Neptune energy, make sure you feel the feeling, and experience the emotion as if the thing you are dreaming of is already true. You can smile, laugh, hug yourself, just to truly feel like this is already happening.

Do this for as long as you need, then stretch a little bit and gently open your eyes.

Don’t be too quick to rush out of bed, but take your time getting on with your day.

This is a wonderful and easy morning practice to do to invite the New Year into your life, and as always, helps you align with the universal energies of the day, which will make you a true magnet for abundance and TRUE LOVE!

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Love and Light!

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