Daily Love Forecast 9th December 2019 – WOW Are You Ready For A Shower Of Blessings Today?

daily love forecast 9th december

I thought yesterday was a uniquely exciting day, but now I simply don’t know where to start from. WOW!

First of all, we have the number 6, which signifies the planet Venus, ruling the day. Today’s energies of Venus and the number six are soft, sweet, earthly and absolutely inviting for you to believe that True Love can ‘materialize’ for you in this lifetime.

A Shower of Blessings!

At the same time you have a shower of blessings coming your way, with a huge ‘kick’ from the universe to help in any way! Be brave to pursue your dreams and believe that you are being guided on every step! Do make sure you are making decisions with a sober mind, as today’s vibes are more inclined to help you when you use your good reasoning in combination with your ‘gut feeling’, rather than simply going ‘with the flow’.

‘Practical Love’ meets Dreaminess

Today you will be more inclined to consider the practicalities of the relationship you want and be more ‘earthly’ in your approach to love. At the same time there are powerful energies that invite you to unleash your imagination and dream big about the love life you desire and crave for! If you do an activity that combines these two, supposedly opposite energies, you will become a powerful magnet for the type of love you truly wish to manifest in your life!

How can you do that?

Well, first of all, don’t be shy to ask from the universe very precise, practical things you want from a partner.

For example, do you want them to earn enough, so that your kids can have a comfortable life?

Do you want them to have enough free time for vacations and family time?

Do you want your dream partner to have certain looks that you prefer (i.e. brown eyes, blue eyes, etc.)

Some of these things may sound superficial, but we all have preferences, and today is a good day to be honest with yourself what they are.

Then take a piece of paper and write down a list of as many as you can think of! Dream big, write it down, and never doubt the best is yet to come!

Swimming in an Ocean of Emotion!

You may be involved into circumstances that bring out intense, overwhelming emotions for you, and it is most likely that they will be positive ones today. Use this rush of feelings to set powerful intentions for your desires today, as manifestation becomes extremely powerful when we set an intention through an emotion. Even though you may be joyful or super emotional over a completely different matter, use this state of mind to direct your deepest wish towards the universe, as it will be like an arrow, shooting right on target.

By all means take advantage of this overflowingly optimistic state of mind today to powerfully manifest the relationship of your dreams (or to further improve the one you already have).

Love and Light!

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