Daily Love Forecast 10th December – Earthly Pleasures Meet Divine Energies To Surprise You Today!

daily love forecast 10th december

We have another curiously interesting day today!

On the one hand, we have the Moon in Taurus, inviting us to enjoy earthly pleasures and attract love through our enjoyment of the senses and arts!

On the other hand, we have the number SEVEN, ruling the energies of the day, which is much more spiritual in nature, inviting us to pursue personal growth in order to attract a soulmate.

So, which urge should you follow?

A very interesting phenomenon in December is that almost each day we have two very specific karmic combinations that are pushing us to really work on ourselves these last few days of the year. It truly is critical to clear the space at home and to take the time and energy to get rid of past trauma in order to be opened up to new opportunities in the New Year. Don’t miss these key last moments of the year to spend time each day to do the inner work and healing that your soul requires!

Today there are energies that are strongly supporting this process, so take advantage of them! If you combine them with the earthly vibes that are also predominant on this day, you can get some truly wonderful results!

A few good ways to take advantage of these two energies and open up your aura to attract love:

  • Book a massage
  • Aroma healing
  • Enjoy a favorite food or meal in meditation
  • Take a walk in nature and really absorb the scents and views with all your senses
  • Do a meditation dance, enjoying every bit of your body

All of the above mentioned are perfect examples of how we can make earthly pleasures divine! Because, this is the whole point of our existence here on Earth – living in the material world, fully conscious of our divinity! Integrating these two energies together today will really make us a magnet for True Love, as we will be aligning ourselves to the universal energies. This is why I would like to pay more attention to some of the small ‘rituals’ mentioned above, so that you can truly understand them and take advantage of this opportunity!

Enjoying food in meditation

Eating delicious food is one of the great pleasures we have as human beings, and doing so consciously and gratefully can powerfully connect us to the energies of Love, Peace and Harmony. We eat at least three times per day, and as we are consuming our food, we are also ‘consuming’ everything around us, as well as the thoughts we have in our minds, so it is of uppermost importance to pay more attention to this process.

Today is a perfect day to try this process and feel the strong effect it can have for you in attracting more Love and Abundance into your life! Cook a favorite meal of yours and try to lift your spirits while doing so – play a healing meditation song, or simply sing to your food while cooking it. Alternatively, visit a favorite restaurant, where you usually enjoy the food and atmosphere.

Arrange the table neatly and beautifully, and take a few breaths before you start eating. Absorb the food with your eyes, take the time to enjoy its appearance and scents. Start eating, trying to feel all the flavors with your tongue, and feel the gratitude deep within you, that you are given these senses and these wonderful foods to enjoy. Feel gratefulness both for the existence of the ingredients that are in the food and the fact that you are given this earthly experience.

While chewing and swallowing your food, repeat in your mind ‘Thank you, God, for absolutely everything.” – you can replace ‘God’ with ‘Universe’, or any other word that resonates with you.

Do this throughout the whole meal, and feel  how much lighter and happier you feel after that.

This eating ritual will immensely raise your vibration and make you a Love magnet, especially if you commit to it today!

You can apply the same principle for doing a walk in nature and doing a meditation dance, where you play some music and just let your body freely dance, enjoying every bit and every second of it.

Have a wonderfully fulfilling day!

Love and Light!

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