What Zodiac Sign Am I MOST Compatible With? ‘McDonald’s’ Astrology vs The TRUTH!

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

What Zodiac Sign Am I most Compatible With? A beginner-friendly step-by-step guide to evaluate your true compatibility!

Relationships can be tricky, I know.

Especially nowadays. It almost feels like climbing mount Everest would be easier than navigating the complexities of building an emotional connection in the modern world.

If only you had a secret formula that quickly helps you pinpoint those, who you can actually build a long-lasting connection with, based on love, trust, respect, and loyalty, and not waste your time on pointless dates and dead-end relationships…

If only you didn’t have to stare at your phone, waiting for a message, wondering if he is really busy, or just not that interested…

If only you had a magic wand that lightens up when you finally meet your soulmate, and you know for sure that they are THE ONE!

But wait, you actually do!

love aspects in astrology

Luckily, I am about to give you the SECRET FORMULA and THE RIGHT WAY to find which sign you are compatible with, using astrology.

In the end of the article, I will also reveal to you the ONE MOST CRUCIAL detail about zodiac compatibility no one talks about although it can actually make or break a relationship!

love aspects in astrology

But let us start with the first and most important point:

What Zodiac Sign Am I Most Compatible With? Modern astrological bull*$t vs. The Truth!

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

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Let me tell you about Mc Donald’s astrology. Mc. Donald’s astrology is ‘fast food astrology’ that gives you quick pleasure only to leave you with empty ‘calories’ and no real ‘nutrition’ for your spirit and mind. Mc Donald’s astrology offers a quick fix and a rush of endorphine, because it is exciting, it offers some source of relief, and tells us half-lies, half-truths, which may serve you well for a few days, but later on you find out that you have been misled, because the information you received from fast food astrology is like the sex and relationship advice you receive from Cosmopolitan – incomplete, and mostly for entertainment purposes!

What is the opposite of Mc. Donald’s astrology? Well, it is understanding the astrological forces in depth, so that you can really use them to your advantage!

I wrote a piece on zodiac compatibility where I explain why your Sun Sign alone can greatly mislead you about the true zodiac compatibility with someone, talking about the importance of Venus in finding what zodiac signs you are compatible with. And in this article I would like to further dig into the question so many people are yearning to get accurate and correct answers on:

‘What zodiac sign am I meant to be with?’ The Step-by-Step Guide

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

Here, I would like to provide you with a very simple, comprehensive guide, which you can follow to find out how compatible you are with someone even if you are an absolute beginner in astrology, and I will show you all the tools you need in order to learn to check your compatibility by yourself (and you can also try our free compatibility test here 😉 ).

Zodiac Compatibility Test Step One: Know Thyself

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

In order to be able to know which zodiac sign you are most compatible with, you need to first have some pretty good knowledge of your own natal chart, and I don’t mean just your Sun, Moon sign, and Ascendant. The planetary forces for each horoscope interrelate and connect in mysterious ways to form your personality, temperament, your communication style, and the way you like to receive love and nurturing. It is indeed a complex and endless science, but the easiest way to gain an overall understanding of the most dominant influences in your own horoscope is:

1. The elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth

The first and most important step to finding the star signs you are most compatible with is understanding the most dominant element in your chart, and this should include ALL of the planets, not just Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, although these three plus the other inner planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the most important ones.

A free, very easy and accessible way to do this is the following:

  • Go to this free birth chart calculator and enter your data.
  • Then go to ‘Dominants’ and scroll down to ‘Dominant Element’
  • For simplicity, only look at the Dominant %, as I show you in the example below:

what zodiac sign am I most compatible with

This is critical information you need in order to better understand yourself. Gaining depth into your self-knowledge will also help you better choose partners that are a good match for you, even without having to look at their natal chart.

What should you make out of this information?

Few people only have ONE dominant element, but it still gives you A LOT of useful information.

If you have dominant Fire, you have an optimistic outlook to life, you are energetic, adventurous, frank and you need a partner, who can match your drive for life. This means that you should look for someone with at least a few Fire Placements in their natal chart. This does not necessarily mean they need to be a fire Sun Sign, but they can have a Fire Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Rising. It is preferable that they have two or more of the personal planets (or one personal planet and the Rising sign) in the Fire element. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

If you have dominant Earth, you are very practical, career-oriented, and cherish stability, loyalty, and order. You need a partner, who can appreciate your down-to-earth approach to life as well as match your loyalty. This means you would best match with someone, who has at least a few Earth Placements in their natal chart, and again – this doesn’t mean they need to have their Sun in an Earth sign, but it can be Mercury, Moon, Mars, Rising. Two or more planets in an Earth sign is preferable, or at least one personal planet and the Ascendent. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

If you have dominant Water, you are very sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, emotional, and creative, and you need someone, who can understand you at a deep soul level. For you, it is even more critical than for people with other dominant elements to find a partner, who has enough water in their chart. Otherwise you will feel lonely, rejected, and misunderstood. This doesn’t mean that they need to be a water Sun sign, but rather have two or more of their personal planets in a water sign – Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus.

If you have dominant Air, you are extremely flexible, communicative, curious, and sociable, and you need someone, who enjoys group environments and can stimulate your mind more than anything. You should most definitely match with someone, who has enough air in their natal chart, and this doesn’t mean they have to be a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, but rather that they should have two or more of their personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in an air sign.

What if you have two or more dominant elements?

The same rule applies if you have two or three equally dominant elements – you should aim to match with someone, who has more or less the same balance of elements in their natal chart. For example, you can have 40% water and this is your dominant element, and your partner has dominant fire, but still has 30% water to be able to meet your emotional needs.

Shouldn’t people complement each other?

Yes, indeed they need to complement each other, but in order to do so, they need to be able to understand each other and have a basic level of agreement in their day-to-day life. This is the main difference between short-term attraction and long-term compatibility. You can easily find yourself attracted to someone, who is your complete opposite, because they seem exciting with certain qualities that you possibly haven’t developed yourself. In the long term, however, as the initial passion fades out, you find there is a huge gap between you two, because someone with dominant water and earth will want to stay home and enjoy a movie, while someone with dominant fire and air will want to go hiking with a huge group of friends. And when these differences add up, you find out that you cannot sustain a relationship on compromises only.

2. Your Moon Sign

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

Learn about the importance of your Moon Sign and its meaning Here

The second important step to gaining better understanding about yourself, and thus pinpointing which zodiac signs you are most compatible with is gaining more knowledge about your Moon sign. Your Moon sign shows what gives your heart true joy and what really lifts you up during hard times. You Moon sign is a lot more important than most people give it credit for, and working with New Moon Manifesting is in fact one of the most powerful rituals you can do in order to attract your true soulmate (no matter where your Moon or Sun are in your natal chart).

If your partner isn’t able to satisfy the needs of your Moon sign, then you will not be a good match in the long term!

This is so crucial that I advise you to read it a few times and remember it very well! Your Moon is your inner mother, who cares for you and nurtures your inner child. If you deny the needs of your Moon sign, you will soon end up sick and depressed, especially if you are female, because the Moon rules women’s health as well.

Does this mean that your partner’s Moon needs to be in a compatible sign to yours?

Actually NOT!

Again, if I were to teach you Mc. Donald’s astrology I would just tell you that a fire Moon does not match well with a Water moon and so on. However, I am here to teach you something that is really helpful, useful, and will help you improve your life, based on better self-knowledge and understanding of the astrological forces.

Again, it comes down to dominant elements of the WHOLE NATAL CHART and I cannot emphasize this enough!

For example, if you have a Water Moon, and your partner has a Fire Moon, you can still be a great match if they have enough water in their horoscope. Here I will provide a short guide to each Moon type:

If you have a Water Moon (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), you need to feel a lot of compassion and emotional understanding from your partner. You need to feel cared for and to be respected for your moodiness and the fact that you need some do-nothing time to re-charge your batteries and disconnect from the outer world. You need a partner, who has enough water in their chart (which you can check with the free method I showed you above), but NOT necessarily a Water or an Earth Moon.

If you have an Earth Moon (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you need someone, who will give you a sense of stability, trustworthiness, have a practical approach to life, and support you in your career goals. Taurus Moons need a partner, who appreciates nature and good food, while Virgo Moons will match with someone, who is organized and clean; Capricorn Moons value a partner, who can support them and help them advance in their career. If you have an Earth Moon, you should look for someone with enough of the earth element in their chart, which you can check with the free method I showed you above. Again, it’s not so much about where their Moon sign is, it’s more about having enough of the earth element in their chart.

If you have an Air Moon (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you are very sociable, communicative, and only thrive in environments that let you unfold your bubbly personality, while also feeding your intrinsic curiosity in life. You need someone, who can feed your intellectual appetite with their wits, and who will enjoy going to social outings with you. This is why they need to have enough Air in their chart, which means two or more of their personal planets and/or the Rising sign.

If you have a Fire Moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you are an extremely fiery, driven, creative individual, who needs to shine everywhere they go. One of the most important things for you is to feel adored and appreciated by your partner, otherwise your ego can easily be hurt and you lose interest. Aries and Sagittarius also need to find partners, who are more or less adventurous, and have a very high drive for life. This is why you need to match with a partner, who has enough fire in their natal chart. This means that two or more of the inner planets are in a fire sign and/or the Ascendant.

To better illustrate this for you, I will give you an example with my husband and I.

love aspects in astrology

He has a water Moon and I have a fire Moon, which initially may seem incompatible. However, he has a fire Rising sign, and his Mars is in Aries (on throne), so he has enough fire in his horoscope to be able to meet the needs of my Fire Moon. At the same time, I have A LOT of water in my horoscope (including my Sun Sign), to be able to satisfy the needs of HIS water Moon.

You see how if we were to use Mc.Donald’s astrology, we would be completely misled about zodiac compatibility?

3. Your Venus

astrology cheatsheets

mars retrograde 2020

The third thing you need to study about yourself is your Venus sign. I have talked in great detail about each Venus sign and how well it matches with other Venus signs here. Please check the article for details about your Venus sign, which will also put more light into the question of which zodiac sign you are most compatible with.

Here, I would like to talk about something else, though, and this is how YOUR MOON and YOUR VENUS signs interact. This is critical information you need to know about yourself in order to choose the right partner.

If your Moon sign makes a square to your Venus sign, and you are a woman, this means that you lack a bit of confidence in your femininity, and you find it hard to combine the archetype of the mother and the archetype of the lover within your personality. You may often feel insecure in your skin, and compensate by going from one extreme to the other – from being nurturing and caring like a mother, to being super feminine, and using sex as a way to affirm yourself. If you have such an aspect in your chart, it is a good idea that you work to balance things out psychologically, and it will really help if your partner has a trine between the Moon and Venus.

If your Moon sign makes a square to your Venus sign, and you are a man, it means that you find it hard to find all the qualities you need in one woman – you find it hard to accept that one and the same woman can be the mother of your child, and a sexy lover you share intimate moments with. This may become an issue in long-term relationships, and, again – it is critical you work with a therapist to consolidate these two archetypes within yourself and look for a partner, who has a trine between the two planets.

Zodiac Compatibility Test Step Two: The Formula! What Star Sign Am I MOST Compatible With, Actually?

astrology cheatsheets

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

To further examine compatibility, you should check out Synastry Overlays Here

Well, as you can see, if we are to provide a truthful an accurate answer to this question, we must take into account ALL of the factors we talked about and use some sort of a ‘formula’ to determine zodiac compatibility on a case-by-case basis.

If I were to tell you that as a Libra, for example, you would match well with a Gemini and not with Pisces, I would have to lie to you, as there are too many things I didn’t consider that HAVE to be analyzed in order to receive a correct answer.

Here is the Zodiac Compatibility Formula to follow:

astrology cheatsheets

1. Use the free tool I showed you above to draw your chart and the chart of your partner.

2. Check the dominant element/s for each of you and whether your partner has enough placements to satisfy your dominant elements, as I explained above. If they do, write down 1 point. If they don’t, write down 0 points. If you are not sure, but they definitely have at least 1 key placement (Sun, Moon, Venus, Rising) in your dominant element, write down 0.5 points.

3. Check your Moon sign and your Partner’s Moon sign, and again, check whether each of you has enough of the same element to meet the needs of the other person’s Moon sign (as I explained above). Again, write down 1 point if each of you has of the required element, and 0 points if you don’t.

4. Check your Venus sign and your Partner’s Venus sign, and check your compatibility here. Write 1 point if you have good compatibility, and 0 points if you don’t.

As you can see, the maximum amount of points you can get with this formula are 3, so if you have 2 or above, you have a relatively high compatibility with your partner, no matter what their Sun sign is!

Step Three: The one Critical Detail On Zodiac Compatibility No One Talks About, But Can Actually Make Or Break A Relationship

astrology cheatsheets

what zodiac sign am i compatible with

Did you know that each and every zodiac sign has an evolutionary level?

This means that each different person will manifest different versions of their Sun sign, their Moon sign, etc., based on their evolutionary level. And this is something that astrology cannot tell you! This is something that you have to determine yourself!

For example, the lower manifestation of a Pisces Moon is alcohol, drinking, escapism through drugs, movies, and sleepiness.

However, the higher manifestation of a Pisces Moon is compassion, great intuition, musicality, an artistic personality.

You see, how based on their evolutionary level, two people with a Pisces Moon can behave completely differently?

And of course, we also have something in the middle, where there is someone with a Pisces Moon, who really loves wine, but doesn’t overindulge with it, paints well, and has a very compassionate heart.

There are seven evolutionary levels for each zodiac sign, and you can be on a different evolutionary level for each of your planets – Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.

So, if you are on a relatively high evolutionary level for most of your planets, you live mindfully and strive for self-knowledge and development, while your partner is on a much lower evolutionary level – even if you pass all of the compatibility ‘tests’ in theory – the relationship cannot survive in the long-term, because this person will weigh you down, drain your energy, and kill your inner fire.

Possibly the greatest take-away from this piece is that

astrology cheatsheets

YES, astrology can give you a very good starting point and a rather objective view whether a relationship is worth pursuing (and so can our Free Compatibility Test)

BUT, there is one BIG BUT – you must always always always use your own sense, your intuition and your observations to determine how good a person is for you.

Sit quietly and feel – how does this person make you feel?

Do they bring more calm in your life? Or do they bring more anxiety?

Do you feel safe around them?

Do you feel supported by them?

Do you mostly live in peace and harmony, or do you mostly fight over all kinds of stuff?

Do you truly share mutual values, or do you have to make big compromises in order to make your lifestyles fit?

Giving honest answers to all these questions, in combination with the zodiac compatibility blueprint I outlined for you, I believe you can make the BEST decision on whether to move on from the relationship or move forward with it.

Remember that by moving higher up in the evolutionary ladder by consciously striving to manifest the higher manifestations of each of your placements, you will powerfully attract your true soulmate, who is perfectly compatible with you on all levels!

If you wish to learn how to better align with your natal chart and live by its higher manifestation, you can order a personal birth chart analysis, which also includes personalized affirmations and meditations here.

I believe in you, I love you and I send you all the blessings in the world!

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