What Horoscope Am I TRULY Compatible With? The RIGHT Way To Recognize Long-Term Compatibility vs Chemistry

what horoscope am I compatible with

Use this guide in combination with the first step on determining zodiac compatibility: What Zodiac Sign Am I Most Compatible With?

Do you wish you could recognize true love the moment you saw it?

Do you wish you didn’t have to try to guess all the time if it’s just chemistry, or long-term compatibility?

Do you wish you had ALL your love troubles solved with a simple step-by-step guide?

Well, the bleak reality of the modern lifestyle is that too many people have gotten used to the ‘fast food’ value system, which gives them quick pleasures for little to none emotional investment, and true commitment is so hard to find that it has become more valuable than gold!

Luckily, I have just the right tool for you to help you dig out these golden nuggets you are looking for!

love aspects in astrology

what horoscope am I compatible with

Astrology has the power to help you find your very own ‘golden nugget’, i.e. your true love match, and help you keep them for life!

If you keep reading, you will, in a few steps, discover how to do this easily and effectively with a fool-proof step-by-step process I have broken down for you.

And, I will also teach you how to avoid the one HUGE mistake many astrologers make when they try to determine zodiac compatibility.

love aspects in astrology

what horoscope am I compatible with

What horoscope am I compatible with?

Answering this question can alleviate much of the anxiety associated with a new relationship, as well as the anxiety and tension that builds up when you are being torn between your feelings, your intuition, and your logical mind when deciding whether it is worth fighting for a relationship or not. (Although if you have to ‘fight’, it’s probably the latter.)

As I have said many times before, astrology is a complex science, which shouldn’t be simplified too much if you wish to really take advantage of it. This is why I advise you to use this zodiac compatibility guide, together with the previous piece on What Zodiac Sign Am I Most Compatible With?

These two complement each other and provide a more realistic and accurate overview on true zodiac compatibility.

The last and most important point mentioned in that piece is valid here, too, and I will elaborate on it again in the end of the article, as it can really make or break ANY relationship, no matter how compatible you two may be in theory!

I would also like to remind you of our FREE Compatibility Test, which is another trustworthy tool you can use for free in order to evaluate long-term compatibility, based on four different factors (including karmic load compatibility). Click here to check it out.

What horoscope am I most compatible with? The first CRITICAL Mistake to avoid!

what horoscope am I compatible with

One critical mistake beginner astrologers make is confuse zodiac attraction factors with compatibility factors.

What does this mean?

Usually, when looking at compatibility they only take into account planets like Venus, Mars, the Moon, and Pluto, which are of course important about physical attraction and emotional harmony.

However, the most important thing to remember is that Long-Term Compatibility includes BOTH chemistry AND other factors that signify two people will be able to find common ground together in the long term, based on their value systems, their ability to communicate, be loyal, and willing to stick to the relationship during hard times.

What is the correct way to determine what horoscope you are TRULY compatible with?

what horoscope am I compatible with

Step One: The 5 Key Placements You MUST Analyze FIRST

Well, again, the first step is to analyze a few important factors in YOUR horoscope and then see if your partner’s horoscope matches them.

Here is a list of the most important factors to analyze, after which I will give an explanation for each of them:

If you are a woman:

  1. Your Sun sign
  2. Your Mars placement
  3. Your 7th house cusp
  4. Your 4th
  5. Your 10th house cusp

If you are a man:

  1. Your Venus
  2. Your Moon
  3. Your 7th house cusp
  4. Your 4th house cusp
  5. Your 10th house cusp

These five placements give you A LOT of information on what type of partner you need, and if your partner or love interest doesn’t fit the description, it is likely that they will not be compatible with you in the long term.

what horoscope am I compatible with

Let’s start with the case when you are a female:

The Sun represents the male figures in your life like father, husband, and generally it is the male archetype your soul is subconsciously striving for. So, the Sun sign tells you a lot about the type of men that will be able to lighten up your drive for life and provide you with the security and support you need. For example, if your Sun is in Sagittarius, you would need positive, optimistic, generous, adventurous men, but you may also be attracting the lower manifestation of the sign – men, who cheat, overindulge, pretend to know everything and live somewhat of a ‘gypsy’ lifestyle.

Mars is the archetype of the lover – it shows your needs when it comes to sex, intimacy, and physical touch. If your Mars is in Cancer, for example, you will need an intuitive, caring lover, who gives you a lot of physical touching and cuddling even out of the bedroom. While if your Mars is in Libra, you need a lot of verbal stimulation from your partner, as well as find them very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Your 7th House ruler is another important indicator for what type of horoscope you would be compatible with. It is possibly one of the most obvious indicators, as it is the sign that complements your Rising. It is your inner shadow that you initially deny, but actually need to come to terms with by experiencing it through a partner. If you 7th house cusp is in Aries, you will need someone, who has the qualities of Mars – assertive, brave, knows what he wants, entrepreneurial in nature. If your 7th house cusp is in Pisces, you will need someone, who is artistic, spiritual, musical; however, you must also beware of psychologically unstable individuals, narcissists and manipulators.

Your 4th and 10th house cusps are two very underrated positions of your horoscope when it comes to zodiac compatibility, but they are in fact revealing hidden gems of your soul, which will be unfolding as your life progresses. If they are not brought up to your conscious mind, and mindfully manifested in the best possible way, you may keep attracting the partners, who live by the lower manifestation of your 4th and 10th house rulers. These two cusps have to do with your upbringing, your roots, and the hidden yearnings of your soul, and if you ignore them, I dare say – it will be hard to find true happiness in love.

Just like the other three factors, you need to pay attention to the zodiac sign and ruler of these two cusps and check if your partner has important placements that represent the higher manifestation of these zodiac signs, or even if they have some of their personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in any of these signs. For example, I have these clients, who are a couple and she has her 4th House in Aries, her 10th house in Libra, while he has exactly the opposite – his 4th house in Libra, and his 10th – in Aries. This indicates that they can complement each other at a deep soul level and help each other out on their life path.

If you are a male, the same rules apply for your 7th, 4th, and 10th house, but when it comes to the Moon, it represents the type of wife you wish to have and share your life with. It is the archetype of the mother, you are subconsciously striving for, and your partner needs to be manifesting the higher representation of your Moon sign. For example, if your Moon is in Taurus, you will need a woman, who can cook, take good care of financial matters, and has a very down-to-earth approach to life. If it is in Pisces, you need someone, who is compassionate, caring, self-sacrificial, but you must also beware not to adopt a victim mentality, or put your partner in the victim-type of state.

what horoscope am I compatible with

On the other hand, Venus represents the type of lover you are looking for. If it is in a fire sign, you are looking for a woman, who is optimistic, cheerful, and presents herself well in public. Someone you would be proud with, and who is good at taking certain initiative in life, and in bed. If it is in an air sign, you need a lover, who stimulates you verbally and intellectually. You feel aroused by her intellect, wits, and good sense of humor.

For both men and women, a hard aspect between Venus and the Moon means difficulty in forming and keeping long-term relationships, as it indicates an internal conflict that has to be dealt with. Women need to work on their sense of self-worth, self-value, and self-love, while men are challenged to consolidate the archetype of the mother and the lover into one woman. I talk about this in the other article I mentioned before.

How to use this knowledge in order to check what horoscope you are compatible with?

what horoscope am I compatible with

I know it may feel overwhelming, but it is A LOT easier than it may initially seem and you will be amazed at how accurate the method is if you analyze your past relationships. Plus, this type of in-depth analysis may challenge you a bit more, but will give you A LOT more accurate information than if I were to give you some ‘Mc. Donald’s astrology’ answer.

I will start with a few personal examples, so you get a better idea of what I am talking about.

My 7th house cusp is in Capricorn and my VERY first boyfriend, when I was 16, was Capricorn. You see how straight-forward astrology can be? When we are younger, we instinctively live by the most straight-forward manifestation of our horoscope, and this can really help us gain a better understanding of astrology and how it works.

Also, my Mars is in Cancer, and I have always been getting together with men, who have their Sun or Moon in a water sign.

My 4th house cusp is in Virgo, and the guy I dated for 7 years had his Rising in Virgo, I am literally surrounded by Virgos, and we have a strong Virgo representation in the family, too.

You see, how you cannot ‘escape’ from your birth chart? The people, who you have long-lasting connection with, will ALWAYS ALWAYS be representing these 5 points of your horoscope in one form or another!

The truth is, throughout the years I’ve had attraction to other signs like Taurus and Aquarius, but, since they don’t cover these five important points in my horoscope, nothing has turned out from these except for a few dates.

Here is how to do the horoscope compatibility analysis all by yourself:

what horoscope am I compatible with

1. Sit and write down each of your placements.

love aspects in astrology

I.e. Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini, Aries rising, 7th house cusp in Libra, etc.

Then write down the keywords for each placement.

For example

Sun in Leo – write down the keywords for Leo:

  • Artistic
  • Generous
  • Creative
  • Playful
  • Loves kids
  • Authoritative
  • Self-centered
  • Frank
  • Loving
  • Risk-taking


Do this for each of the positions I listed before (Sun, Mars, 7th, 4th, and 10th house cusps).

The combination of these keywords is the type of horoscope you will be most compatible with for the long term!

2. Go through the same procedure with your partner’s placements.

love aspects in astrology

 P.S. Need help with the keywords for each planet and sign? I have this ALL sorted out for you!

Download The Fast Track to Astrology Zodiac Sign Cheat Sheets here!

It contains THE MOST EXHAUSTIVE list of keywords for each zodiac sign, planet, and house cusp! It’s literally a mini-course on astrology for beginners, which you can apply in so many ways in your life! (including this compatibility check-up).

3. See how many matching placements you have.

love aspects in astrology

When you do this, it is important to remember that although astrology is a science, determining compatibility can still be very subjective. This is why it is important to use a number of methods, as well as your own common sense and intuition. I also cannot stress enough the importance of how evolved each of you is, this is why these keyword sheets are so great – they will help you to clearly see for which of the placements you are manifesting your higher self, and for which ones you are not – the same for your partner!

This will help you see the relationship with more clarity and objectivity.

The final Zodiac Compatibility Check-up

what horoscope am I compatible with

Once you write down the keywords for each of these placements, you can go on to draw your partner’s chart (you can use this free tool), and see if their placements match your placements.

If we take the Sun in Leo, for example, and you are a woman, you will need to see if your partner has strong fire placements in their chart like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. They MUST have placements that enable them to manifest the Leo qualities like creativity, strong leadership skills, an artistic, generous nature, etc.

If your 7th house is in Libra, you will have to check if your partner has strong indications of being diplomatic, relationship-oriented, artistic, and aesthetically-oriented. Maybe he has his Moon in Libra, or his 10th house cusp in Libra? They MUST have a key placement in their chart in Libra for you two to be compatible. This includes Venus on the Ascendent or a very strongly placed Venus (in Libra or Taurus) with many aspects to it.

If you have your 4th house cusp in Aquarius, maybe your partner has their Sun, Moon, Ascendent, or 10th house cusp in Aquarius? Being innovative, free-loving and a bit quirky is your hidden nature, and you definitely need to find this in a partner.

These are just examples, which can be applied to any planet and zodiac sign, depending on your own horoscope.

If you see three or more of these indications matching in their horoscope, then you can definitely be sure there is potential for long-term relationship compatibility!

But wait, there is more!

Step TWO –The Underestimated House System Check-up For Zodiac Compatibility

astrology cheatsheets

what horoscope am I compatible with

People are so used to looking at planets and synastry aspects that they often forget one very important indication of compatibility, which includes the house systems.

This means that when you draw a synastry chart between the two horoscopes, it is not only important what aspects the planets are making, but also in which houses your partner’s planets fall.

If their Sun or Moon falls in one of your cardinal houses – 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th, this is a clear indication that there is potential for a long-term relationship and forming a family with this person. Another such house is often 11th, because it signifies long-term relationships except for friendships. The 5th house is also an indication of love and matters of the heart, so it’s also important to see which planets fall there.

If their Sun, and especially the Moon fall in your 12th house, this may be indicative of a past life relationship, and it may be more of a karmic connection that has formed in order to teach you a lesson.

6th house is more about work connections, while 3rd and 9th houses are mainly about a teacher-student relationship, where you learn some life lessons together.

It is especially good when your partner’s Sun or Moon falls into your 4th house, as it is a clear indication that they are already close to your soul – they are like a family to you, whether you are married or not.

Here are a few examples with celebrity couples that you might find interesting:

Nathalie Portman’s Moon in Virgo falls right on her husband’s Ascendent, which also means it’s in his 1st house. She has her Jupiter and Saturn there, in his 1st house, too, but the most important is the Moon.

Johnny Depp’s Sun falls in Vanessa Paradis’ 7th house. Her Moon falls in his 12th, which indicates a past-life relationship.

Katherine Zita Jone’s Sun falls in her husband’s 11th house, and HIS Saturn falls in her 7th house, which speaks of the fact there is a long-term connection there, and he is older than her.

David Beckham’s Sun falls in Victoria Beckham’s 11th house, while her Moon falls in HIS 11th house.

Beyonce’s Sun falls in Jay Z’s 7th house, and HIS Sun falls in her 5th house.

You see how there is a pattern here? How with each long-term relationship the Sun or the Moon of the partners falls in one of the ‘relationship’ houses?

I am sure you got the point!

By using the two methods I showed you in this blog post, you can easily and effectively determine what horoscope you are compatible with and most importantly – what you should look for a partner.

What is more, once you become more conscious of your placements and what they mean, you will automatically start attracting partners, who live by the higher manifestation of these placements! Remember that as we evolve, we start attracting more evolved individuals, too. Which leads us to the last point, which I like to emphasize in each and every article:

The no 1 zodiac compatibility factor that can make or break a relationship

astrology cheatsheets

what horoscope am I compatible with

And, again, this is the evolutionary level of each individual. As I explained before, each planet and zodiac sign has 7 basic steps of manifestation (which are in fact even a bit more), and even if your compatibility with someone seems perfect on paper, things will still not work out if there is a huge evolutionary gap between you two. Always take into account this factor when trying to determine compatibility and strive to live by the higher manifestation of each of your placements!

How to do that? Download the Fast Track To Astrology Zodiac Sign Cheat Sheet, which will enable you to quickly and effortlessly learn EVERYTHING about each zodiac sign with the most exhaustive list of keywords, describing them. This way you will know both the HIGHEST and the MOST TOXIC manifestation of each sign and you will be able to spot them right away!

I wish you much love and harmony in ALL of your relationships, and I am eager to hear from you!

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Love you and send you all the blessings in the world!


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