Time To Expand Your Vision To Manifest True Love (Daily Love&Spirit Guidance 20th January)

Today we have a number of wonderful influences that you can take advantage of in order to powerfully attract and manifest Love in your life!

First and foremost, we have the birth of Saturn, which means that the planet is becoming visible again! I know Saturn has a bad rap for bringing trouble into your life, however, he can be your best friend, too! In fact, if you manage to become friends with Saturn, he can even give you more long-lasting gifts than Jupiter for example!

So, if you are the type of person, who believes in good karma, and have been putting efforts to spread the goodness around, you will start receiving more and more gifts today!

Also, if you have been diligently structuring your day to include daily meditations, practices, writing affirmations and practicing manifestation techniques – again, you will be rewarded by Saturn!

Saturn likes order, structure, and his gifts may be delayed, but they are solid, long-lasting, and wonderful!

So, spend some time today as well as the following few days to even further organize your days and put more structure into them – don’t be lazy to do your daily inner work. Organize your journal, put more order into the space around you, and strive to connect with the positive energies of Saturn!

And now on to the more joyful aspect for today!

Which is the Moon in Sagittarius sextile Mercury in Aquarius!

This vibe is all about expanding your vision, breaking free your mind, and letting your perception explore new horizons.

Did you know that one of the biggest obstacles to finding and keeping true love is the narrow visions we have set ourselves?

For example, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be taken care of in a relationship. However, very often in our mind, we set boundaries and rules of HOW EXACTLY we want to be taken care of and HOW EXACTLY we want to be loved.

This aspect is inviting you to break the limiting beliefs, surrounding the relationship you want or the current relationship you want to be in.

For example, I have a friend, who is used to go out with guys, who are a little bit possessive. She recognizes this possessiveness as ‘being taken care of’, and now that she is seeing a guy, who is not possessive, but expresses care for her in other ways, she cannot acknowledge this as caring for her. She needs to expand her horizons and recognize that this other way of taking care of her is actually the healthy way to do it!

I hope this example was helpful in guiding you towards some pondering and meditating you need to do today!

Numerologically, we are also being pushed to work ourselves with a powerful karmic combination

This means that if you work on the two points I explored today – working with the positive qualities of Saturn and breaking some limiting beliefs you have, expanding your vision – you can make a HUGE step forward today in becoming a more powerful manifestor and co-creator in your life!

Love and Light!


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