The Kind Of Day We’ve All Waited For! Don’t Miss Out On It! (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 2nd February)

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Today is another day you can massively benefit from if you have ‘done your homework’ during the time of the more difficult aspects in the last days of January.

As it often happens, energies are shifting, and if you have managed to withstand the tougher times by putting extra effort into your spiritual pursuits, now you can be massively, tremendously rewarded, because we have the combination of Pluto sextiling Venus with the ruling number of the day – EIGHT today!

I am always fascinated how astrology and numerology complement and agree with each other to make the universal message sent towards us more complete and powerful! Eight is about karma, but ‘karma’ is not a bat word – it means reaping the fruit of your own seeds! It also suggests reaping the fruit of a powerful transformation, which is symbolized by Pluto.

The positive aspect with Venus can give you an extremely passionate, driven vibe today.

It can also manifest with the start of a new relationship that is deep and positively transformative on every level (or taking the relationship with your current partner to a deeper connection both physically and spiritually)

This tendency is also supported by the Moon, making a trine with Jupiter, supporting you in your positive thinking, making lucky circumstances the reality of the day, and driving you to feel happy and optimistic at a very deep, subconscious level.

Haven’t we all waited for a day like that? And that’s not all!

To top it all, we have the Moon making a sextile (positive aspect again) with Neptune! This further enhances our imagination, creativity, ability to get in touch with divine senses, emotions, and experiences! It will all be in a positive way today, and even if nothing particular happens on this day, you are powerfully supported on each and every level to dream big and attract your most sacred wishes and desires! You can also attract someone spiritual, compassionate, and artistic in nature.

How NOT to miss out on the opportunity!

There is a tiny chance you get swept away by the positive vibe and completely miss out the chance to actually take advantage of it! This often happens when things just feel good, and when it feels like there are no obstacles, we may ‘fall asleep’. Despite the fact that the Universe is supporting us, one should never forget their own role, which is not less important to actually bring things into life!

Take all your chances today and don’t sit still! Spend time to meditate, visualize, write down your positive affirmations, desires and goals, as you would usually do. If nothing particular manifests today, don’t get discouraged – rather believe that you have tuned in with the positive energies, done your work, and the Universe will bring you what you wish you in its perfect timing!

Love and Light!


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