28th November Daily Love Forecast – 5 Steps to Deal With Today’s Clash Between Darkness and Light!

Today is another energetically-loaded, powerful and crucial day that needs your maximum concentration and intentional power to come out as the winner between the energies of Darkness and Light!

The day is ruled by the number SIX, which is extremely controversial, being the number of the planet of LOVE, Venus, and at the same time the number of dark forces. It depends on YOUR own intentions and soul work to channel these energies for your own good!

Stay Focused On Your Rituals!

Don’t rush out of home today! Take the time to do your morning routine (if you have one) and/or tidy up your home, clearing the space. If you are already at the office or heading to work, spend a few minutes to take a few breaths, calm down, and connect to the good spirits and all the light workers around the globe. Set your intention to connect with all the positive energies, associated with Venus and the number six – love, beauty, friendship, gentleness, kindness, arts, music, creativity.

Awaken Your Femininity

You can powerfully attract your soulmate today by gently awakening your most intricate feminine powers! Try to be more gracious in your gestures, put a skirt on, show your genuine, sweet side to people. Try to be milder and kinder in your conversations, showing genuine care for the people around you. The greatest power in a woman lies in her mildness and her gentleness! Just like the water molds the rock, our feminine powers can mold our lives into something truly phenomenal! Awaken these powers today to powerfully manifest more love and abundance into your life!

Time To Overcome Obstacles And Achieve Your Goals!

Today you have all the support from the universe to work on your goals! Don’t let negative thinking, laziness, or obstacles derail you from your path! You may be facing certain difficulties that are just blessings as they develop  your strength of character, so the key here is to stay calm. Remember what we said about using feminine power? Don’t mind the rock, just keep ‘dripping’ on it! Keep doing your thing and have faith things will turn out for the best.

Believe in Good Luck!

Your faith in good luck can do miracles for you today! The day provides numerous opportunities where your luck may come into play, so be sure to re-enforce your good luck by believing in it! You may be at the right place just at the right time to meet someone of interest, or you might bump into your crush at the most unexpected place! Be ready for small miracles happening all day long!

Super Sexually Charged Day!

Having six as the dominant number also makes it an extremely sexually charged day! You can easily attract True Love by treating your body well, feeling sexy and in your best shape! By all means engage into activities that boost your libido and make you feel super attractive today! Do a workout, then eat delicious food and enjoy it guilt-free! Send a sexy text to your date, or simply have a playful conversation with someone – awakening your sexual side is another way to attract love today!

Planets are aligned for great surprises, too!

Align your thoughts to the good vibes, because planets are in for great surprises, too! Venus and Uranus can bring you unexpected, exciting new love prospects or simply make you fall head over heels for someone totally unexpectedly! Again, this aspect has its darker side, too , so make sure you follow the above-mentioned advice to attract only take advantage of the good it may bring to you!

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