Rely On Your Instincts And DO THIS To Massively Improve Your Love Life In The Next Month! (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 25th January)

Daily Love Forecasts 25th Jan

The first three days after a New Moon are always crucial and today is one of those days!

Your actions, thoughts, and decisions will mark the whole month ahead, so make sure to make every minute count!

It is always a good idea to sit down and write your wishes within 24 hours of the New Moon, so basically do it NOW 😉 Remember that wishes should always be written down in the present tense like the thing you desire has already happened, and they should always concern YOU and only YOU. Never try to coerce someone else’s free will with your wishes and affirmations. Here is an example:

DO write down: I am living happily and harmoniously with a kind, honest, loving man, who sincerely values and loves me.

DO NOT write something like: (Name of specific person) loves me and appreciates me more and more each day.

The second example is coercing someone else’s will, and it will have the exact opposite effect that you desire. The person will feel the pressure of your intentions, and they will slowly move away from you.

You Have Loads Of Support For Your New Moon Wishes Writing Today

as we have the number THREE ruling the day, while we also have a numerological karmic combination that shows Divine love and support! At the same time we have Mercury sextile Mars, and really you cannot ask for better vibes to support you in your New Moon wishes writing ritual today!

Mercury is all about thought models and writing, while Mars is about action, so when you write down your wishes, it is essential that you follow your raw wishes and desires! It also means that if you put down your thoughts and desires on paper, (Mercury + Mars-action), you are setting yourself for HUGE positive changes in your life for the month ahead, because you are truly aligning with universal energies.

Today is not a good day to be lazy, so go go go!

However, it is not the BEST day to initiate a new relationship or an important conversation with your partner

While it is an amazing time to write down your dreams and desires, the Mars and Venus are in a hard aspect today, and in real life you may be having difficulty with men. They may seem too frivolous and adventurous for your taste, and it may be hard to speak the same language. Their humor may seem a bit too harsh or clumsy for your taste, and overall you would have a hard time experiencing pleasure from activities with men.

Don’t feel discouraged, this is a brief influence only lasting for a few days, so just focus on yourself and keep working on your dreams!

Love And Light!

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