How To NOT Feel Torn Apart And Rather Benefit From Today’s New Moon (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 24th January)

Daily Love Forecasts 24th Jan

We live in intense and interesting times indeed and today’s energies are another manifestation of just that!

We have the New Moon today, squaring Uranus, under the influence of the ruling number of the day – TWO, combined with numerological combinations, urging us to push through, overcome weaknesses, and work on achieving our goals.

It definitely is not an easy combination of energies, but luckily we have Venus sextiling Jupiter that is supporting us with a positive mindset, beautiful visualizations, and a message telling us to reach towards a higher consciousness.

How NOT to feel torn apart

The New Moon squaring Uranus can make you extremely nervous, impatient, and eager to take rash decisions that may not be very well thought-out. In combination with the number TWO, ruling the day, you may feel torn apart between two choices, or you may even be torn apart between two aspects of your own self.

Don’t yield to these energies today, as they may make you feel hopeless in love, or get you to make rash decisions that you may regret later.

The solution is to focus on your long-term goals, and to possibly come up with original, unusual new ways to approach them. 

This is a constructive and smart way to deal with Uranus energy! Uranus is the higher manifestation of Mercury, and if you manage to calm yourself, the day can be extremely productive in helping you channel some new original ideas or ways for achieving your long term goals and dreams in love, or any other area of your life.

It is as simple as believing that you can channel important information today. You can either spend some time in meditation, first calming your mind, and then watching for any unusual, creative thoughts that come to you.

Or, you can repeat a short affirmation throughout the day in order to calm your nervous system, which will allow for the original breakthroughs to be channeled through you in the most unexpected moment (as it usually happens with Uranus).

This is all supported by the fact that the New Moon is in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus.

Repeat this throughout the day:

My Soul desires deep peace in all its wholeness.

This affirmation will help you deal with the hard aspects of the day, calming your mind and soul, which is the most important prerequisite for receiving insights from higher consciousness.

Put Extra Effort To Focus On Your Strengths

Today you can be challenged by a lover, a friend, or even a stranger in a way that your inhibitions surface and try to make you doubt yourself. Don’t you become pray to this energy! Stay entirely focused on your strengths, and know without question that each and every day you are taking the correct steps to living your best life of true Love and Abundance!

Love and Light!


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