Making the ‘Bad’ Days Better and the ‘Good’ Days – ‘Miracles’! (Daily Love and Spirit Guidance 5th February)

We are still under the positive vibes of yesterday, and especially Mercury sextile Uranus, which brings you good news, lightning fast intuition, opens up opportunities to catch up with friends, to meet a special someone on Social Media or in a group environment, and anything that has to do with management, organization, and brainstorming of new ideas. All these activities will be supported by the Universe today!

Your best bet would be to stay active and take the initiative!

With these energies, ruling the day, it would be very unwise to sit around and wait for things to happen to you. Be active, move, organize an outing with your friends, check out things you can do or events you can attend, so that you place yourself in a group setting. Isn’t it amazing how some days the Universe is inviting us to sit, look deep within, meditate, work on our inner fears and transformations, and then in a few days we are given a ‘break’. A new wave has come, when we are invited to open up, and enjoy some ‘people time’.

This is one of the great lessons to learn and remember!

Everything comes in cycles, and we cannot stop this natural process – we can only accept it and adapt to it. This is very useful to remember on tougher days when it feels like something is crushing you inside, and you really have to make an effort to move on. There are days that are simply hard on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and you are being tested to withstand.

Then, once you have gone through this inner work, you are given the opportunity to go out and share your new ‘self’ with the world! You are given positive vibes to be a social butterfly and exchange some of this energy with others, but never become too carefree, as the next ‘tougher’ cycle will also come back.

An important point I want to make here

Is that you should by no means skip your spiritual practice on ‘good cycle’ days. No matter how busy a day may be, or how optimistic and confident you may feel – do take the time for your ‘me’ time. Consider this as making some ‘energy’ storage for the next cycle when times will not be so easy and carefree and you will need this inner strength that builds up with continuous, persistent practice!

Spend at least 10-15 mins each day in silence, prayer, meditation, writing affirmations, or doing any of the short exercises or rituals I suggest here, no matter whether you have a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ day and observe what happens in your life!

You will see the ‘bad’ days become better and the ‘good’ days become simply miraculous!

Love and light!

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