Do THIS TODAY To Receive The HUGE BLESSINGS Of The LEO FULL MOON On February 9th (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 7th February)

We have an exceptionally interesting day today, as we have the Moon in Cancer, and the ruling number of the day FOUR, which represent the same energies. Both Cancer and the number FOUR represent our family, our roots, as well as our intuition, our deepest soul yearnings, and anything related to water and cleansing.

Cancer is a very sensitive sign, and embracing your sensitivity is what will bring you closer to your dreams and desires today.

Cancer is also connected to our past, and considering that we have an extremely positive FULL MOON, coming our way in just two days, it would be a very wise idea to perform a cleansing ritual in order to open up the space for all the positive, optimistic, passionate and empowering energies that this New Moon in Leo will bring on the 9th!

A simple cleansing ritual that will open up the space for the positive vibes of the upcoming New Moon

I believe that one can never get enough of releasing past trauma, bitterness, and blockages that stop the natural flow of Universal Love, freely pass through us and give us the blessings we deserve. We all have a huge load of trauma and blockages in our subconscious minds, some of which are not from this life, and regular, even daily cleansing is crucial in order for us to become powerful co-creators of our fate and manifest the LOVE and ABUNDANCE we crave for in this lifetime.

The simplest thing you can do is sit with your back straight, calm your breathing, clear all thoughts, and imagine a white board with your inner vision. Just sit there, looking at the white board and set the intention that any past trauma or blockage that lies in your physical, mental or emotional body comes up on this white board.

As soon as something comes up on it, immediately wipe it out. Just wipe out anything that comes up on the white board and feel how you are cleansing your physical and spiritual bodies from anything that doesn’t serve you well any more. Do this for as long as you can, and then as you end the cleansing ritual, imagine a shower of fresh, spring water showering you from your crown chakra, and cleansing anything else that might be left behind.

This simple, but powerful technique will make sure you are ready to embrace the new energies that are coming from Venus, entering the sign of Aries, and the FULL MOON in Leo!

Remember, we cannot receive anything new and positive in our life unless we get rid of the past!

Stay tuned with tomorrow’s Daily Guidance, as it will be a crucial read – I will give you a powerful ritual to greet Venus in the new sign, which will manifest Love, Money, and positive experiences in your life!

Love and Light!


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