Most Important Week of 2024 To Shape Your Destiny For The Next 20 Years!

weekly astrology forecast 8th january

We are starting a week, packed full of important astrological events and a three-month stretch with all planets moving direct!

If you have an area of your life where you have been putting a lot of effort and hard work, but not much was happening there, you should now see things to start moving a lot faster!

And ‘hard work’ may also mean just putting a lot of energy and directed intention into something you wish to manifest.

You may also come up with a completely new, original or breakthrough solution for something, discover a new method, a new innovative course/technology that’s just right for you or have a sudden enlightenment on how to approach this life situation or area of your life. 

Starting today, Monday 8th of January it’s crucial you get ready for the Capricorn New Moon on the 11th of January

by cleaning the space within and around you. This New Moon is positively supported by Uranus, so you might get a pleasant surprise by the circumstances happening or plant the seeds of something new, exciting and very profitable (Capricorn is related to career and success, but if you’re a Cancer or Virgo rising it may be about starting a new long-term relationship or exciting love affair).

Here’s a summary of the most important dates to note

and how to align with the energies to make the most of these exciting times:

Monday 8th of January: Mercury is square Neptune

Good for creative endeavors, visualizations, daydreaming, cleaning your house and cleansing your aura, but NOT a good time to start new initiatives and set new intentions now. Your logical thinking may be blurred and you may be misled by people, partners or situations. Don’t make major relationship or career decisions today! Be careful with documents and money, don’t sign new contracts.

Tuesday 9th of January – Sun trine Uranus

So the good surprises may start even a day or two before the New Moon. Your crush may unexpectedly make a move, a reel you made may suddenly go viral, you may see a sudden spike in sales if your work is related to the internet, AI, or new technologies, or your partner may take you out on an exciting date. Since it is the last day before the New Moon, it would be something that is already here in your life.

Thursday 11th of January – New Moon in Capricorn! 

This Capricorn new Moon is trine Uranus and square the nodes. It can activate speedy (Uranus) new beginnings in more practical and long term (Capricorn) areas of life. For Cancer and Virgo rising, this may mean a new partnership or love affair.

The help from Uranus will guarantee fast growth of whatever is started in the upcoming 2 weeks. The square to the nodes may mean a few bumps and obstacles to overcome on the way, but the new beginnings promise to be of more fated and evolutionary purpose. It is a good period to initiate career changes, or start new professional projects. 

Make sure you check out my latest reel on New Moon Manifesting on my Instagram page. It contains crucial points on how to see fast, tangible results, manifesting with the New Moon!

Friday, January 12th – Mars trine Jupiter

is further supporting you in the New Beginning you may have initiated on the New Moon yesterday! It’s the perfect day and timing to do your New Moon Manifesting ritual (by all means see my instructions on how to do it correctly).

This aspect is an amazing influence that strengthens your willpower and makes any action you take even more powerful and potent to grow into something meaningful, abundant, prosperous. Whatever you manifest today has the potential to bring you love, luck, happiness, and abundance. 

This is why it’s so important to take action on this day!

This influence also enhances your self-belief, attracts luck an good circumstances, brings support from people of high social status and may help you manifest a partner, who is extremely generous and good-hearted. 

Saturday, January 13th – Mercury ingress Capricorn

Further supports you into taking steady, consistent action towards your goals and dreams! It helps you become more organized, organizes your thoughts and routines. This influence helps you take practical steps into realizing your dreams!

This may be one of the most important weeks in 2024, which has the potential to shape your whole year and transform your destiny for the next 20 years, because on 20th of January Pluto is moving into Aquarius.

Don’t miss this opportunity to set your intentions, keep your vibe high and align with the highest possible manifestation of these energies!

This is extremely easy and fun to do with my Astrology Cheatsheets, which give you the fullest, most complete list of higher and lower manifestations for each planet, zodiac sign and house.

For the upcoming week and even month, you should be looking to positively express the highest manifestations of Capricorn, Uranus, Aquarius, and Mercury.

Doing this simple practice consciously can transform your life in more positive ways than you can imagine!

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