Extra Support To Find Love Today! (Daily Love and Spirit Forecast 6th February)

Astrologically, nothing has changed a lot since yesterday – we are still under the positive vibes of Mercury and Uranus, making it easier for us to communicate, sharpen our intuition, meet someone special on Social Media or in a group setting, and be more socially active overall.

Numerologically, however, we have a few different influences, which are extremely positive, indeed.

Let’s start with the number THREE ruling the day, which is the number of LUCK and good fortune.

This means you are given extra support to meet someone new if this is your goal!

As I have said before, if you have done your ‘homework’, doing your daily spiritual practice, and/or following some of the rituals and exercises I teach here, today it can be a day when you reap the fruits of your persistent efforts!

The Universe is also highly supportive of accomplishing a goal of yours, or taking things to the next level if you are in a relationship already. Although the vibes are still extremely social, the day is more suitable for doing something in your home, sorting out a family matter, or as I said – completing some relationship goals!

Overall, we are still under some very positive influences, which I urge you to read more about here and here, and to simply enjoy the vibe!

Love and Light!

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