Selfless Acts of Kindness Will Manifest Love Today! (Daily Love And Spirit Guidance 27th January)

OK, the title of this post may seem to obvious, as selflessness and kindness  are something that are naturally associated with Love.

However, today specifically you can become a powerful manifestor of Love and Abundance if you tune in with this vibe!

Not only the Moon in Pisces gets you to become extremely dreamy in Love, but it also invites you to show more compassion and selflessness towards your partner. You would be more forgiving, and ready for compromise.

If you are single, you can use this energy to make powerful visualizations of what your ideal relationship feels like, and please note that the keyword here is feels – Pisces is all about deep, unearthly emotion and feeling. Use the time before you go to bed to imagine the things you desire in a relationship:

  • How it feels to be loved
  • How it feels to be appreciated
  • How it feels to be cared for

Experience the emotion as if it is happening now, and give yourself the care, appreciation and compassion that you desire to experience in a relationship.

Even a more powerful way to attract you desire is to SINCERELY WISH it to other people. When we are sincerely happy for others, we attract the same things for us, although they may come with a delay. We must not do this simply for what we will receive in return, of course, but you can train yourself to do it so that it becomes second nature to you.

The numerological karmic combination of today are also supportive of this energy, and here is an amazing exercise for you today that will help you tune in with Universal Energies and help you attract Love faster into your life:

As you walk on the street, buy coffee, and do your usual daily activities, whenever you see a couple or a family, briefly look at them and give them a sincere blessing. Say something like:

‘God, bless these people, and do the best for their souls.’, sincerely wishing them love and harmony in their relationship.

Today is a wonderful day to start this exercise! Train yourself to do it all the time and watch the miracles happen in your life!

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Love and Light!

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