Time To Channel Delusional Energies Into Constructive Actions Again! (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 28th-30th January)

We have another few crazy days under the influence of Neptune, and I decided to put them all together, since this vibe is going to last for a few days.

We have a square aspect between Mars and Neptune, which can bring us confusion, dissolution of our goals, wild sexual dreams and fantasies, and even weird or crazy situations with people, who have caught the negative vibes of this influence.

Yes, I know – it is another few days that are not so good for starting a new relationship!

Rather, the energy should be channeled in a constructive manner, aiming to connect with the positive energies of Mars and Neptune!

Mars is all about assertiveness, being active and using our will at the right moment in the right way. The square with Neptune can make you more confused, less trustful of your instincts and actions, and can also drive you into doing things that are not ‘you’.

It is critical you beware of alcohol and substance abuse during these few days!

I personally believe that one’s mind and soul should always be crystal clear at all times, therefore I don’t use any substances at all – not even wine or beer. It is everyone’s personal choice, of course, but during these few days you can get yourself into trouble if you have a few more drinks, for example. Neptune can easily get you into tricky situations, and with a few more drinks under your hat, you can easily get into a scenario you may later regret. Have this in mind and watch out!

What to do instead?

If you are in a relationship, the most important thing is to not get into manipulative games with your partner! Don’t try to deceive them with your behavior, and beware not to do it unconsciously as well – this cannot lead to anything good! You can rather channel this energy into diving deeper into each others’s emotional worlds, and exploring each other’s sensual side in a way that you both feel comfortable.

It is a great time to connect on a deeper spiritual level through sex and be brave about sharing your fantasies – now this will be well-accepted by your partner.

If you are single, your best bet is to channel this energy into a creative outlet!

Drawing is fantastic, and you can do an exercise where you just let your emotions pour out into colors. I am an unbelievably ungifted painter, and yet I have found this exercise to be massively liberating. You can just draw colors, or if you are a bad painter like I am – let your inner child have fun! Don’t focus on the professionalism of the drawing, but rather on choosing colors and shapes that make you feel joyful and content!

This exercise can powerfully manifest the love and relationship you desire if you really put your intention into this. Try to feel with your senses what colors would your perfect relationship would look like? Is it bright and joyful colors, or rather more serene and pastel tones? Is it spirals, or circles, or suns, or rivers, or clouds that your relationship feels like? Focus on your inner abstract feelings about your perfect relationship and put it into a painting, only following your own rules, and enjoying every second of it!

If you prefer something more ‘organized’, you can just buy a mandala coloring book, and color the pre-made mandalas!

Whatever you choose, make sure to give way to your wild fantasy side in a way that is going to help you grow instead of making you fall into a delusional world.

I would love to hear your comments on how you felt during these few days!

Love and Light!

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