Daily Love Forecast 11th December – Avoid Conflict and do THIS To Deal With Today’s Vibes

Daily Love Forecast 11th December

After a lighter and more pleasurable period, today is another time when we may experience one or two tests from the Universe (which of course are here to only help us grow and get rewarded as a result).

The vibration today is a bit harsher than yesterday, and you may not feel too comfortable with yourself. You may be hearing things you don’t like, or you may not be able to get in touch with your true feelings about a subject matter that has been bugging you.

It may almost feel like there is a conflict between Soul and Spirit within you today.

Don’t let little bumps on the road discourage you, though! As I said in my previous daily love forecasts, the month of December is quite intense, as the Universe is pushing us to really commit to our inner growth, and do as much healing and cleansing work we can, to open up the space for new experiences in 2020!

Old Karma and Re-Evaluation

Since today’s energies are ruled by the number EIGHT, we might have old karma coming back to us, which may force us to re-evaluate our past relationships. You may hear information or engage into a conversation that might urge you to really re-consider where you stand in a relationship, what you truly value in it, and have a more sober, practical look at it.

You will be more inclined to connect to others in a more practical level, and generally have more self-control in your dealings. This is a good thing, as it is best to try keeping your emotions balanced, rather than entering long conversations today.

Avoid Conflict

One good rule of thumb to follow today is to avoid conflict, no matter what you hear. It is only a temporary influence that will pass, and it is not a good idea to ruin a relationship over words that haven’t been thought out too well. Take the time to re-evaluate your feelings or relationships, but don’t be too quick to talk about it. It is not the best time to properly express yourself and lay out your views. Rather, take the responsibility for your emotions today, and try to keep them in check.

Use Your Personal Power For Self Growth

Today you may be inclined to put your ego first, and this might not be a good thing. Instead, try to use your personal power for inner growth, directing your will to fight your own weaknesses rather than attempting to convert others to your opinions and views.

Love and Light!


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