Cancer 2021 Horoscope: Healing, Soulmate Connections and Mystic Experiences!

cancer 2021 horoscope

Cancer 2021 Horoscope – new hope for healing, rebirth and finding a soulmate!

2020 has been a trying year for us all, and especially for Cancers, as a cardinal sign, which was in opposition to all the harsh energies of Saturn and Pluto.

I know you are all looking forward to some good news, dear Cancers, and although I cannot say that 2021 will be easy – at least I can confidently state that it has the potential to turn into a magical and wonderful experience if you embrace its energies and challenges!

Read on to find out what this all means!

Before we move on to 2021 and how it will play out for you, dear Cancers, let’s recap on what has been happening with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, transiting your 7th house.

The 7th house is the area of relationships, long-term unions, important business partnerships, but also the hidden side to yourself that you need to come to terms with.

So, over the last two and a half years, you may have been challenged in various ways to find out and accept a side of your personality that you might have been denying, dear Cancers. And this has most likely happened through various external events, involving relationships.

You may have had to completely re-assess and re-structure your approach towards relationships, and I won’t be surprised if you had to be disillusioned, too.

It may be that you had to stay single for longer than you are used to in order to really pinpoint your true needs when it comes to love and marriage.

However, you may have also met someone amazing in 2020 when Jupiter joined Saturn in your 7th house, who is going to stay in your life for the long term.

It may be that you had to take more responsibility in a relationship, or deal with a partner, who has a lot of work engagements and not so much time for your connection.

It may be that you had to go through divorce or a painful separation.

You may have also had to work extra hard to gain clients or to develop an important business partnership of yours.

Whatever happened, I am sure that towards the end of this period, you had a taste of Jupiter, which entered your 7th house, too, so whatever trials you have been facing, I hope you can see the silver lining to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you got married, became closer to their marriage partner because the relationship became deeper and more mature, or if you started a long-term relationship.

Whatever happened in your relationship life over the last year – whether you got married, took up new responsibilities with your partner, or had important realizations about yourself and your love life – this is all going to stay in your life for the long term, because Saturn gives long-lasting results.

And the BEST news is that Saturn also leaves a gift when he leaves a sign, dear Cancer!

In this case, as Saturn leaves your 7th house, he joins Jupiter in your 8th house, and this is the grand influence that is going to shape your experience in 2021, dear Cancers!

And oh my! What and experience it will be!

Cancer Horoscope 2021: Reward Time and The Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Influence in 2021

cancer 2021 horoscope

As I already mentioned, Saturn leaves a gift when he changes signs, and you may have actually gotten a taste of this gift in the spring of 2020 when he briskly entered Aquarius for the first time.

In the case of your 7th house, it is something that you have earned with discipline, hard work, perseverance, and internal struggles, related to your love life and relationships!

When Saturn and Jupiter meet in a house, they want to manifest the meaning of this house, so you will surely receive something of true value, regarding your relationships, dear Cancers.

You may have gotten married or engaged (or it can happen now in the beginning of 2021).

You may have gained new depth and maturity into a current relationship.

You may finally gotten rid of a partnership that doesn’t serve you any more and gain the internal freedom you’ve been craving for (Aquarius is freedom).

You may gain new clients, people to consult, or a business partnership that is important for your future development.

Whatever Saturn leaves as a gift, it will be something that you can see and feel! Something that will make your love and relationship life better for the long-term, especially if you’ve learned the lessons you had to learn over these past few years, dear Cancers!

You can receive this gift as soon as January 2021, or you may have already gotten a taste of it in 2020!

Now, that you have ‘streamlined’ your relationship life, dear Cancers, explored new sides of your personality, and made important realizations about your approach to love, 2021 will throw you deeper into the realms of your psyche, the connection with your partner, and the healing process that has started by getting to know yourself better through others.

Cancer 2021 Horoscope: All the colors of the rainbow!

cancer 2021 horoscope

The grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, which happened on the 21st of December 2020 will be the major influence for you in 2021, dear Cancer, and it is activating your 8th house.

The 8th house is one of the most complex, mysterious, and imaginative houses of the zodiac (for an exhaustive list of 8th house meanings, you can Download The Fast Track to Astrology Cheat Sheets).

Let’s start from the ground up and talk about the purely materialistic manifestations of the 8th house, including taxes, inheritance, and mutual financial resources. With Saturn and Jupiter joining in your 8th house, you may find yourself having to deal with some or all of these things.

You may have to become more responsible about understanding how to take care of your taxes, you may inherit a family property or a sum of money, or you may decide to save money for a certain investment with your partner. In any of these scenarios, you will have to play by the rules (Saturn), but luckily, you will have the support of Jupiter there, who will help manifest things for you in the best possible way.

Since Saturn makes a few hard aspects with Uranus throughout the year, you may expect some sudden and unexpected situations, related to your partner’s money or your mutual resources. You may expect some difficulties, a crisis situation, related to mutual bank accounts, tax issues, or inheritance issues, but my advice to you is to have faith (Jupiter) that everything will turn out for the best in the end!

Whenever things start getting rough in 2021, dear Cancers, try to immediately connect with the supportive Jupiter energies – faith, healing, good luck, and easy manifestation of your dreams!

Since Saturn is also related to your career and your wordly duties, dear Cancers, its transit through your 8th house may mean that you make a major shift and transformation in your career! You may decide to completely change your career path or you may be forced to do it.

Often the things that happen in the 8th house are extreme and unexpected, but as I said, you do have the support of the grand benefic, Jupiter, throughout the whole year, dear Cancers. Whatever you lose as a career or financial support from others in 2021, you will re-gain double in the long-term!

Saturn does require hard work and perseverance, but the gifts he grants in the end are here to stay for about 20 years from now on!

If it was just Jupiter standing there, you could have some temporary blast of inspiration or a flash of luck to earn money through speculation, to read about a potential new career path… But things may never materialize!

On the contrary, with Saturn joining Jupiter in your 8th house, you can expect to save up for an important investment or take a new direction in your career path that will influence the next 20 years of your life!

Cancer 2021 Horoscope: Conceiving, Pregnancy, Soulmate Connections, Sexual Healing and Transformation!

Moving on to some of the other meanings of the 8th house – death, birth, and re-birth!

I have to say, dear Cancers, the 8th house energies are not easy to navigate and with Saturn there you may have to overcome certain internal struggles before you can truly feel the deep healing transformation that is going to lead you to enlightenment (9th house).

A huge relief is that Saturn in Aquarius is not so stern as it is in Capricorn and this process will flow a lot more easily!

Let’s start with some positive manifestations of the 8th house, which is pregnancy and conception! This is one possible scenario for those, who are Cancer Moons and Cancer rising (not so much Cancer Suns). People often focus on the darker meanings of the 8th house and forget that it also rules birth and re-birth, and with Saturn (which gives stability) and Jupiter (which rules good luck) there, you do have all chances of a healthy pregnancy, dear Cancers!

A pregnancy is surely one reason for a woman to experience deep internal transformation, but even if this doesn’t happen in your life, dear Cancer, there are so many other possibilities!

The Saturn-Jupiter meeting in your 8th house can get you in touch with a soulmate, who helps you dive deep into your psyche and uncover hidden fears and taboo topics that have to be healed and transformed.

You may feel a deep urge to explore new sexual realms with your partner and heal wounds, related to your sexuality.

All these scenarios may start with a crisis. Their catalyst may be a strong fear, a big fight, or a huge emotional crisis, because this is the nature of the 8th house.

However, once you go through the painful process of getting to the root of the issue; once you start uncovering the deeper levels of your psyche, you will get to the people, steps and actions you need that help you heal an old wound; release a deep fear of yours; finally grant forgiveness to those, who have hurt you; or come to terms with your sexuality and gain deep realization about how and with whom you wish to share your sexual energy with.

Cancer 2021 Horoscope: Meeting and Releasing the Ultimate Fear!

cancer 2021 horoscope

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The ultimate fear in life is the fear of death. This is the core fear driving us, even if you may not realize it with your conscious mind initially.

By having Saturn and Jupiter activate your 8th house, dear Cancers, you will go through a deep internal transformation that urges you to release and let go of this fear!

This may raise your interest in astrology, in past life experiences, in esoteric literature, and in spiritual teachings that help you realize the grand plan of the Creator and help you gain faith in it!

You may gain more interest in psychology, in working with a therapist, or someone who can guide you through this process, dear Cancer.

The ultimate goal of the 8th house is to help you gain emotional strength, and just like working out a muscle requires tearing and some form of pain, you may need to go through some challenges and internal struggles in order to gain this strength, dear Cancer!

I urge you to not get scared by the darker meanings of the 8th house, including death of loved ones, health issues, and accidents, because these things are a possibility, but are not set in stone, dear Cancer!

With deep faith and sincere prayer (Jupiter), you can change your destiny and manifest the higher meanings of the 8th house, dear Cancer!

(you can find them all in the Fast Track to Astrology Cheat Sheets)

Stay positive that with Jupiter’s support and your own faith, you are up for a magical, mystical experience in 2021 that is going to turn you into a modern-time practical magician!

Someone, who has gone through the dark in order to re-gain their inner power, become fearless, and know how to deal in crisis situation.

Once you go through this process, dear Cancer, you will be the ones providing this type of support to those around you, because Saturn and Jupiter are also about the social role we have to play in our life, and since they transit your 8th house in this important moment in life… It means that you, dear Cancer, are up for a very important and crucial role in society – the role of someone, who supports others in their darkest moments and helps them deal with crisis!

Cancer 2021 Horoscope : Less work, more peace and relaxation!

cancer 2021 horoscope

One of the other major influences for the next year, dear Cancer, are the Lunar nodes, which are currently placed in your 6th and 12th houses.

The North Node is where you are headed, and the South Node is what you are releasing and getting rid of!

With the South Node in your 6th house, dear Cancer, you may free yourself of some mundane, boring tasks, related to your work. You may finally hire an assistant or get someone else handle the nitty-gritty details of your daily tasks.

You may also find yourself getting rid of a health issue, which may have been the repayment of a karmic debt, but also you may find it a relief to release a state of a victim mentality, which is also 6th house related.

On the other hand, with the North Node in your 12th house, you may find yourself drawn to new activities that help you meditate, relax, and escape from the world. For example, you may decide to replace your evening glass of wine with some calming music and mindful meditation.

The 12th house is also about hidden enemies, past life experiences, and unconscious trauma, so the north node being there, beautifully blends with what we talked about the 8th house, dear Cancer. This is amazing support for you to dive deep into wounds that your soul has experienced in the past and heal them.

The north node in your 12th house is encouraging you to become more interested in the invisible, to explore it, and gain knowledge from it. The 8th and the 12th house work together to help you heal any ancestral issues that may have left a mark on your DNA.

Cancer 2021 horoscope: Summary

cancer 2021 horoscope

2021 will be a magical, mystical, extraordinary year for you, dear Cancers, and with enough faith and positive thinking, you can turn it into one of the most healing, transformative, and empowering years of your life, dear Cancer!

The Universe is giving you an important task to become a true master of the depths and secrets of the 8th house by making the grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happen for you right there!

Everything you gain as healing, inner enlightenment, releasing of fear, or financial stability in 2021 will be preceded by some form of crisis, or an extreme event, dear Cancers. However, this should not be giving you the feeling of being doomed. On the contrary! You are being given the opportunity to gain emotional strength, to explore the realms of the invisible, to re-structure your astral body, and eventually become someone who can help and support others in situations of crisis!

Let’s not forget that the 8th house is also the house of birth, so a pregnancy that transforms your appearance and life is another possible scenario for you, dear Cancer!

No matter what you are faced with, never forget that Jupiter has your back, and it will all turn out for the best in the end!

I believe in you, dear Cancer, and if you wish more personalized guidance based on your own horoscope, you can order a full reading, which includes personalized remedies, prayers, and meditations, here. You can read a review of how I do my readings here.

Sending you all the blessings in the world!


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