Virgo 2021 Horoscope – Flowing With The Tide!

virgo 2021 horoscope

Virgo 2021 Horoscope – love, career, health, and more!

2020 Has been a challenging year for all of us, and I am sure you, too, are looking forward for some encouraging news, dear Virgo!

And with Saturn and Jupiter moving into the house you feel most attuned with – the 6th house – I am glad to say I have some pretty uplifting information for you!

Just read on to learn exactly how to navigate the astrological weather in 2021 and make the most of the energies that will be influencing you most, dear Virgo!

Before we move on, let’s recap on what you’ve been dealing with for the last two and a half years when Saturn was in your 5th house of love, joy, self-esteem, entertainment, and self-expression.

Well, you may have been feeling like all the fun and carefree attitude towards life was drained out of your life, dear Virgo!

Saturn is the harsh teacher, who brings karma, lessons, and forces us to ‘streamline’ processes in a certain area of our life, and this is definitely NOT a 5th house energy type of thing.

Of course, Saturn can turn into a grand benefic once we learn his lessons, but while we do that, we may be faced with all types of internal and external obstacles.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your romantic life was very limited or non-existent, dear Virgo. Maybe you were finding it hard to meet someone, who lightens up the spark in your heart if you are single. You were either meeting a very limited amount of prospects, or the ones you did give it a try with were people, who didn’t really give you that sense of being ‘in love’.

And/or you may have been in a romantic relationship with someone, who is older, too occupied with their work, or too demanding. You may have had to meet a lot of conditions in order to make the relationship happen and it is not unlikely that at times the relationship felt more like a burden than a love affair.

When Jupiter joined Saturn in your 5th house in 2020, things might have improved a little bit, and you may have started a new relationship or a love affair with someone, but still it’s unlikely that it was the usual type of 5th house ‘falling in love’ type.

If you are married or in a relationship it is likely that you weren’t able to feel sexually and romantically connected with your partner. Maybe you had to have sex ‘on schedule’ or you simply weren’t ‘feeling it’.

Saturn gives some type of blockage, dear Virgo, and you may have certainly felt like your heart chakra energy isn’t flowing properly. The same goes for your creativity, your expression, and your ability to adopt a childlike attitude towards the world. We all need that, dear Virgo, even though you do like to prioritize duties and work.

Let’s not forget that Saturn visits a house not only to limit and block, but also to teach.

When Jupiter joined him in 2020, you should have gained some inner guidance on what has to be changed and better aligned in your life, so that you can better manifest the meaning of your 5th house, dear Virgo.

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The good news is that when Saturn leaves a house, he always leaves a gift especially to those, who have learned his lessons.

So, if you believe that accepting this state of inability to feel joy, sexual drive, and utter creativity was all to it, then you have to think again.

After this period, you should be left with a much better sense of what you need romantically and why you need it.

You should also be left with a much better sense of what you truly enjoy as entertainment, sports, and activities.

And what are the things that spike up your creativity and give you an ego boost.

5th house is also about children, so you may have either had more responsibilities with your children; having had to take care of them, or burdened with more duties around their lifestyle.

Or, you may have been very resistant to the thought of having children at all.

However, as I said a lot of these internal and external struggles are about to end, and the energy is changing up for you since Saturn and Jupiter meet in your 6th house, dear Virgo!

Virgo 2021 Horoscope: Reward Time And The Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Influence in 2021

virgo 2021 horoscope

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As I already mentioned, you are about to re-gain your sense of joy, a desire to have fun, and express yourself creatively as soon as 2021 starts, dear Virgo!

What Saturn can leave as a gift is a new hobby or a re-gained enthusiasm for an old hobby you’ve had.

Some important realization of how you would like to have fun.

You could also end up with a new romantic interest or a regained sense of passion with your current partner.

Jupiter did bring some light and enlightenment into all these areas of life for you, dear Virgo, although it may have happened through a struggle, a big fight with your partner, or an inner sense of hopelessness and depression (Saturn).

If you came to the realization that you have to leave your partner, because they weren’t meeting your emotional needs, then 2021 will soon bring you someone, who does! And this is especially valid if you have crystalized your vision of what you want to feel, express and share with others romantically.

You could also start 2021 with great enthusiasm for new creative projects and a new sense of joy for life, which has a ripple effect on all areas of your life, dear Virgo, and especially your work life, because this is where the highlight will be for you for the next two and a half years!

As you probably know, the main guiding force in 2021 is the grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, which happens in your 6th house, dear Virgo!

The 6th house is YOUR house, and you will certainly be swimming with the tide there, my friend!

It is almost like you will be becoming even MORE Virgo than you already are, but it also gives you a great responsibility to do it in the RIGHT way. How? Well, read on….

Virgo 2021 Horoscope: New Work and Career Opportunities

virgo 2021 horoscope

6th house is the work and duties house, so you will be having a lot of focus in this area of your life, dear Virgos. Saturn will bring you more responsibilities there, but since it’s joined by Jupiter – the planet of luck, expansion, and abundance, it means that new opportunities will arise, too!

You might find yourself taking up more workload, having to liaise with new colleagues, and really adopt a very streamlined work routine.

One thing to remember, dear Virgo is that Jupiter and Saturn together call for a steady, but controlled progress, so don’t take this information as a green light to overwork yourself.

The good news is that you are likely to find joy in your work, and you may even start the new year with some good enthusiasm for dealing with your duties and taking up your work tasks.

Your challenge for 2021 is to really learn how to prioritize tasks and how to put great order in your lifestyle!

There are two types of Virgos usually – those, who are extremely orderly and organized; and those, who live in a mess, but have their own logic as to how to find everything in it. The former need to learn how to balance their work holism with some fun, and the latter need to learn how to become cleaner and more organized.

And no, it’s not me, who is going to tell you what to do, dear Virgos – Saturn and Jupiter, working together will bring events and circumstances that will encourage you and give you a push to do these changes.

This is amazing news for you, dear Virgo, and it is even better news if you’ve learned the 5th house lessons we talked about, because 6th house is about health, too and you shouldn’t let the extra workload deteriorate your health!

We’ll talk about this later…

Let’s finish the work and career part of the 6th house meaning (and you can quickly and easily learn the meanings of ALL houses, signs, and planets with the Fast Track to Astrology Cheat Sheets)

As I already said, Jupiter brings new opportunities, so even if you already have a job that you like, you may be up for a promotion, you might decide to take up extra tasks, or you may decide to start earning extra money from an additional freelance work that you take up.

The year will be especially beneficial for you if you are in the service industry, or if you work as a dietitian, nutritionist, fitness instructor; if you are a nurse, a policeman, firefighter, or anyone, who provides a service to others in one way or another. You will feel very fulfilled and satisfied by your achievements, although they will be earned with sweat on your forehead (Saturn).

At any rate, these extra hours that you put into your duties will have a financial outcome, too, so you might be seeing yourself feeling more abundant financially by the end of 2021, dear Virgo!

Work is not all there is to life, though, dear Virgo, and here are some other things that you should consider for 2021.

Virgo 2021 Horoscope: Important Health Alert!

virgo 2021 horoscope

As we already discussed earlier, 6th house is also the house that represents health and chronic illness.

It is not uncommon that when a Saturn transit happens there, some health issues surface and you will have to deal with them.

The important thing to remember here is that these health issues are not hidden or hereditary, but they are lifestyle-related.

The 6th house is all about lifestyle and daily routines, and when Saturn and Jupiter meet in a house, they want to manifest it.

Therefore, for the next two and a half years, you will have to find a new balance in your life, despite your work-focus, dear Virgos.

You will have to dig up all the unhealthy habits in your lifestyle and eliminate them!

You will have to stick with your newly found idea of fun and entertainment (remember the 5th house lessons that you are supposed to have learned ;))

This may initially be triggered by an illness. And it is important to remember that for Virgo, many of the health issues start from the gut, so this is the very first place to look into, dear Virgos.

6th house is about eliminating all poisons from your life, and therefore you may be forced to finally give up an addiction of yours, dear Virgo. Be aware that this may not happen overnight, and it may even take up the whole two and a half year period, but in the end – you will find the strength and perseverance to finally cut it out of your life.

It may be alcohol (even if you are not an alcoholic), it may be smoking, or ‘leisurely’ use of weed; it may be sugar, or overeating.

Whatever unhealthy habit you have that is poisoning your life, will have to go, dear Virgo.

The good news is that Saturn in Aquarius is not such a harsh teacher, as he is in Capricorn, and he will assist you with unusual and unconventional ways to deal with this, and with your health issues, dear Virgo.

Jupiter is also there, a planet that carries the energy of the healer, so you will be blessed to find healers and people, who can help you on this health journey.

You will be lucky to find the methods, means, and professionals, who can help you straighten up your lifestyle, get rid of all the toxicity, and really improve your health for the long-term, dear Virgos!

And yes, since a new Saturn cycle is involved – whatever positive changes happen in your work life and your lifestyle, they are going to stick with you for the next 20 years, dear Virgos!

They will not be easy, and will not happen overnight – on the contrary – they may start with an illness or an inner struggle. But the result is going to be fantastic! And it will last!

Virgo 2021 Horoscope: Paying Off Debts And Past Karma

virgo 2021 horoscope

Another important aspect of the 6th house is the fact that is the house of debt.

This not only involves financial debt that you will have to pay off, dear Virgo, but karmic debt as well.

One way karmic debt is paid off is through illness, which we already talked about earlier.

Another way is through helping and giving service to others.

This is a very important point to remember, dear Virgo, because during these two and a half years you may be called to help others in one way or another, and you shouldn’t let your work duties stop you from doing that.

You may need to provide some form of help through a voluntary service or simply helping out a friend – whatever comes up, remember that you are leaving a karmic stamp in your life during this period of life, dear Virgo, and you have the rare opportunity to pay off some of your past karma.

Virgo 2021 Horoscope: Love and Relationship Alert

virgo 2021 horoscope

Another way the Saturn-Jupiter transit can manifest is through a relationships – 6th house may get you stuck in a romantic relationship that is not completely satisfactory or well-suited for you, dear Virgo.

And you wouldn’t be able to get out of it until Saturn moves into 7th house and makes you deal with it once and for all.

This may in a way also be considered as paying off karmic debt.

Jupiter will make it easier to bear this state in 2021, dear Virgo, but the situation may become a bit harsher in 2022, when only Saturn is left in that house.

This is not valid for all Virgos, of course, especially for those, who are already in a happy and fulfilling relationships.

Virgo 2021 Horoscope: More Great Career-Related News!

virgo 2021 horoscope

Another major influence through 2021 is where the nodes are.

The North node is where we are heading and what is manifesting in our life.

And the South node shows what we are distancing ourselves from.

And surprise surprise, the North node will be in your 10th house of career, social status and achievements, dear Virgo!

This aligns beautifully with the focus of your 6th house, because it’s another planetary support that helps you land a new career path, a new job, or crystalize your goals in life!

Even if you are not expecting it, you might indeed make a career change, dear Virgo, and you may be thrown into new waters, where you have to quickly learn how to swim.

The North node is in Gemini, so you might need to adopt more of a ‘student’ approach in your life and career, dear Virgo, and this is also confirmed by the focus on your 6th house, which is the house of the apprentice (not the master).

You may need to give up an attitude of ‘know-it-all’ in a certain area of your life, dear Virgo, and start listening to what others have to say in order to advance in your life.

Indeed this is valid not only for your career, but for all areas of life, too, because the 10th house is very far-reaching – it encompasses your purpose in life and your true life path!

At the same time, with your South node in your 4th house, you might distance yourself a little bit from your family, your home, and maybe your spiritual side, too.

Or, you may be encouraged to let go of certain beliefs, certain principles that have been instilled in your mind from childhood (4th house) in order to advance in your life and career (10th house).

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Virgo 2021 Horoscope Summary

virgo 2021 horoscope

2021 looks good for you, dear Virgo, as you have Saturn and Jupiter, activating the house you feel most attuned with – your 6th house!

You will be seeing more work opportunities, coming your way and a slow, but steady progress in your career life!

You will feel more confidence and more inner drive for self-expression, and you should not forget the 5th house lessons you’ve learned in the past 2 years, because the newfound hobbies and interests will have to be integrated in your life in 2021! (or your newly found enthusiasm for the old ones)

Streamlining your lifestyle by finding a good play-work balance is another challenge for you in 2021, dear Virgo, and luckily, Jupiter, the great benefic will help you come across the people and professionals, who can help you overcome certain health conditions and get rid of toxic behaviors and substances in your life!

Things will not only be a breeze, because Saturn always teaches us lessons through some form of obstacle, but remember that you can overcome anything with the help of Jupiter, which represents faith, higher wisdom, and inner freedom!

I know this year will be great for you!

I believe in you, dear Virgo, and if you wish more personalized guidance based on your own horoscope, you can order a full reading, which includes personalized remedies, prayers, and meditations, here.

You can read a review of how I do my readings here.

Sending you all the blessings in the world!


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