Leo 2021 Horoscope – Re-Discovering Yourself Through Relationships!

leo 2021 horoscope

Leo 2021 Horoscope: the spotlight goes on your intimate and business relationships!

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, dear Leo, and I am sure that you, too, are looking forward for some encouraging news for the upcoming 2021!

And I am glad to say that although it will not be without some challenges or inner struggles, there is true potential to build something amazing and substantial in the area of love, personal and business relationships for you, dear Leos!

And if you read on, I will tell you exactly how this can happen!

Before we move on, let’s recap what has been happening over the last two and a half years when Saturn, and then Pluto and Jupiter were transiting your 6th house, dear Leos.

Indeed, these haven’t been the easiest times for you at all!

The 6th house is related to health, work, and having to serve others, so with Saturn and Pluto there may have loaded you up with a lot of burdensome tasks and responsibilities.

The 6th house is the house of the servant, or the ‘apprentice’, so I imagine you may have had to make a major transformation in your daily routine that wasn’t putting you in a position that is natural for you, dear Leos. Since you are used to being the king – the center of attention, rather than having to deal with the nitty-gritty details of a job, this period was indeed trying for you.

You may have had to work extra hard or get involved in tedious activities that you felt weren’t fit for you. Nevertheless, you didn’t have much choice, but to do them.

You could have been challenged with health issues, and having to adjust your lifestyle, because of that. This is especially valid if you have a Leo Moon or a Leo ascendant. I can share my own experience with a Leo Moon, as I had to have a laparoscopic surgery, as a result of which I lost a lot of physical strength. I had to slow down, give up the usual fitness routines I was following, and now I have to slowly re-build my endurance.

Indeed, you may have had to deal with all sorts of health issues over the last two years, and some of them may have been karmic, because both Saturn and Pluto are karmic planets, besides the 6th house is opposite the 12th house, which deals with past life karma and experiences.

You may wonder why I am reminding you all this, and the purpose is to finally highlight a point. The struggle hasn’t been in vain, dear Leos!

When Saturn, the wise teacher leaves a sign, he always leaves a gift to those, who have done well in learning his lessons.

And I do have a feeling that since you are reading this, you are one of these people, dear Leos!

Saturn will not only have a gift for you when he leaves your 6th house, dear Leos, but he will also meet with Jupiter in your 7th house, which is actually going to shape the year 2021 for you!

Leo 2021 Horoscope: Reward Time and The Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Influence in 2021

leo 2021 horoscope

Leaving your 6th house, Saturn can give you some amazing gifts, although they have been hard-earned dear Leos!

You may have finally been able to get rid of an unhealthy habit or an addiction of yours.

You may be able to finally realize what is the best approach towards your nutrition and exercise regime that is truly going to support your vitality and longevity!

You may also be put in a working environment that is more fit for you and better suits your talents and personality in the end of this period.

It is also possible that you are able to finally find employees, who do their job well and help your business growth; or that you are able to rent out your properties to people, who pay well.

You may receive some of these gifts in January 2021, or you may have gotten a taste of them in the spring of 2020, when Saturn briskly entered Aquarius.

The other encouraging piece of news coming from this fact is that Saturn behaves differently in Aquarius than in Capricorn. He is not so strict and demanding, but rather serves his lessons in a more liberal and intellectual kind of way (Aquarius).

When Saturn and Jupiter meet in a house, they wish to manifest it, so the main focus of 2021 for you, dear Leos, will be your love life, your personal and business relationships, as well as re-defining your personality and coming to terms with a side of yours that you have been hiding so far.

Which is this side of yours, dear Leos?

Well, the ability to co-operate and liaise with others!

We all know that Leos are known for their individualism and inner drive to lead, but now with Saturn and Jupiter in your 7th house, you will have to turn to others in order to advance in life!

Leo 2021 Horoscope: Growing Through Others

leo 2021 horoscope

Saturn and Jupiter, meeting in your 7th house sets a powerful new beginning for your intimate and professional relationships, dear Leos, and most importantly – giving you a one-of-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve unprecedented personal growth!

The type of relationships you build and the type of personal realizations you make over the next two and a half years will have a profound and noticeable influence on your life for the next 20 years!

When Saturn is involved, there is always an initial struggle and the need to put in some effort, which means that you may be resisting the change initially. Luckily, Jupiter is there to provide support and great opportunities and make this process easier.

Every single person you meet in 2021 will be acting as a mirror to you, dear Leos, and you should most definitely remember that!

Every person you meet will have something to teach you and they may be able to give you important insights into your personality if only you are able to read their signals and accept their feedback!

Now is the time when Leos need to really take an honest look at their strengths and weaknesses, accept the latter and transform the shadow side of their personality.

Leos are being encouraged to accept and integrate some of the traits of their opposite sign –Aquarius, which is all about working as part of a community, accepting the differences, and living more like a nomad, rather than a royalty.

I am not saying Leos will have to give up their royal nature and their innate ability to lead, but rather integrate some of the Aquarian qualities that are going to help them establish better personal and professional relationships.

This may include being more accepting towards others, being more inviting to hearing out other people’s opinions, and being more open to co-operating and working in a group. These are the type of behaviors that will open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth for you, dear Leos, and the ones that will give you the chance to massively transform and improve your intimate life!

Leo 2021 Horoscope: Single No More!

leo 2021 horoscope

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I am also happy to say that by the end of 2021 or 2022, many Leos may end up getting married or at the very least engaged!

Indeed, Saturn will make you streamline your relationships and take a very realistic approach towards them. You may become disillusioned and have to end a relationship that hasn’t been serving you well any more. You may find out that you are no longer willing to put up with flaky behavior and people, who don’t show stability and respect from the very start of the relationship.

Although you may not have a great number of prospects, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in your 7th house will certainly help you meet and establish a connection with the RIGHT type of prospects.

You will be able to really crystalize your views on relationships and what you really want out of them.

You will not be putting up with any red flags, dear Leos, and since we have Uranus, squaring Saturn a few times throughout 2021, you can find yourself finally making quick decisions that define your love life for the next 20 years!

You may finally put a quick end to a marriage or a connection that hasn’t been meeting your emotional needs. Or you may feel a strong urge to set new ‘structure’ or ‘rules’ in your current relationship.

Remember that although there may be an internal struggle initially, things will turn out for the higher good of your soul in the end!

Whenever you feel discouraged or frustrated in 2021, connect with the healing energies of Jupiter, which are faith, joy, and expansion!

Whatever relationship structure in the form of marriage or another type of union you have to break up in 2021, it will be replaced by a better one! A connection, based on mutual values (Jupiter), which will last for the long-term (Saturn)!

With Saturn and Jupiter in your 7th house, you have all the chance to meet and get together with someone stable, mature, down-to-earth, noble, generous, kind, and well-off, dear Leos, so all you have to do is grab it!

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Leo 2021 Horoscope: Taking Your Marriage/Relationship To The Next Level!

leo 2021 horoscope

For those of you, who have a rather stable and fulfilling union with their partner, 2021 can be extremely transformational and beneficial, too!

With Saturn, transiting your 7th house, you may have to go through some trial or difficulty together, which will however give more depth and maturity to your relationship.

It may be that your partner has to take up more responsibility at work, or they become more strict and demanding (Saturn), which will however contribute to a common goal or vision you have for the future (Jupiter).

Therefore, you, dear Leos, will have to work as a better team with your partner. You will have to swallow some of your pride and put some of your needs aside for the purpose of the higher good (Jupiter).

You may be finding this trying and challenging at times, but the final result will fill your heart and soul with joy and satisfaction!

This process will help you take your relationship to the next level, and you will have a much more mature outlook to the connection. It can make it stronger, and whatever you go through together will leave a permanent mark in your emotional and mental body over the next 20 years.

Leo 2021 Horoscope: Building Business Connections That Last

leo 2021 horoscope

As I already mentioned before, the period will be extremely fruitful for your business connections, too, dear Leos, so don’t be too quick to turn them down.

You will be given the chance to establish partnerships that can bring you more clients or help you advance professionally, and you will only be able to benefit from them if you take the open-minded ‘Aquarian’ approach we talked about earlier.

Remember that in 2021, great opportunities can only be grasped if you allow others to give you lessons and support, dear Leos!

Leo 2021 Horoscope: Reaching out for your dreams!

leo 2021 horoscope

Another important influence of 2021 will be the position of the Lunar Nodes, which will be placed in your 5th-11th house axis, dear Leo.

The South Node is about releasing and having to ‘let go’ of certain things, while the North Node is about embracing more of what it represents!

With the South Node in your 5th house, you may have to give up some form of entertainment, sports or activities that haven’t been serving you well. Or, you may have to give up a creative project that isn’t aligned too well with your goals.

If we link all this to the action, happening in your 7th house, you may just find yourself a bit disinterested in love affairs that bring nothing, but flirtation and entertainment.

Wherever the South Node is, doesn’t forcefully take something from you. YOU are the one, who loses interest, and who makes a change in a different direction.

5th house is very much about fun and entertainment, so with the maturing of a relationship, you may find yourself finding different types of entertainment that are more aligned with the interests of the couple as a whole.

Since the South Node is in Sagittarius, you may also need to give up the role of ‘know-it-all’ when it comes to love, and try to adopt a ‘student’ attitude of someone, who is more open to the other person’s views and differences (North Node in Gemini in 11th house).

And, at the same time the North Node in your 11th house, beautifully aligns with what we already talked earlier, having to adopt some of the ‘Aquarian’ qualities within yourself, and being open to join groups and communities.

With the North Node there, it can become easier for you to access higher social circles and even get close to people of influence, which again aligns very well with the developments in your 7th house.

Through mingling with various communities and social circles, you may find yourself in personal and professional partnerships (7th house), which benefit you both spiritually and financially (Jupiter).

The 11th house is also about realizing your dreams, so you may find yourself embracing and finally having a big dream of yours come true, dear Leos!

Leo 2021 Horoscope: Summary

leo 2021 horoscope

2021 has all the potential to be an amazing one for you, dear Leos!

The Universe is giving you a chance to learn and grow through relationships, and finally come together with that special person you have been dreaming of!

You may need to quickly get rid of a connection that hasn’t been serving you too well, and although the initial disillusionment may hurt, better times are coming for you relationship-wise!

You may be ending up with someone serious, down-to-earth, generous, spiritual, and financially stable. All you have to do is learn Saturn’s lessons and be more open to people you may have not been willing to mix with before.

Accept the idea of learning through others and perceive every new person you meet as a mirror!

No matter what you are faced with, never forget that Jupiter has your back, and it will all turn out for the best in the end!

I believe in you, dear Leo, and if you wish more personalized guidance based on your own horoscope, you can order a full reading, which includes personalized remedies, prayers, and meditations, here. You can read a review of how I do my readings here.

Sending you all the blessings in the world!


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