Libra 2021 Horoscope: Re-Defining Your Love Life!

libra 2021 horoscope

Libra 2021 Horoscope: bringing new sense of purpose and meaning into your love life.

2020 has been quite a ride, and I will not be surprised if you are looking forward for some good news, regarding 2021, dear Libras.

Well, luckily, we have some planetary movements that will collectively help us breathe a lot easier, and for your sign, specifically, there will be significant changes happening in your love life and your sense of self-confidence and creative expression.

The changes that will occur over the next 1-2 years will affect you for the next 20 years of your life, dear Libra, so read on!

First of all, let’s recap on what energies have been at play in the past two years and a half when Saturn was transiting your 4th house, dear Libra.

The 4th house is an extremely personal, deep house, which not only represents your home and family life, but also your inner spiritual needs and the state of your soul.

With Saturn there, you may have felt a weird sense of coldness and detachment in your life. You may have felt as if the very essence of your soul was under trial.

You may have had to take on more responsibility at home. Take care of family members, who needed your assistance and help, like an elderly mother or a father.

You may have had to refurbish your home, or generally make some restructuring in your living arrangements and family life.

And especially in 2020, when Pluto joined Saturn there, you may have felt almost like you were crucified – like your soul was torn down into pieces in order for you to re-gain inner strength and re-define the meaning of security and stability for yourself.

Because, this is what ultimately the 4th house represents – where you feel protected and secure.

With Pluto, trying to demolish the safe walls of your inner castle, dear Libra, you may have felt very vulnerable and exposed, and some stressful circumstances in your family life may have further contributed to that.

You may have lost a close family member; had to make a big change in your house or even move away from where you were used to live; or you may have experienced difficulties or delays, regarding a property of yours.

Whatever events have been happening, they were not easy to deal with, dear Libra!

The good news is towards the end of 2020, you could already see the light in the tunnel, as Jupiter joined forces with Saturn, and now when they both move in a different sign in 2021, not only will the energies change collectively, but you will too start having a different type of experiences.

Most importantly, Saturn always leaves a gift to those, who have learned their lessons well, when he changes signs!

Whenever Saturn and Jupiter visit a house, they want to manifest the meaning of this house. Especially Saturn wants you to learn lessons and streamline the activities of this area of your life.

This is why when he leaves, he gives you a gift as a result of all the hard work, inner transformation and maturing that you have gone through.

Libra 2021 Horoscope: Reward Time And The Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Influence in 2021

libra 2021 horoscope

So, what can you expect as a gift from Saturn as he leaves Capricorn and your 4th house, dear Libra?

Well, on a more material level, you may see a home project completed, you may be able to finally buy a new property… Or, a complicated family situation may get sorted out.

All this can be seen or felt even from the beginning of 2021 or the last months of 2020, dear Libras.

It could also be that a new family member is born, and this beautifully aligns with the fact that Saturn and Jupiter are now in your 5th house of children, bringing new joys, but also more responsibility in this area of life!

Besides these, Saturn can gift you with some inner, spiritual gains, dear Libra! This period of trial and transformation may have provided you with new depth and soul strength that stays with you throughout your life!

You may have been able to finally deal with a traumatic event from your childhood that was putting a shadow on your whole life. Of course, this trauma may have surfaced in the past two years, facing you with many inner struggles, anger, and fears. But now that you’ve gone through all this, you can enjoy a newly found sense of inner freedom and strength!

And, in 2021 when Saturn and Jupiter meet in your 5th house of love, sex, children, fun, hobbies, sports, entertainment, and creative expression, you are ready to materialize some new creations, which are born from this new, purified ‘self’ of yours, dear Libra!

Let’s see, step by step, in what ways this grand conjunction in your 5th house can play out for you!

Libra 2021 Horoscope: Revolutionizing Your Love Life!

libra 2021 horoscope

Let’s start with your love and romantic life, dear Libras, since we all know that this is an area of life that you feel strongly about.

Libras put a lot of focus and attention on relationships, and interestingly enough, this is where the Universe wants you to concentrate over the next two years and a half, dear Libras!

Luckily enough for you, Saturn, the wise teacher, who restricts and teaches lessons in not so gentle ways is now joined by Jupiter, which means that you will be getting the support of the grand benefic when it comes to your love life, dear Libras.

Over the next two years, your love life may not be so rich and overflowing with opportunities for dates and one-night-stands, but on the contrary – you will start valuing quality more over quantity!

With Jupiter there, you have all chances of meeting someone, who is noble, generous, and has a very well-developed value and belief system. Or, you may meet someone, who teaches you important lessons about love.

With Saturn in your 5th house, you will be pushed by the universe to learn and to confess in front of yourself what is that you truly desire in your romantic life, dear Libras.

You may experience a form of disillusionment and even go through a relationship that gives you lessons as to what is truly important for you romantically.

For example, if you thought that looks are very important and that you need to feel attracted to someone straight away, you may realize, by the end of 2021 or 2022, that you value other qualities in your partners – like stability, security, and a common value system.

At the same time, you may attract partners, who are a bit older than yourself, more focused on their careers, or partners, who put certain conditions in the relationship and/or are more demanding in nature.

Whether the relationship you start in 2021 turns into a lifelong union or it doesn’t, things will turn out for the best in the end, dear Libra, because Jupiter is here to support you and provide you with the lessons you need in order to turn your love life around for the better, dear Libras!

If you are already married or in a relationship, Saturn in your 5th house may drain out the spark between you two a little bit, but don’t perceive this as something bad. It may be time for you to re-discover new hobbies and activities to do together that have more substance, and that add more value into your life.

It may also be that you actually have a child together, and with this new responsibility, you have less time for fun and for romantic escapes. Again, don’t look at this as a bad thing, but rather take the opportunity to make the relationship deeper and more meaningful (Jupiter).

Jupiter is all about bringing a sense of purpose into the area of life that it affects, so this is an amazing time for you, dear Libras, to re-gain the sense of meaning and purpose into your love life.

It is the time when you re-discover and answer questions like:

What are my true needs when it comes to sex?

What are my true needs when it comes to romance?

Have a been falling for the right guys?

Is it time that maybe I re-consider the way I fall in love and prioritize other things when it comes to new partners and relationships?

Is it time that I start spending the free time with my partner in more constructive and meaningful ways?

As you can see, although Saturn can put you into some form of a ‘romantic freeze’ initially, Jupiter is there to help you out, and they both want you to simply re-discover your love life in order to make it better, more fulfilling and a lot more satisfying, dear Libra!

Libra 2021 Horoscope: Revolutionizing The Way You Have Fun!

libra 2021 horoscope

The 5th house also has to do with your sense of joy, fun, spending time on entertainment and feel-good activities.

Well, you may have guessed that with Saturn there, you may suddenly have less time for these, but on the flip side – you may re-define your idea of ‘having fun’.

As I already pointed out, Jupiter wants to bring more meaning and purpose, so you may suddenly discover that you wish to engage in activities that do exactly that.

For example, rather than drinking a couple of glasses and chatting with your friends as a form of having fun and winding down, you might decide that you wish to improve your skill in a hobby of yours, like painting, dancing, writing, or another creative activity that you feel drawn to.

You may stop enjoying the things that bring little value into your life, but rather turn to things that have structure and visible results (Saturn).

This is why it’s not unlikely that you turn your hobby into a profession, or you decide that you have to give your hobby a new status of importance in your life (Saturn again).

Great news is of course that Jupiter is supportive, so it is the one, who will give you inspiration and a positive attitude to pursue a creative project, or to unfold a latent talent of yours!

While Saturn will be helping you to put structure and discipline in order to develop it!

Libra 2021 Horoscope: Re-defining your self-confidence and expression

libra 2021 horoscope

The 5th house has to do with our creative expression, which is in a way the core of our ego and self-confidence.

With Saturn moving there, you can initially experience a form of an identity crisis, where you are unsure what gives joy, purpose, and meaning into your life.

Because essentially we were born to co-create, together with God, Saturn may initially give you a crisis, making you feel like you have absolutely no inspiration in life.

Luckily again, Jupiter comes to the rescue, so after this initial confusion of what drives you and where you inner inspiration springs from… You will be able to discover a new sense of meaning, and new things that are more Saturn-like that help you move on.

As we already discussed, you will want to ‘streamline’ your hobbies and fun activities, and only concentrate on the things that can bring true value and a material manifestation in your life.

Also, you may find a new meaning in life through raising a child, and gaining more responsibility in this area of life.

Libra 2021 Horoscope: Focusing on The Big Picture

libra 2021 horoscope

Another important influence for 2021 is where the lunar nodes are placed, and for you, dear Libra, this is the 3rd-9th house axis.

The North node is what we want more of, it is what we are currently striving for.

An the South node is what we want less of.

The North node in your 9th house throughout 2021 beautifully aligns with all we talked about your 5th house, dear Libras, because it’s all about searching for a new purpose in life.

You will be driven to look for new horizons, new perspectives, and looking for the spiritual meaning of everything that happens in life.

You would be very much drawn to broaden your spiritual outlook, and this may involve looking into activities and rituals that help you expand your consciousness and mind. These might involve meditations, exploring various teachings, visualizations.

It might also mean that you discover a teacher or a guru, who helps you broaden your spiritual outlook.

At the same time, you might get opportunities to travel abroad, or to communicate with people from faraway places, and draw inspiration and knowledge from them.

The 9th house is about teaching and learning, so you might also somehow fall into the role of a teacher for someone else.

The 9th house is all about the big picture and dreams, so you should also be careful not to fall into a daydreaming spree without actually manifesting anything in your material life. (for a FULL list of meanings of your 9th house, Download The Fast Track to Astrology Cheatsheets)

You may feel a little bit more detached from your close environment of friends and relatives, and looking to explore new horizons with people, who are in a way exotic and different.

At any rate, you are likely to come out of this period with a new sense of ‘self’, dear Libras, because the 5th house, influenced by Saturn and Jupiter is a very personal house!

Whatever inner realizations you have now, and whatever new steps and changes you make in your love life, will stay with you for the next 20 years or so!

Libra 2021 Horoscope Summary

libra 2021 horoscope

2021 is looking to free you from some heavy burden you may have felt in your soul, dear Libras, and this may happen with a new hobby or activity you pick, up, or by transforming a hobby of yours into a profession!

You may find yourself freed from a family responsibility, heal a trauma from your childhood, or sort out a family issue that has been bugging you over that last two years and a half.

One of the biggest areas that will be highlighted for you in 2021, dear Libras, will be your love life, but not in the way you might suspect!

You are about to re-discover what is truly valuable to you, when it comes to love, sex, intimacy, and romance, and this may initially happen through a relationship that teaches you these lessons in the hard way.

Luckily, Jupiter is there to help, and you may end the period with a lifelong partner, who truly values, appreciates, and give you what you truly desire, dear Libras.

For some of you 2021 may be the year that you have a child, and this is the new responsibility, represented by Saturn in your 5th house, but also the big joy that this event brings!

At any rate, 2021 will be hugely transformative for you, dear Libras, as the changes and events that happen now will have influence for the next 20 years in your life!

No matter what you are faced with, never forget that Jupiter has your back, and it will all turn out for the best in the end!

I believe in you, dear Libra, and if you wish more personalized guidance based on your own horoscope, you can order a full reading, which includes personalized remedies, prayers, and meditations, here.

You can read a review of how I do my readings here.

Sending you all the blessings in the world!


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