New Moon September 2020! The Loud and Clear Message on How Your BRAVEST Dreams Can Finally Manifest!


Here we are just a few days before the New Moon in Virgo takes places on the 17th of September at exactly 6:59 am EST, and I feel absolutely blown-away by the intricate ways the Universe is shaping our evolution, and challenging our souls to reach the highest, most sophisticated realms of reality – both seen and unseen!

Wondering what I am talking about?

If you’re in for a life out of a fairy tale… Read on…

This New Moon, in combination with Mars going retrograde just about a week before (which you should most definitely read about here), is the absolute statement by the Universe that we can and will achieve our greatest dreams and desires IF and ONLY IF we overcome delusions, gain purity of the heart, crystalize our vision, and set on a course of discipline and perseverance!

It is absolutely amazing how this is perfectly aligned with the message of Mars retrograde, which happened earlier this month!

Hold on and I will have the whole picture explained to you!

Let’s start with the meaning of each and every New Moon cycle, which is the time when the Moon is directly lit up by the light of the Sun. It is a powerful moment, which is energetically loaded for new beginnings – the birth of something new happening in your life. It is also the time to make your New Moon Manifestation Ritual (I have explained step by step on how to make it drive results for you FAST here).

However, each New Moon has its own message, and we have to look at THIS September 2020 New Moon in the light of it happening in the sign of Virgo, and Mars, the planet of action being retrograde during this time.

The different meanings of Virgo, Mars retrograde, and the configuration of aspects at the time of the New Moon perfectly align to send us a loud and clear message on WHAT we need to do in order to achieve our dreams and manifest our wildest, greatest fantasies! This New Moon is closely connected with our soul’s true path, so it is up to us on what we will make out of it!

First of all, let’s remember that Mars retrograde wants us to re-assess our actions, the way we use our free will, and the way we approach things. This means, that this New Moon is about new beginnings on how to fix something old, make it better, and make it work in our favor!

Virgo, in its higher manifestation is about purity. It’s about cleansing our body, detoxing from bad foods and unhealthy habits, but also about cleansing our mind of negative thought patterns and crystalizing our long-term vision by perfecting the small, daily habits that will drive us to our success.

All of the above is further emphasized, as The New Moon in Virgo is making a supportive aspect (trine) with Saturn, which is a message telling us that we need to be grounded, disciplined and perseverant in our efforts to achieve this inner order, which in turn can lead us to achieving the unachievable.

How do we know that? Because the New Moon is also making an opposition with Neptune, and the New Moon dispositor (Mercury), is making a square aspect to Jupiter and Pluto.

What is this all suggesting?

It suggests two things:

The lower manifestation of this configuration speaks about delusions, exaggeration, self-denial, and some unrealistic optimism that can leave us hopeless and disappointed in the long term.

The higher manifestation of the configuration says that we are being given THE OPPORTUNITY to achieve our greatest desires, to get in touch with the highest realms of reality, if we wish to, IF we overcome the challenge and IF WE OVERCOME the lower manifestation of Neptune.

Neptune is also associated with the ‘fairy tale’ type of love that overflows our hearts and makes the whole world seem wonderful. 

Again, the New Moon is telling us that if we take action, we can have this type of outworldly type of love manifest in out lives! We just need to do the inner work required, we need to be perseverant, we need to get rid of our bad habits, we must be patient, disciplined, and humble. And thankfully, we have been supported to be able to achieve that!

Another positive influence we have during this New Moon is Venus trining Chiron!

This is another confirmation that we are being supported to heal old wounds when it comes to our emotional world, which will in turn enable us to attract the type of love that will make us feel whole and supported! One of Chiron’s meanings is that it takes the role of Cupid, and when it makes a trine with Venus it’s a positive message telling us that we are being supported in our love lives and that it will be easier for us to heal old wounds.


  • Remember that the Universe is trying to serve you on a plate what you most deeply desire and crave for. IF you overcome a few obstacles.
  • Mercury and Jupiter will provide you with the optimistic outlook and attitude that you need in order to be able to achieve that, but remember that wishful thinking only will not get you anywhere.
  • You should think of the areas of your life that need to be put into order, cleaned and purified. And you should take planned, consistent action to do that.
  • Check out the article I have posted on Mars retrograde, and use the knowledge to further fine-tune the area in your life, based on your zodiac sign I have explained there.

What you MUST NOT DO:

  • Resort to escapism through the use of drugs, alcohol, and binge watching Netflix, believing everything will come to place by itself.
  • Daydream without taking any action.
  • Resort to sleeping and laziness, feeding yourself with your own distorted vision of reality.
  • Get into conversational power struggles, exaggerate, and twist your words (Mercury square Pluto)

The New Moon in Virgo sends us a loud and clear message that we have to be organized, we need to set our goals right, and we have to fine-tune our daily habits for success!

We are clearly being supported on this path, and here are some further details and a love forecast for each zodiac sign:


The New Moon is happening in your sixth house of work and health, so the message above is further emphasized for you, Aries! Focus on improving your health, getting your priorities straight, and cleansing your space from negative energies and thoughts. Mercury is in your 7th house of relationships and Venus, trining Chiron in your 5th house of love, so love will be in the air for you, Aries! You will be feeling overpowered to improve the communication with your partner, set things straight, and heal old insecurities that might be hindering your intimate life. Don’t exaggerate things in your conversations and remember to stay grounded at all times!


The New Moon is happening in your 5th house of love, children, creativity, and sex, which gives you a powerful opportunity to re-set these areas of your life by ‘fixing’ and ‘cleaning’ old habits that don’t work any more. The message of Neptune, making an opposition to your 5th house is loud and clear – you can either fall in delusions or stay grounded and get the fairy-tale type of relationship once you do the inner work, dear Taurus. Venus in your 4th house is supporting you to heal old emotional wounds and get support from your family and roots, and Mercury in the 8th is encouraging you to share your energy with your partner, but be careful not to start draining each other’s energies.


The New Moon in your 4th house of home, family, and the deep emotional realms is encouraging you to put more order into your emotions, dear Gemini, and maybe straighten things out with your parents, as our relationship with them has an immediate effect on our love life. They are the ones, who first taught us what love and care is, and whatever experience you had in your childhood, it was for the highest good! Set things right with your family, dear Virgo, and once you ‘clean the mess’ there, you will experience the ‘fairy-type’ of love you have been dreaming of! Venus in your 3rd house of brothers, sisters, and close friends is supporting you on all this!


The New Moon in your 3rd house of communication, education, siblings, and close friends from childhood is telling you that you must fix and ‘clean’ something in these areas of your life, dear Cancer, in order to get closer to your wildest dreams. Maybe set things straight with a brother or sister; help them embark on a healthier lifestyle. Or, maybe you need to ‘clean’ your communication style and make sure you only speak the truth (as Neptune is also associate with lying). Once you become more impeccable with the way you use your words, and how you communicate with your loved ones, you will be that much closer to your dreams, dear Cancer! Venus in your 2nd house is helping you heal your wounds, related to self-esteem, which will further support you in your communication endeavors with others, dear Cancer. With Mercury in your fourth, beware of over-exaggerating your emotions and falling into communication power wars with your family.


The New Moon in your 2nd house of personal values, assets, money and self-esteem is pushing your for a powerful new beginning to ‘put order’ in these areas of your life, dear Leo. Be careful on how you spend your money and have your value system straight. This is what will help you to not fall into Neptune’s delusional trap, but rather see your dreams manifest. Venus in your first house will be supporting you to heal wounds, related to your appearance and the way people see you, which will be very supportive. With Mercury in your third house, beware of not being overly dramatic with your communication with others, dear Leo.


The New Moon is in your own sign, dear Virgo, and in your first house, which empowers you to put order and ‘clean the mess’ in all of your earthly dealings. Spend the time to meditate and really cleanse your physical space as well as mind of negative energies. We know order is your second name, dear Virgo, but now more than ever it is crucial that you straighten your daily habits in order to overcome Neptune’s desire to draw you into fantasies that cannot come true without hard work and a clear-set plan. With Venus in your 12th house, you are being supported to heal wounds from past lives that may be blocking your way towards the future, dear Virgo!


With the New Moon in your 12th house of prayer, meditation, and self-reflection, these are the tools you need to use in order to ‘clean the mess’ in your subconscious mind, dear Libra, which will be the key to seeing your wildest dreams materialize! With Mercury in your 1st house, be careful of ‘overdoing’ it with your self-expression. Venus in your 11th will be supporting you to heal wounds from past relationships and get help from friends, social circles and the internet – use its power to obtain the tools you need like guided meditations, cleansing music and frequencies, and inspirational talks and materials, which will empower you in your 12th house endeavors this month, dear Libra!


With the New Moon in your 11th house of friendship, long-term relationships, and social circles, dear Scorpio – these are the areas in your life which you most need to ‘clean’ and put into order, so that you see your dreams coming true! Set things straight with your friends and long-term partner, keep up to your promises, apologize if needed! Since 11th house is also about our dreams, this New Moon is further emphasized for you, Scorpio, and it is an amazing opportunity to finally see something unbelievable materialize in your life – love, a child, a creative project you’ve been dreaming of! With Venus in your 10th house of your highest mission, and Selena, the White Moon in your first house, making a trine to Neptune – you are being sent a message loud and clear – that the Universe wants to serve you all your desires on a silver plate. All you have to do it help with your genuine effort to evolve!


With the New Moon happening in your 10th house of career, social status, and your highest mission, dear Sagittarius, these are the areas of your life that you should strive to ‘put into order’ this month! Clarify your goals, re-evaluate the way you act towards achieving your goals – are you being honest? Are you approaching them with the highest good for everyone involved in mind? This is the Neptune challenge you need to overcome, and once you do – you will see the life transformations you are craving for, dear Sagittarius. With Venus in your 9th house, the natural ruler of your sign, you are further being encouraged to heal old wounds that you may have gotten whilst learning the lessons life has been serving you. You are being encouraged to learn from past mistakes, and gain new spiritual knowledge that will be helping you along the way!


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With the New Moon, happening in your 9th house of philosophy, spirituality, and gaining knowledge, dear Capricorn, you are being empowered to put new order in this area of your life. Really crystalize your beliefs, and once you do that, put the effort and perseverance to follow them. Most of all, consider your beliefs on God, the idea of being one with everyone, self-sacrifice, and honesty, because this is Neptune’s challenge for this New Moon, and if you overcome it, you will have your greatest desire served on a silver plate for you, dear Capricorn. Venus in your 8th house will be helping you heal old psychological wounds, as well as helping you clean some energy blockages that might be stopping you from getting what you want in life.


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The New Moon is happening in your 8th house of shared energy, resources, sex, psychology, and astral projections, dear Aquarius, so you are being given a powerful new beginning once you ‘put order’ and cleanse these areas of your life. This is a very challenging position, since you are required to dive deep into your fears and psychological wounds to really deal with past trauma from previous partners and love affairs, It will all be worth it, though, as this is what will clean the way to wonderful new beginnings for you, Aquarius. Use the New Moon energy to embark on cleansing rituals, involving your astral body as well as dealing with feelings like fear, anger, guilt, and jealousy that may still be in your energy field, blocking the way to your dreams and desires.


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The New Moon is happening in your 7th house of relationships, dear Pisces, and it is making a direct opposition with it, and with the ruler of your sign, Neptune, so you are really being challenged to ‘set things right’ in this area of your life for a wonderful new beginning! Neptune is challenging you to distinguish between reality and dream, and to gain new healthy habits in your relationships, like being loyal, honest, and not overly sacrificial, taking a more realistic look at your partners. This is not an easy task, but it is indeed giving you the opportunity to manifest a huge dream of yours, related to love and relationships, dear Pisces. Venus in your 6th house of health is supporting you, too, in healing some old condition and putting more order in your emotional life.

I wish you all good luck with this New Moon, as it is indeed a powerful moment to manifest your dreams. Combine all the above advice with The New Moon Manifestation ritual and you will observe the amazing new developments in your life!

I send you all the blessings in the world!



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